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Rachel spoont portfolio

  1. 1. . Rachel Spoont
  2. 2. Welcome To My Book What To ExpectI’m an Excel fanatic, people loving, NYSERDAknowledge craving, flip-flop wearing, Vera Housetalkoholic who is always hungry to learnmore. Social interaction is my forte and Fooz KidsI believe the more diverse my relations BrioschiKidsare, the better. The Weather ChannelBut wait, there’s more... GET Harley Davidson Microsoft 10 Things Resume
  3. 3. NYSERDA Eric Mower and Associates Customer PersonaUnique ProblemNYSERDA offers commercial/Industrial programs that provide energy efficiency services for existing buildings, newconstruction, industrial facilities, and vehicle fleets. Corporations however, don’t know about these programs or whereto access the information.AssignmentIncrease NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) brand awareness for commercial/Industrial programs among major corporations in New York State.My ResearchUsing the NYSERDA website I sorted through hundreds of brochures detailing the energy saving programs. Aftercompiling and organizing the information, I created a book detailing each programs offerings and the companies thatwould benefit most from each program.In order to identify and understand the target audience I researched online journal articles, AAAA research databasesand marketresearch.com.Target AudienceC-level executives.Example: Clyde van Wormer, SUNY (State University of New York) Director of Environmental SustainabilityInsightIt’s not only about having a green image; it’s also about capturing significant savings on the bottom line.DeliverableCustomer Journey and Persona One way to increase program awareness is to increase face time with customers.Fun FactAlthough I was an intern at Eric Mower and Associates, the work I did for the NYSERDA client earned me the lead forthe Vera House client.
  4. 4. Vera House Eric Mower and Associates Customer PersonaUnique ProblemThe Vera House is a domestic and sexual violence service agency providing shelter, advocacy, and counseling servicesfor women, children & men. The non-profit agency relies on major donors to finance its services and in this difficulteconomic times major donations have decreased dramatically.AssignmentIncrease Vera House donations among major donors.My ResearchIn order to identify who major donors are and why they contribute I read the book “The Seven Faces of Philanthropy: ANew Approach to Cultivating Major Donors” written by Russ Alan Prince and Karen Maru File. The book outlined sevendifferent personas of major gift givers. To dig a little deeper, I used MRI+ and Simmons to uncover the best vehicles toeffectively reach the target audience.Target AuidenceCommunitarian, Devout, Investor, Socialite, Repayer, Altruist and Dynast Philanthropists.InsightPhilanthropists donate to charities for different reasons. Identifying these reasons and personalizing the gift givingprocess will increase a charity’s chances of receiving large donations.DeliverableCustomer Journey and Persona.Fun FactI was the lead planner on this account. I complied all of the research and created the deliverable. I reported directly with Personalizing the gift giving process will increase a charity’s chances of receivingthe managing partner of Eric Mower and Associates. large donations. For the socialite, personalization means identifying networking opportunities that will result from donating.
  5. 5. Fooz Kids S.I. Newhouse School Of Public Communications Viral Video Content Unique Problem Target Auidence Fooz Kids is a software application that provides kids with a secure Tech savvy, Internet conscious mothers. and entertaining Internet environment controlled by parents. However, advertising a product that appeals to both children and parents can be Insight Banner Ads difficult. “All parents under the sky have the same heart.” -Chinese proverb Assignment 1. Children are the best agents of persuasion 2. It isn’t about protection from harmful material on the Internet; it’s about protection of childhood Increase Fooz Kids brand awareness among parents and children. and innocence 3. Mothers are desperate for advice on how to be good Campaign messaging must be communicated across digital and cable parents to digital native environments. My Research Deliverable Creative, engaging advertising campaign. By running studies on Simmons Choices III, reading Mintel Reports, and Sponsored Facebook Page conducting surveys, I was able to learn general psychographic trends amongst the Fooz Kids target audience. I also consulted Nielsen @ Communication Plan and ComScore analytics to understand consumer digital media “Fooz Kids: Approved by kids. For kids.” consumption habits. However I was not satisfied with seeing the target as just statistics and numbers, I wanted to flesh out the target audience through qualitative research. This extensive effort included 16 in-depth Fun Fact interviews, 2 home visits, and ongoing digital ethnographies. This campaign was chosen as the winning campaign. My professor was former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi LA.
