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Lesson Plan in Early Marriage


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A Lesson Plan in Contemporary Family Life.

Published in: Education
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Lesson Plan in Early Marriage

  1. 1. A Lesson Plan for Contemporary Family Life EARLY MARRIAGE By:Rachel S. Samson
  2. 2. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: 1. Determine the principal cause and effect of early marriage. (C) 2. Strengthen the value of self- discipline; and (A) 3. Cite ways to avoid Early Marriage. (B) Subject Matter Topic: Early Marriage Value to be developed: Personal Discipline Dimension: Moral Materials: Visual Aid , Card , Activity Sheet, Marker Video Clip , Laptop, Speaker
  3. 3. References: Marrying Young: Transitions in the Filipino Adolescents’ Life Course Socorro A. Gultiano Health Community – Early Marriage Problems FACT SHEET: Child Marriage – Girl Up marriage.pdf
  4. 4. III. Motivational Activity (Values Clarification - Completion) Directions: The teacher will give a paper where the students will write what they want for their wedding day, their perspective about marriage and their dreams about getting married. Sample Card: Questions: 1. How do you feel after doing the activity? (A) 2. What are your reasons for getting married? (C/A) 3. At what age do you prefer to get married and why? (B)
  5. 5. IV. Main Activity: (Inculcation – Music Video Clip) Directions: The teacher will let the students watch a video clip entitled: Di Madaling Mag-asawa by Gensan. This video clip is about early marriage and the possible effect of having family at a very young age. Processing Questions: (Values Clarification) 1. What is the message of the song? (C) 2. Did you agree with the message of the video clip? Why? (C) 3. Have you ever imagine or think to be married at early age? (B) 4. At your age, are you ready to get married and have your own family? Why? Why not(A/B) 5. What do you think are the reasons of Early Marriage? (A/C) 6. What do you think will be the effect Early Marriage? (C)
  6. 6. V. Abstraction: (Inculcation) Outline: Definition of Early/Teenage Marriage Cause and Effect of Early/Teenage Marriage EARLY MARRIAGE: Defined as a formal marriage or informal union before age 18, is a reality for both boys and girls, although girls are disproportionately the most affected. CAUSE OF EARL MARRIAGE: 1. Early pregnancy Having intercourse without any protection because of they’re too young and lack of information Too early sexual involvement often leads to WASTED lives. W eak self-image A dolescent or teenage pregnancy S exually transmitted infections T een marriage E motional wounds D isrupted goals
  7. 7. EFFECT OF EARLY MARRIAGE 1. Psychological and emotional stress Forced sexual relations 2. Denial of personal development and education Denial of freedom and personal development as household chores now become a priority. 3. Health problems Pregnancy(marital stage) and childbirth (health problems in fetus) 4. Vulnerable and submissive, subject of domestic violence Subject to the atrocities of domestic violence and abandonment. 2. False Expectation Search for security, protection better life and confidence which they think will be on marriage. 3. Hasty Marriage First romantic relationship, first sexual intercourse
  8. 8. VI. Application: Directions: The teacher will give a sheet of paper where the students write their learning about Early Marriage using Traffic Lights. STOP – Things I have to stop that may lead me to early marriage WAIT– Things I have to think and consider that so I will not be WASTED GO– Things I should continue to avoid early marriage
  9. 9. VII. Evaluation: Directions: Identify whether the statement is true or false. Draw a heart if the statement is true and broken heart if false. 1. It’s fine to get married at early age as long as you love your partner. 2. Many teenagers get married at young age because they assume marriage can make them have a better life. 3. Some teenagers get married for reason of first romantic love and first sexual intercourse. 4. The principal reason of getting married at young age is early pregnancy 5. Health problems is not a problem in early marriage 6. Many girls are subject of domestic violence in early marriage. 7. Denial of personal development and education is fine in marriage. 8. Teen marriage has nothing to do with economic and status development of individual. 9. It’s good to get married at young age for you will be ready in your future life. 10. In teen age year, sexual involvement often leads to WASTED lives.
  10. 10. Essay: 1. Why we need to get prepared before taking the responsibility of marriage life? 2. What do you think are the ways to avoid early marriage?
  11. 11. VIII. Closing Activity: The students will put a ribbon on their pinky finger and read a promise that they will be more responsible enough for themselves and never take marriage as a past time or joke time activity. “I (your name) promise to myself that I am not ready to have someone in my life right now. I need to figure out my own internal workings before I can be with someone else whole heartedly. I need to be okay with my own emotions, my own loneliness, and own them in the best way that I can. I will begin my life being conscious and aware with self- assurance separate from ego and find place balance and centering in my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well- being. I (your name) and this is my promise to myself. “- IX. Assignment: Find some articles about early marriage Print/Put it on a short band paper.