 Managers/Leaders who are or might be
       Leadership                                            experiencing new chall...
Pillar # 1-Assessment: Involves an in-depth             Pillar # 3-Coaching: Coaching Support Program
leadership skills an...
HOW DOES THE FUNDAMENTAL LEADERSHIP                   Leading Others
TRAINING SERIES PROGRAM WORK?                        ...
Day 2: Driving performance: The new approach         LOCATION & STARTING DATE:
to become an effective leader              ...
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Leadership Development Initiatives launched in the Caribbean


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Leadership Development Program, Fundamental Leadership Training Series Program, First Line Managers, Mid-Level Managers

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Leadership Development Initiatives launched in the Caribbean

  1. 1.  Managers/Leaders who are or might be Leadership experiencing new challenges in their current management role Development  Individuals who are interested in and planning to become successful managers/leaders Initiatives HOW DOES THE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM WORK? The LDP is an intense program held over a one INTRODUCTION: year period that will give the new leader a chance to gain the necessary insight into his/her If you're job involves leading or managing leadership skills and styles, and into what will others, you must understand your own need to be developed. Sufficient time is allotted leadership capabilities, style and strengths and to allow participants to develop and attain the address any developmental gaps. You also need observable, long-term and sustainable to gain insight into your team’s dynamics, and leadership behavioural changes required for to drive their performance you need to sharpen successfully leading others and for developing your abilities to achieve goals and ultimately, efficient leadership practices. you need to engage and retain your best talent. In your role, you are required to expand your The LDP program is built upon three pillars: vision, to increase your responsibilities and to  Pillar #1-Assessment: Includes an in- sharpen your ability to achieve goals. All of depth leadership skills and styles these require a new set of people management assessment to gain insight into one's and leadership skills. tendencies, strengths and developmental needs and it draws an Two of our Leadership Development Initiatives, action plan to close the gap between the Leadership Development Program (LDP) personal facts and developmental and the Fundamental Leadership Training needs. Series Program (FLTSP) address these specific  Pillar #2-Training: Involves participating leadership challenges and they teach you the in the Fundamental Leadership Training necessary set of leadership skills to be a leader Series program (9 days) spread over one that drives results and leads others effectively. year in order to learn those basic leadership principles already WHO SHOULD ATTEND? demonstrated by successful leaders. These two programs are especially suited for:  Pillar #3-Coaching: Involves a monthly program of personal coaching support,  Entry level managers now responsible spread over one year, in order to for managing others support those leadership behavioural  Managers/Leaders with some changes needed to be a successful experience but without formal training manager/leader. Included for free! www.internationalleadershipconsulting.com Page |1
  2. 2. Pillar # 1-Assessment: Involves an in-depth Pillar # 3-Coaching: Coaching Support Program leadership skills and styles assessment in order (1 year) -INCLUDED FOR FREE- to gain insight into one's tendencies and strengths and into those areas in need of This coaching support program is run by a development. Then, an action plan is drawn to professional coach who conducts monthly close the gap between facts and coaching sessions by phone/email with each developmental needs manager. A total of 12 hours of coaching time is included in the program. The purpose of the Individuals who have a good understanding of coaching is to develop an action learning plan their talents, strengths and leadership skills can based on leadership development needs, to not only help themselves develop but this reinforce the integration of what has been knowledge will also help him or her support and learnt in the training series program into develop others. At the beginning of the LDP, practical leadership practices, and finally to participants are asked to complete in-depth provide support for those challenges arising in leadership skills web-enabled psychometric his or her workplace. This coaching support assessments. Having completed these program is designed to produce observable, assessments, the participant will receive a long-term and sustainable change and it targets detailed written personal assessment report specific individual needs related to awareness that highlights his or her leadership strengths building, skills enhancement