  6. 6. BrioschiKids Crystal Light Inspired Administration Packets With S.I. Newhouse School Of Public Communications Disposable Cups Attached Unique Problem Communication Brioschi has been settling heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomachs all over the world for generations. Based on an all-natural formula, Brioschi starts to work instantly. Created for adults, Brioschi Print Advertisement challenged our class to create packaging and messaging for the new line of Brioschi kids. Deliverable Assignment Creative, engaging advertising campaign. Brioschi Kids packaging. Create a targeted campaign, including packaging, to increase BrioschiKids brand awareness and make the antacid part of the Fun Fact consumer consideration set. I had the opportunity to meet Neal Ford, creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi. Neal taught me what it takes to create a powerful presentation My Research when pitching to a client. As a result of his lessons, I presented the campaign using all pictures in my PowerPoint. Using Mintel, Warc, Simmons, MRI+, Marketresearch.com, published journals and news articles, I gained a deep understanding of typical parenting lifestyles. However, the numbers didn’t speak to me emotionally. I decided to interview 16 moms in one-on-one interviews. Talk about emotion. Target Auidence 30-45 year old married, detailed oriented Moms who are college educated and earn an average annual salary of $50,000 to $100,00. Insight 1. Moms tend to stockpile OTC medication. 2. Relentlessly reading labels, these Moms want to know ingredients, overdosing hazards and symptoms. 3. Ease of medicine administration is top of mind when deciding which OTC medicine to buy. This includes packaging that will fit in the medicine cabinet.
  7. 7. The Weather Channel S.I. Newhouse School Of Public Communications Mobile App Personalized T.V. Commercials Unique Problem Communication The Weather Channel is most often used and thought of as a utility brand. Consumers use The Weather Channel platforms (cable, online and mobile) primarily for daily weather updates. However, this information is not engaging and consumers are not interacting with the brand beyond obtaining the forecast. Assignment Broaden the definition of The Weather Channel brand in the consumer’s Insight (and the advertising community’s) mind from a trusted utility brand to a Consumers do not have control over the weather. Therefore, consumers trusted and engaging lifestyle brand. check the weather to find out how it will effect their day. In other words, The Weather Channel has been missing the next step. It’s not so much My Research about the forecast; it’s about how the forecast effects people’s lives. Using Mintel, Warc, Simmons, MRI+, Market Research.com, Published Journals and news articles, I conducted secondary research to find Deliverable out why consumers check the weather every day. In order to find out Creative, engaging advertising campaign. Branded content organized in more I created an online survey asking respondents to identify their an engaging way. current perception of The Weather Channel Brand, their favorite weather Banner Ads related story, reasons for checking the weather and who in their home Fun Fact checks the weather. The results included over 65 respondents from a wide variety of areas including New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, This was the final campaign for the Masters program. Our class Massachusetts, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri and Maryland. pitched in New York City to The Weather Channel’s CEO, CMO, SVP of Research, VP of Creative Solutions, VP of Design and VP of Brand Target Auidence Strategy. Those mentioned above chose my campaign as the winning campaign. Digitally focused consumers living in A and B counties who want additional relevant content along with the weather forecast.
