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3rd Grade - Weather - Technology Module Presentation

3rd Grade Weather

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3rd Grade - Weather - Technology Module Presentation

  1. 1. Weather Grade 3 Unit Rachel Wrinn
  2. 2. Rational for Technology Integration • It is a good idea to incorporate various uses of technology into this Weather Unit because students enjoy using technology. Presenting technology to them in a fun and exciting way will get them engaged and ready to learn about this topic. • By adding technology to the topic of weather, students are able to see real life examples of how the weather is different throughout the world. They are also able to see examples real life weather patterns, such as rain or snow.
  3. 3. Internet Content • All the internet content used in this PowerPoint is school-aged appropriate, safe and reliable. • All the information is cited with a URL, either hyperlinked on the slide, or pasted in the notes section below each slide. • The hyperlinks will work when this powerpoint is in presentation mode. If not, the URL can be copied from the notes section and pasted into a web browser.
  4. 4. Blog Post • This is a blog from which provides materials for different weather units. • There are examples of activities, writing prompts, books, lesson plans and articles
  5. 5. Instructional Video • This is a video from Khan Academy explaining clouds and weather. This is a new and different way for students to learn about this topic, instead of having to listen to the teacher talk.
  6. 6. Instructional Video • This is a video from Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining the water cycle. Bill Nye is a fun guy to watch explain a new and exciting topic.
  7. 7. Internet Resources 1. Weather Wiz Kids is a kid-friendly and educational website that is easy for students to navigate. They are able to learn about different weather, such as climate or thunderstorms 2. The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids has different features students can view, such as current weather depending on location, sunrise and sunset, and phases of the moon. 3. Tree House Weather Kids is an interactive websites where students can learn information about different weather patterns,
  8. 8. Diagram • This is a flow chart to represent the water cycle. Land Water E V A P O R A T I O N CONDENSATION P R E C I P I T A T I O N
  9. 9. Teaching Materials • This is a worksheet from Teachers Pay Teachers, that asks true and false questions about weather, regarding to the paragraphs above.
  10. 10. Teaching Materials This Weather Word Find is also from Teachers Pay Teachers. This is a fun game for students to play, while they are also learning new weather vocabulary. This can be used in the beginning of the unit to introduce students to the new vocabulary they are going to learn.
  11. 11. Teaching Materials Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett is a fun book to read to the students for a launch activity, as a way to introduce the thematic unit they are about to complete.
  12. 12. There’s an App for That • The app, Kid Weather, is an app that contains information about current weather in different time zones, as well as fun facts about the weather. It is also interactive for the students.
  13. 13. Subject Specific Website • In ScienceNetLinks, there is a link to NASA’s Climate Kids. This is a website students can use to learn more about weather and climate, which can be applied to this weather unit. Teachers can use this to gather information for activities there students can do. There are also videos that students can watch to gain more information, as well as interactive games.
  14. 14. Use of the Internet • Online Reference Materials – Students will be learning new vocabulary throughout this weather unit, so they can go to to get a definition to the new words. • Interactive Websites – Elementary Games is a kid-friendly gaming website that offers different games, such as Winter Theme games. Teachers can use this for students as a reward system, or for a brain break.
  15. 15. Web 2.0 • Schoology is a place similar to blackboard. Teachers can post assignments, online tests or quizzes. Teachers can also send out messages to their class, as well as host an online discussion.
  16. 16. Slideshare • This presentation can also be viewed on Slideshare.