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Pearson Acting Resume 2014


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Pearson Acting Resume 2014

  1. 1. Rachel Eileen Pearson Hair: Brn Blk Contact: (816) 516-6434 Eyes: Blue (816) 507-4342 Weight: 160 lbs. Height: 5’00” Acting Resume ____________________________________________________ College Theatre Character Director Place/Date Nursing Simulation Program OCD Bipolar Patient Natasha Lee Martin WJC/2014 Two Dozen Red Roses Marina (lead) Rachel E. Pearson WJC/2014 Romeo and Juliet Lady Montague Natasha Lee Martin WJC/2013 Nursing Simulation Program Hypertouching Patient Natasha Lee Martin WJC/2013 Arcadia Lady Augustus/ Charity Chater Natasha Lee Martin WJC/2013 Sexual Perversity In Chicago Joan (lead) Dacus Bowles WJC/2012 Living Creation Marietta Kim Harris WJC/2012 A Man For All Seasons Lady Alice More (lead) Kim Harris WJC/2011 Misanthrope Angelique Kim Harris WJC/2011 Improvisation Theatre Renaissance-Flash Mob Juliet Jim Stamberger KCRF/2014 Renaissance-Royal Court/Village Lord Mayor’s Daughter Jim Stamberger KCRF/2012 Renaissance-Vulgarian Court Vulgarian Princess Jim Stamberger KCRF/2010 Renaissance-Royal Court King’s Page, Chris Seymour Jim Stamberger KCRF/2009 Renaissance-Royal Court King’s Page, Chris Seymour Jim Stamberger KCRF/2008 Community Theatre Dracula Renfield Rachel E. Pearson Corbin Theater/2014 Fiddler On The Roof Shaindel/Specialty Dancer Julie & Kirk Nelson WCT/2014 Seussical, The Musical Jr. Mayzie LaBird/Bird girl Julie & Kirk Nelson WCT/2009 Aladdin Jr. Shopkeeper/Townsperson Various CYT North/2009 Mulan Jr. Ancient Yun (lead) Various CYT North/2008 High School Musical Head Cheerleader, Cathy Julie & Kirk Nelson WCT/2007 High School Theatre Little Women Marmee/Hag (lead) Kristen Walker NPHS R-1/2010 Seussical Lady Mayor Kristen Walker NPHS R-1/2009 Aladdin Jr. Genie, Townsperson Robin McGinnis NPHS R-1/2007 Film The Battle of Perryville Deaf/Mute Child Robert Lee Hodge/ Wide Awake Productions 2006 Skills Dialects: Old English Stage Combat: Stage fighting: Fencing (WJC) Hand to hand & basic rapier, broad sword fighting, (Natasha Lee Martin) Singing: Alto To Soprano Range, Choreography: Cheerleading, Basic Hip Hop, Ice Skating, Swimming, Tumbling, Beginning Wrestling Skills: Basic Gymnastics, Adobe Creative Suite: Graphic Design, Drawing, Painting Education William Jewell College Liberty, MO BA Theatre, BA Art Studies May 2014 Training Natasha Lee Martin Audition Technique, Stage Combat Training Cooper Shaw Second City Improvisation Kim B. Harris Acting/Directing: Performers/Audiences, Movement/Voice, Classically, Performers/Authors Kent Vogt Productions Singing John Robert Powers Acting & Stage, Modeling & Runway