  8. 8. Global Enterprise Technology S.I. Newhouse School Of Public Communications Floor Decals Student Owned Twitter AccountUnique Problem Communication Are YOUThe School of Information Studies at Syracuse University is home tothe interdisciplinary Global Enterprise Technology (GET) minor. This Thinking Aboutminor prepares students to understand how one develops and manages Studying Abroad?global enterprise information systems. The minor includes an intensive Want Something Better?and integrated opportunity that places students within the workplacefor eight months as contributing members of a company. Different than Insightco-op programs through other Universities, the IE opportunity melds GET Wired In & Log Ontothe “real world” experience within the workplace and coursework with In order to effectively reach qualified students, GET messaging must be specific to highly motivated students who are in school with the sole globaltech.syr.edua basic requirement of 9 credits earned simultaneously. However, For More Informationspreading the word to qualified students on a large campus can be purpose of job placement immediately after graduation. Most of thesedifficult. students will be interested in studying aboard and will often choose the GET program instead of studying over seas.Assignment DeliverableIncrease qualified student applications for the GET IE program. Creative, engaging advertising campaign. Print Ads In School Newspapers Computer Tags & ScreensaversMy Research Fun FactUsing MRI+, Simmons and Mintel I was able to uncover the type ofstudent who would be interested in a program such as GET. In order to The GET IE program is sponsored by J.P. Morgan Chase. Our class metdig deeper, I conducted one-on-one interviews with previous GET IE with senior staff from JPMC to learn more about the program.students. I also created an online survey and distributed it to informationtechnology students.Target AuidenceCollege freshman, juniors and seniors who are highly motivated andinterested in information technology or business management.
  9. 9. Harley Davidson Media Plan S.I. Newhouse School Of Public Communications Media Budget Goal Sheet Unique Problem Insight Baby boomers are the primary consumer for Harley Davidson According to primary research results, the Internet is the number one Motorcycles. However as the baby boomer generation continues to get medium used as a source of information among Gen X and Gen Y. older, Harley must refocus its efforts and expand its target market to younger generations. The difficulty is, Generation X and Generation Y Communication are very different from generations before them. They are tech savvy, drawn to big cities and have trouble relating to the Harley Davidson “Win a Harley, become king of the road.” lifestyle. Facebook users can like the page and receive updates. Print ads will feature QR codes. Trending Twitter topics will be used to promote the Assignment campaign. Persuade Generation X and Generation Y to purchase Harley-Davidson motorcycles and to reach them for the least amount of money. 80% of Deliverable the $22 million budget will be allocated to traditional media and 20% An integrated media plan to increase Harley Davidson in the Gen X and will be allocated to social media. Gen Y consideration set. My Research Fun Fact Using the Media Flight Plan Software I was able to develop the media The majority of the money is spent on the Internet on targeted Web plan charts shown. These charts are based off of statistical analysis   sites, keyword search and social media because the target audience is   and simulate real media buying. Using Simmons Choice III I was able to tech savvy. Heavy-ups were used in spot markets based on high CDI uncover the media platforms Generation X and Generation Y most often of motorcycle sales and lower BDI of Harley Davidson. Due to budget use. In order to revel current Harley Davidson brand perception among limitations, heavy-ups in spot markets are only running during the Gen X and Gen Y I created and distributed and online survey. months that also have high national GRPs. 80% of the $22 million September through February will Target Audience budget will be allocated to be the months when messaging is As Baby Boomers grow older, Harley-Davidson must expand to a traditional media and 20% strongest as this is when consumers younger, more diverse market. These markets will specifically target will be allocated to social will start considering a Harley adults between the ages of 18 and 35. media. Davidson purchase because it’s before the spring and summer time.
