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The Power of Change: Learning to be a "Weirdo"


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Being called a weirdo from an early age but never really understanding why, I talk about how I finally learnt to embrace being different. I weave my personal story with fascinating facts and unique insights into the world of neurodiversity and mental illness. It’s not all about me though – I use my experience working as a coach to help you understand and embrace your differences too.

Published in: Self Improvement
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The Power of Change: Learning to be a "Weirdo"

  1. 1. The Power of Change: learning to live as a "weirdo"
  2. 2. Normal A bit autistic Rain Man
  3. 3. Good at maths Weird about being touched Obsessive interestsRigid Crap social skills Non-verbal
  4. 4. Good at maths Weird about being touched Obsessive interestsRigid Crap social skills Non-verbal ADHD Everything is fine By choice Not by choice Gastro-intestinal issues Need to be touched Anxiety Coping strategies Depression Unless it's someone on a weirdly specific list that only makes sense to you
  5. 5. Things people said to me at school “Clever” “Lazy” “Too sensitive” “Insensitive” (WTF?) “Must try harder” (how?) “Tortoise Trimmer” “Weirdo”
  6. 6. Percentage of kids who get bullied All kids Autistic kids 0 25 50 75 100
  7. 7. What exactly is neurodiversity?
  8. 8. Neurodiverse conditions and mental health Autism ADHD All the other shit I've got going on in my life Mentalness
  9. 9. Autistic people are 5 7 9 times more likely to die by suicide 28 times more likely to attempt it
  10. 10. “You have to go against the grain in order to be an innovator.” Ben Grubert, entrepreneur
  11. 11. How to treat autistics: 1. Don't make eye contact 2. Do NOT touch them 3. Don't offer food 4. If you see one stand still until it moves away 5. Tell a park ranger bears
  12. 12. What can you do to help your favourite neurodivergent?
  13. 13. “Being different is a superpower.” Greta Thunberg, climate change activist
  14. 14. Weird Smart Lazy Pretty Ugly Bitch Slut Fat Skinny Nuisance A pain Funny Embarrassing Horrible Calm Angry Aloof Disorganised Cool Contradictory Blunt Unique Stupid Slow Kind Silly little girlBoring
  15. 15.