Technology is Redefining Relationships


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Technology is Redefining Relationships

  1. 1. Technology is RedefiningRelationshipsBy Rachel OrrImage by imagina
  2. 2. The world has never been moreconnectedImage by miuenski
  3. 3. Social media hasbroken down time anddistance barriersImage by Bluescreen
  4. 4. Enabling universalcommunication anytime andanywhereImage by earl53
  5. 5. This includes the ability to rekindle old friendshipsImage by Rob Lee
  6. 6. Image by s-ydneeyAnd have constant communication withthe ones we love
  7. 7. “ Technology is rewriting the rules andpractices that have guided thedevelopment, maintenance andtermination of relationships for eons”– Jim TaylorImage by HmmlargeartSource: Is Technology Changing the Way Kids Develop Relationships?
  8. 8. A relationship used to be two friendsspending time togetherImage by Tammy McGary
  9. 9. Or the bond a mother builds with herchildImage by hotblack
  10. 10. Now a relationship is based on yourinteractions with people onlineImage by Joeshoe
  11. 11. Source: How Our Digital Devices Are Affecting Our Personal Relationships Image by William Hook54% of Americans said they would rathercommunicate digitally than communicate in person
  12. 12. Image by AuntieP0The internet is “an electronic drug thatoften yanks us away from the physicalworld” – Alex LickermanSource: The Effect of Technology On Relationships
  13. 13. Our virtualpresence isredefining andaffecting thequality of ourrealrelationshipsImage by jamehand
  14. 14. “Facebook has redefined the idea of a“friend”- a passive connection withsomeone you may or may not know inreal life” - Alicia ElerImage by Tammy McGarySource: How Technology Changes our Relationships - Alicia Eler
  15. 15. But as Eric Schmidt,the Chairman ofGoogle said, “it’snot about yourfriend count.”Image by Emily McCloy“It’s about thefriends you counton.”Source: How Our Digital Devices AreAffecting Our Personal Relationships
  16. 16. A romantic relationship is nowdefined as official when it is on FacebookImage by Dieraecherin
  17. 17. Sharing used to mean lending yourpencil crayons to a friendImage by Lorettaflame
  18. 18. Now sharing means postinginformation to FacebookImage by Mariahhlyn
  19. 19. "Human relationships are rich, and theyremessy and theyre demanding. And we cleanthem up with technology. We sacrificeconversation for mere connection.”– Sherry TurkleImage by SimonQeCESource: The Flight from Conversation
  20. 20. This sacrifice is causing real relationships to bereplaced by virtual onesImage by mensatic
  21. 21. “We expect more from technology and less from oneanother and seem increasingly drawn to technologiesthat provide the illusion of companionship withoutthe demands of relationship” – Sherry TurkleImage by IdandersenSource: The Flight from Conversation
  22. 22. Technology has brought us closertogetherImage by Anika Thomas
  23. 23. But is threatening to pull us a part.Image by Nino Andonis
  24. 24. Common Creative LicenseAll images are licensed underthe Creative Commons Non-Commerical Share-Alike 3.0agreement and are sourcedfrom flickr, morgueFile orGoogle images.Image by Chamomile
  25. 25. Image by CohdraSourcesIs Technology Changing the Way Kids Develop Relationships? – Jim Taylor Our Digital Devices Are Affecting Our Personal Relationships – Iris Adler Effect of Technology On Relationships - Alex Lickerman Technology Changes our Relationships - Alicia Eler Flight from Conversation - Sherry Turkle