  10. 10. Microsoft Knowledge Systems & Research Microsoft Dashboard Number of people nominated to take the Microsoft survey for theUnique Problem HSBC account.Microsoft is world renowned for the software it manufactures, licenses, and wide range of products and services Number of respondents for the HSBC account and, of those, howpredominantly related to computing through its various product divisions. Dominating the business-to-business sphere,Microsoft has its products and services in all of the top global companies. However, in order to stay number one, many were C-Suites.Microsoft must continually improve its products and services, especially among its top 300, global clients. The Relationship Management Measurement (RMS) score representsAssignment the health of the relationship between a client and Microsoft. TheMicrosoft Account Managers are responsible for supporting specific accounts. The interactions Account Managers have score is based off of a 0 - 100 scale. The premise underlying thiswith their clients are vital to healthy relationships. approach is that healthy relationships result in a higher propensity to seek Microsoft solutions to meet current and future needs.My ResearchTo evaluate the health of each relationship my team and I created a survey in over 50 languages and distributed acrossall seven continents. Our team analyzed data using SPSS and Excel. NSAT refers to Net Satisfaction. NSAT scores are used to measure the overall health with Microsoft.Target AudienceMicrosoft Account Mangers and their clients.      HSBC  (US  -­‐  Chicago)  (US  -­‐  Mid  West  -­‐  EPG)      ATU:    MROCCO Survey  Summary        AM:    TIMAR ECS  for  Major  Managed  Q4FY09  Deliverable Dashboard   Survey  Summary   Account  Team  Measures   Corporate  Measures   Enterprise Customer Satisfaction Survey Summary VerbaFm  Detail   Complete  Customer   Response   Data  file  In order to report findings, I created a dashboard using Excel macros. Account  Team   Awareness   RMS  Components   Account  Team  Measures   Non-­‐RMS   RelaFonship   Alignment   Corporate   Measures   Metrics  Fun Fact        Click  a9ribute  for  verbaFm  detail   A breakout of the Licensing  -­‐  Flexible  and  meets  needs   Takes  appropriate  and  Fmely  acFon   EffecFvely  resolves  issues/problems   dashboard detailing each Views  MSFT  as  innovaFve  company   Appropriate  guidance  on  security   Microosf  Services  SaFsfacFon*   Works  together  on  a  joint  plan   Overall  Sat.  (Managed  NSAT)*   Account  Team  Awareness*     Account  Team  SaFsfacFon*   Engages  the  right  resources   Invests  Fme  to  understand   Helps  understand  licensing   Licensing  -­‐  Easy  to  manage  The dashboard I created received high praise from Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft. Regularly  seeks  feedback   Provides  info  to  max  ROI   Preferred  relaFonship   Current  relaFonship   Provides  good  value   Security  of  products   3 Quality  of  products   Sofware  roadmap   Strong Average  Score**   2 Neutral respondent’s survey RMS   IRO   1 Weak *  4  point  scale results. **  4  point  scales  excluded  from  average Al  Tempera,  IT  Project  Mgr-­‐Sys  or  Network 4 4 90 9 9 9 9 9 9 8 9 NA 9 9 4 4 NA NA NA 9 9 9 9 8.9 Bryan  Krall,  Project  Director/Manager 3 4 90 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 NA 7 8 4 4 NA NA NA 9 9 9 9 8.8 Ellio9  Artz,  IT  Project  Mgr-­‐ApplicaFons 3 4 77 8 8 7 7 8 8 8 8 7 6 7 4 4 NA NA NA 8 8 7 8 7.5 Joe  Talarico,  Director 4 4 77 7 8 7 8 8 8 7 8 7 8 9 3 NA NA NA NA 8 8 8 9 7.9 Sammy  Balakrishnan,  Security  Execu5ve 4 4 90 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 4 NA NA NA NA 8 5 9 9 8.7 Sco8  Augello,  Chief  Procurement  Officer 4 4 90 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 NA 9 9 9 4 NA 8 7 7 8 7 8 9 8.5 Average  Score 3.7 4.0 86 8.5 8.7 8.3 8.5 8.7 8.7 8.3 8.6 8.0 8.0 8.5 3.8 4.0 8.0 7.0 7.0 8.3 7.7 8.3 8.8
