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Sales presentation market explore-english

  1. 1. MarketExplore
  2. 2. Team Of Professionals A Market Research Agency Created by Professionals of the Activity MarketExplore is a MR Agency Based in Morocco Offering Field and Tabs Services to Internal and Global Clients 2
  3. 3. Geografical Coverage Morocco Algeria Tunisia 15 Supervisors 120 Interviewers West Africa & Middle East – Covered in Partnership 3
  4. 4. MarketExplore provides the following services Solid Expertise in Ad hoc and Tracker surveys of the team allows the ability of responding to clients’ specific needs. Field work in different regions of the country: : B2B & B2C Data entry Given the complementarily of its shareholders, MarketExplore offers to its clients a wide range of services. Data analysis MarketExplore offers to its clients the latest technologies for data collection and analysis; such as: an online link dedicated to each client to monitor the progress of field work on a daily or weekly basis. 4
  5. 5. Area of Expertise Complete “toolbox” of Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies to design a solution that best addresses clients' business needs: Qualitative studies Quantitative studies •Focus Groups •Mini Groups •In Depth Interview •Accompaniment •Observation •Laboratory •In Home visits •Face à Face Studies PAPI, CAPI using tablets, Street intercept, in office, in home, or in central location « CLT » •Phone Studies •Mystery clients/Shoppers/Calls •Online Studies 5
  6. 6. Wide range of studies MarketExplore is able to respond to various needs and for all sectors. This through the following types of Studies. •Positioning Studies •Awareness & Image Studies •Satisfaction Barometer •Segmentation Studies •Pricing Research Studies •Audience Measurement •Media Studies •Product / Market Diagnostic •Brand Health Tracking Studies •Usage et Attitude Studies •Product & Concept Tests •Advertising Studies •Mystery Visits •Polling Studies « Social & Political » •Desk Research…. 6
  7. 7. Commitment Provide our Clients a Decisive Information to help them in Innovation, Competitiveness and Success. For that MarketExplore teams cares about the quality during all stages of the project For this, one of MarketExplore partners, manages personally fieldwork and controls closely questionnaires. 7
  8. 8. Quality Assurance The right selection of Interviewers based on the target profile. Training Interviewers using local language. Native Interviewers based in the main regions of the country Continuous presence of supervisors in the Field to support accompaniements and questionnaires control Questionnaires scrutiny and phone calls to check 8
  9. 9. Our Values Intégrité Ethique CLIENT SATISFACTION Engagement 9
  10. 10. Our previous references Given the MarketExplore partners’ number of years experience, the list of references is very rich. 10
  11. 11. Rachid QCHIQACH OFFICE & OPERATION MANAGER 11 years of Experience in Market Research E Profil •A Market Research professional specialist in operations & Fieldwork with over 11 years of extensive background in Leadership and Management experience in the market research profession with multinational global agencies. •In his professional career Rachid has experience handling all types of projects such as Quantitative, Qualitative, PAPI, CATI, CAPI, B2B, Mystery Shopping, Automotive, Central location, Healthcare, moderations of FGs & IDIs ... Proven ability to recruit, train, develop and maintain a team of professionals. Excellent interpersonal skills, decision making and strategic planning skills. •His main specialities include: Operation Management, Cost control & Monitoring, Team building , training& motivation, Project management, Resource Management, Quality control, Planning, Budgeting & Office Management Professional Experience •From October 1st, 2013 Office & Operation Manager Partner of MarketExplore • From March 2006 Field Manager & Head of Field Department at TNS Company •From 2003 he started his market research career as a Field Manager at Nielsen company Academic Background •In 2002 Holder Of Diploma in «Business Management » delivered by Stratford University Washington DC- USA 11
  12. 12. Fouzi El MAJDAOUI DATA ANALYSIS MANAGER 14 years of experience in market research Profil • Fouzi has extensive experience in the treatment and the statistical analysis: Correlation, Regression, Factor analysis, Analysis of issues relating to complaints:Suggestions for improvements and segmentation • As a Data Analysis Manager, Fouzi ensure the Monitoring and Checking of data quality , and load testing « tris à plat », tabulation and base preparation of the TRI*M. • Fouzi has a keen interest in statistical modeling and the Analysis software namely SPSS, XLSTAT… Professional Experience • From October 1st 2013 Data Analysis Manager & Partner at MarketExplore • From 2007 to 2013 DP Manager at TNS Morocco • From 2002 to 2007 Assistant DP Manager at TNS Morocco • In 1999, Fouzi has started his professional career with LMS as a Executive Data Analysis. 12
  13. 13. Saad BENJELLOUN TOUIMI FIELD MANAGER 15 years of experience in market research Profil • Saad is a Specialist in Field work, Project Management, Interviewers Recruitment & Training, Interviewers Management, Quality Control, Responsible for the daily operations of the field department and all its components, Evaluate Interviewers performance and motivate to achieve high productivity. • Saad has worked in many types of Studies such: PAPI, CATI, CAPI, Satisfaction studies, Usage & Attitude, Image, Concept test, Central location, Mystery visits, Media, Social polling… Professional Experience • From October 1st 2013 Field Manager & Partner at MarketExplore • From 2011 to 2013 Deputy Field Manager at TNS Morocco • From 2004 to 2011 Assistant Field Manager at TNS Morocco • From 2001 to 2004 Senior Field Supervisor at TNS Morocco • In 1998, Saad has started his professional career with LMS as a Field Supervisor. 13
  14. 14. Address: 264 Bd Ghandi, 4th floor, Appt 22 Casablanca – Morocco Tel: (+212) 522 36 82 92 Fax: (+212) 522 36 10 99 Contacts Rachid Qchiqach: Office & Operation Manager Mobile number: (+212) 661 47 73 29 Email address: Fouzi EL Majdaoui: Data Analysis Manager Mobile number : (+212) 661 31 20 03 Email address : 14