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KIDU STEAM Hands on Science Program for School


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STEAM Learning to get 21st Century Skills, STEAM Education is important for any country especially developing countries, STEAM Education gives Critical Thinking, Logical Thinking and Exploration

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KIDU STEAM Hands on Science Program for School

  1. 1. Hi ! I am Mary and this is my son, Ivan. He is a very active child and he loves cycling
  2. 2. One day, his Physics Teacher asked – Ivan, Why the speed of your cycle increases when you pedal faster ?
  3. 3. I was very angry…. I told him, no more Cycling, Watching TV, ONLY STUDIES !!!
  4. 4. What do you think – Mary’s Action is justified ? Is there a better solution ? Now, let us think…….. 1. Are the students just learning theory in classrooms ? 2. Do they relate the theories to the real- world applications ? 3. Are they enjoying learning ? Is the fun part of learning missing ? 4. How can learning be made more interesting ? “HANDS-ON LEARNING”
  5. 5. Exploration is the first sign of knowledge. Our Education system is all about Textbooks Methodology, So we have decided to bring change in learning methodology, where students joy the process of learning through Hands on Activity Kits. We started our journey in 2013 from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh with 1 school and till now we reaches 200 schools across 10 states in India
  6. 6. Our Products & Services for Schools • Hands on Science Kits for 1st to 10th . • 10 Projects per student per annum. • Take Away Kits by Students • Low Cost Affordable Kits Annual Integrated School Program.
  7. 7. Campion School Kendriya Vidyalaya Don Bosco School and many more….
  8. 8. Hands on STEM Annual Program for Students from Class 1st to 10th Individual “DO IT YOURSELF” activities Step by Step Instruction Manual Scientific report writing after every activity Each Child’s active learning is through individual practical experience 10 “Take Home” working science kits & activities Take away Projects by kids
  9. 9. Need of KIDU STEAM 75% Schools don’t have decent Science Lab No difference between Science & History class *Report from UDISE Classroom size is big difficult to move from room to lab, teachers demonstrate kits only Students highly disconnected from real world learning, Not showing interest in Science KIDU STEAM Offers Hands on Kits to apply books knowledge into real life applications SIL offer in class room Hands on STEM Kits, Individual kit for Students KIDU STEAM Offers Affordable Solution for Schools
  10. 10. Hands on Activity Kits 96 different Kits according to school curriculum
  11. 11. (Fill the SKU of Selected Topics) Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Grade 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th School Name: Principal Name:
  12. 12. Selection of Projects Kit Teacher’s Training with Manual Support Classroom Implementation Student Takeaway the projects The KIDU STEAM program is implemented in schools by K-12 STEM completely on a turnkey basis for a nominal fees paid by schools on a per student per month basis for an academic year
  13. 13. S. No Particulars Deliverables Details 1 Training for Teachers Enabling a proper implementation of STEM LAB, Calendaring of the Hands on Activities so that they are synchronize with chapters being taught in school. 2 days Training 2 Pre & Post Assessment To analyze the impact of Program & to Analysis of Assessment As per requirement 3 Regular Monitoring To overcome the hurdles & issues faced by teachers during academic calendar. Academic Manager frequently visits the schools 4 Program Output Improved performance in Science's and better understanding of concepts Measurable outcome visible after one year
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