  11. 11. Microsoft Knowledge Systems & Research Immediate Relationship OpportunityAssignmentUncover critical issues and concerns that require immediate action or course correction. Immediate Relationship ENTERPRISE  CUSTOMER  SATISFACTION  SURVEY  -­‐-­‐  IMMEDIATE  RELATIONSHIP  OPPORTUNITY  (IRO) Avtar  Sehmbi,  DeloiVe  &  Touche AM: ALEXCRESOpportunities (IROs) are triggered by customer responses to specific questions scoring below a certain threshold or Chief  Security  Officer ATU: SMCBRIDEindicate a significant gap between Microsoft and versus competitors. The IRO provides a listing of all survey questions, SiebelContactID:        1-­‐IRJPXQ CRMAccountID: 1+77Q2+978with numeric scores and any associated open-end responses, along with color coding of the responses to indicate INDIVIDUAL  RESPONDENT  DETAIL  -­‐-­‐  INTERVIEW  COMPLETED:  02/05/10nature of rating. 4 Overall  SaBsfacBon  with  MicrosoH  products,  services,  and  support  (NSAT) Very  SaBsfied 4 Customers  knowledge  of  the  MicrosoH  Account  Team Very  WellMy Research 4 SaBsfacBon  with  MicrosoH  Account  Team ACCOUNT  TEAM  INTERACTION  (1=Poor,  9=Outstanding  Performance) MicrosoB  Score Very  SaBsfied Top  CompeEtor 1 Invests  Bme  to  understand  strategic  prioriBes 6 6To find critical issues and concerns a survey was created in over 50 languages and distributed across all seven 1 1 Works  together  to  address  a  joint  plan  for  top  prioriBes   Engages  the  right  resources  to  deliver  value  including  using  partners 7 6 7 8continents. The data was analyzed using SPSS and Excel. 2 Regularly  seeks  feedback  on  ways  to  improve  the  relaBonship 9 1 CUSTOMER  COMMENT:  "MS  seem  to  have  specific  and  dedicated  func4ons  /  people  to  gain  feedback.  For  example  EPG  Customer  and  Partner   This question Experience  Lead  (CPE)  Rebecca  Corke  &  the  sa4sfac4on  surveys."Target Auidence identifies a customer’s 1 2 Takes  appropriate  and  Bmely  acBon  based  on  feedback Provides  informaBon  to  maximize  ROI 7 7 7 6 CUSTOMER  COMMENT:  "The  MS  team  rela4onships  are  fantas4c  -­‐  I  get  on  really  well  with  the  en4re  team.  This  makes  me  feel  as  if  MS  Microsoft Account Mangers with critical client issues. satisfaction with understand  what  I  am  trying  to  achieve  within  the  security  technology  landscape." Microsoft support. 1 EffecBvely  resolves  issues  or  problems  that  arise 7 7Deliverable If a respondent Provides  appropriate  guidance  to  address  ongoing  security  concerns 4 CUSTOMER  COMMENT:  "More  frequent  and  security  focused  EBC  sessions  -­‐  supported  by  technical  deep  dive  sessions  where  needed." 9I created an Immediate Response Opportunity scorecard using Excel macros. IROs were generated and delivered to Helps  in  understanding  how  licensing  agreements  best  support  needs 6 9 Red numbers indicate scores this question What  one  thing  could  the  MicrosoH  Account  Team  do  to  help  you  be  more  successful  in  your  role? a low scoring surveyAccount Managers on a weekly basis. with “Somewhat CUSTOMER  COMMENT:  "Spend  more  4me  understanding  my  strategy  on  a  frequent  basis,  specifically  for  security  and  not  just  general  IT." result for a specificFun Fact Dissatisfied” a 8 CORPORATE  MEASURES  (1=Poor,  9=Outstanding  Performance) Quality  of  products MicrosoB  Score 8 question. Shown here verbatim is triggered 6 Security  of  products 6The IRO scorecard I created received high praise from Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft. Microsoft Helps  in  understanding  the  soBware  roadmap/aligns  technology  to  meet  goals 4 CUSTOMER  COMMENT:  "The  security  product  set  is  really  large  -­‐  we  need  consistant  reminders  and  updates  /  training  around  how  your  products   is top competitorCEO, Steve Ballmer, credited the IRO scorecard as one of the most beneficial reporting measures for increasing and an explanation can  help  to  improve  security  /  ROI.  " receiving higher MICROSOFT  SUPPORTMicrosoft customer satisfaction. must be provided. MicrosoB  Score Engaged  MicrosoH  ConsulBng  Services  (MSC)? SaEsfacEon  with  MicrosoB  ConsulEng    Services  (MSC) Yes Somewhat  DissaEsfied scores than Microsoft. Verbatims help CUSTOMER  COMMENT:  "The  issue  was  not  with  MCS  members,  but  more  around  the  consistency  of  knowledge  of  the  FOSE  environment.  