Using Academic Search Complete Database


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Using Academic Search Complete Database

  1. 1. When should I use Academic Search Complete? 0 Use Academic Search Complete database when you are looking for articles on general topics. 0 Academic Search Complete has articles from magazines, newspapers, and scholarly/academic journals.
  2. 2. The Library Website 0
  3. 3. Click on the link that says “Databases A to Z”
  4. 4. Sign in first 0 Your borrower ID is your student ID # 0 Your PIN is the last four digits of your Social Security number
  5. 5. Now you see a list of titles 0 Academic Search Complete is near the top of the list. 0 Click on the title to go to the database.
  6. 6. Now you’re ready to search 0Type your topic into the search box then click on the “Search” button 0You need to spell your search terms correctly 0You don’t need to use any of the other boxes or limiters
  7. 7. Working with your results 0Your results are sorted by relevance 0That means the “best” results are on top, not the newest 0Use the slider on the left to weed out older dates 0Click and hold the slider, drag it to the date you want, and click on “Update”
  8. 8. Now all your results are from within the past ten years
  9. 9. Read the article 0Click on “PDF Full Text” below the article description 0If you have a choice between PDF and HTML Full Text, choose PDF. 0PDF articles come with page numbers. If you use a quote from your article in your paper, you will need the page number. HTML does not have page numbers.
  10. 10. Using article tools 0Look at the “Tools” menu at the left of the page 0From here, you can print the article, or email it to yourself 0You can also print or save the article by using the gray bar that appears on the page when you move the mouse
  11. 11. Citing the Article 0 Under the Tools menu, find the icon that looks like a yellow sheet of paper. 0 When you mouse over it, it will say “Cite.” 0 Click on that, then choose your citation style (MLA, APA) from the list. 0 You can copy and paste the citation into your works cited or references page. 0 Note: the citation may not be 100% correct. Check with an APA or MLA style guide for the correct format. 0 This does not give you the in-text citation.
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