and basic and developmental priorities. This is then behaviour modification. followed by a feedback developmental session with a professional coach. This coaching support program is absolutely free! Why? Pillar # 2-Training: Involves participating in the Fundamental Leadership Training Series  We know it is essential for attaining Program long term sustainable behavioral changes This training series program is held over one  We want to show you our commitment year for a total of 9 days of training and relates to your success to transitioning into a leadership role, leading  We are committed to always striving for oneself and leading others. The program offering high professional standards but consists of in-class lectures on fundamental management topics and is accompanied by affordable solutions practical individual and group exercises, work simulations and work practice assignments. www.internationalleadershipconsulting.com Page |2
  3. 3. HOW DOES THE FUNDAMENTAL LEADERSHIP Leading Others TRAINING SERIES PROGRAM WORK?  Understanding group behaviours and teamwork The Fundamental Leadership Training Series  Conflict management Program is also available on a stand-alone basis  Driving performance: The new and consists of in-class lecturing and practical approach to become and effective individual/group exercises, work simulations leader and work practice assignments. The entire  Change management program includes a total of 9 days of training  Developing employees covered over a one year period divided in three  The Manager/Leader as a coach series of three days of training offered  Engaging and retaining employees independently of each other. Note: ILC reserves the right to change some WHAT WILL YOU LEARN DURING YOUR topics presented in this program depending on PARTICIPATION TO THE FUNDAMENTAL demands. LEADERSHIP TRAINING SERIES PROGRAM? WHAT WILL YOU LEARN DURING YOUR Each 3 days series will cover different PARTICIPATION IN THE FIRST 3 DAY TRAINING fundamental leadership topics from the SERIES ON NOVEMBER, 23, 24, & 25, 2010? following program: Day 1: Knowing yourself and your team: A Transitioning into a leadership role and fundamental to become an effective leader developing the leadership skills for leading oneself 8h30-10h00: Psychometric assessments:  Successfully transitioning into a Their role in gaining insight leadership role about yourself and your team  Knowing yourself and your team 10h00-10h30: Coffee Break  Effective meetings, planning, decision 10h30-12h00: Impact of personality in the making & problem-solving workplace: How can personality  The art of Delegation work-related assessments can  Influencing by communicating maximize the individual and effectively team performance?  Building relationships with peers, teams 12h00-13h00: Lunch Break and alliances 13h00-14h30: Management Style: How it  Driving results management influences your team performance? 14h30-15h00: Wrap up www.internationalleadershipconsulting.com Page |3
  4. 4. Day 2: Driving performance: The new approach LOCATION & STARTING DATE: to become an effective leader  Old Public Library (Alliance Française), 1st floor, St. Vincent 8h30-10h00: Strategic performance  The first training series: November 23, management model: The 24 and 25, 2010, from 8h30 am to 3h00 importance of alignment pm between the organizational, the  Only 10 seats available! team and the individual  The second training series: March, 2011 performance management  The third training series: June, 2011 system  The LDP can start at anytime. All 10h00-10h30: Coffee Break activities will be coordinate and spread 10h30-12h00: Driving individual and team over one year period performance: What does it takes? TUITION FEES: 12h00-13h00: Lunch Break 13h00-14h30: Using coaching principles and  LDP tuition fee (US $): techniques to drive individual $6500/participant. Fee includes in dept and team performance leadership skills assessment, detailed assessment report, personalized 14h30-15h00: Wrap up feedback session, a detailed action learning plan, 9 days of training, 12 Day 3: Engaging and retaining your talent: The hours of coaching (free), conference last step to being an effective leader facilities, all learning materials and coffee breaks during training 8h30-10h00: The link between individual  Each Fundamental Leadership Training employees’ attitudes and Series fee (US $): $1500/participant. actions and the organization’s Fee includes 3 days of training, performance conference facilities, all learning 10h00-10h30: Coffee Break materials and coffee breaks during 10h30-12h00: How leaders can drive training engagement: Know them, Grow  Discount is available for multiple them, Inspire them, Involve attendees from the same organization them & Reward them  For booking or for additional 12h00-13h00: Lunch Break information, contact Rachel at 13h00-14h30: Why employees leave? How to 784.527.5794 recognize the signs and act before is too late rachel@internationalleadershipconsulting.com 14h30-15h00: Wrap up www.internationalleadershipconsulting.com Page |4