We  had   identify how several  contradic4ons  in  MSs  understanding  of  their  own  product  and  therefore  could  not  migrate  to  it,  even  though  it  would  have  saved  DeloiQe   100’s  of  thousands  of  pounds." Microsoft can Does  your  organizaBon  have  a  MicrosoH  Premier  Support  Services  agreement? Yes improve from the 4 SaBsfacBon  with  MicrosoH  Premier  Support  Services  agreement? OVERALL  RELATIONSHIP Current Very  SaBsfied Preferred customer’s point of MicrosoH  relaBonship  score  where  (1=Product  Supplier,  9=Strategic  Advisor) Please  describe  what  your  preferred  relaBonship  would  be  with  MicrosoH? 5 9 view. CUSTOMER  COMMENT:  "I  would  like  to  understand  how  MS  can  simplify  our  technology  landscape  and  management  overhead.  This  takes  a  lot  of   presales  investment  and  MS’s  behalf  which  I  can  some4mes  not  be  cost  effec4ve." 1 How  likely  would  you  be  to  recommend  MicrosoH  to  a  colleague  or  customer?   Definitely  Would
  12. 12. 10 Things Professional ExperienceI have an unhealthy obsession with Jeans. JStokes Advertising, San Francisco, CA Freelance - Account Planning for Subway Client | 2/2011 Conducted secondary research using Simmons, MRI, Marketresearch.com and journal articles Developed consumer insights to increase Subway’s dinner sales in the Los Angeles areaI helped rebuild The Gulf Coast (post Katrina) with Senator John Edwards. Consulted weekly with Account Executive via phone and e-mail Knowledge Systems & Research, Syracuse, NYI wear my heart on my sleeve. Research Assistant Analyst serving KS&R client; Microsoft | 9/2008-6/2010 Developed, designed and implemented market research surveys in 25 different languages across all 7 continents Worked with Microsoft’s top 300 clients to increase customer satisfaction Collected, analyzed and interpreted data for qualitative and quantitative research studiesThere’s nothing more facinating than a great conversation and a good glass of wine. Developed client dashboards and reporting standards Provided daily help desk support and data clarification for clients Bentley-Hall, Inc. Sales and Marketing Strategies, Syracuse, NYCarbs are my food choice. Marketing and Public Relations Assistant | 5/2008-9/2008 Analyzed advertising rates and market share to increase Making Music Magazine brand awareness Managed targeted press lists and their distributionsI can’t sleep without the sound of a fan. Developed direct mail copy for subscription letters and evaluated response rates Increased Making Music Magazine website traffic using search engine optimizationI recently learned how to play golf. I can now make contact with the ball, almost everytime. Internship Experience Education Eric Mower and Associates, Syracuse, NY M.A. Advertising | 6/2011 Account Planning Intern | 8/2010-4/2011 S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, Syracuse University Conducted consumer and Business-To-Business research to accelerate purchase behavior and loyaltyI love Twitter. @RachelSpoont Improved understanding of target market clusters by researching and incorporating qualitative attributes M.B.A. | Attended 8/2009-6/2010 Developed customer personas, customer journeys, insights and key messages matrix Simon Business School, University of Rochester Developed key creative message for personas B.S. Psychology, Cum Laude | 5/2008Part of the reason I moved to New York is so I don’t have to drive a car. Clients included: TW Telecom, Unitrin, Merchants Insurance Group, Dymo and NYSERDA Analyzed employee survey and used data to create an Eric Mower and Associates tag cloud State University of New York College at Brockport Terakeet Inc, Syracuse, NYI ask questions because I love to learn. Internet Marketing & Web Strategy Intern | 5/2007-8/2007 Maximized search engine visibility for Fortune 500 clients via search engine optimization Audited and designed websites using HTML coding Other Adobe Creative Suite | InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver Address | 490 2nd Ave Apartment 4A NY, NY 10016 Microsoft Office| Excel, PowerPoint, Word Phone | 315.420.7515 3 Other | SPSS, HTML