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  1. 1. SEE WHAT OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE TO SAY! “Mobile Apps Company has been the opportunity of a lifetime for me. The company has allowed me to travel to a new place and have opportunities that would not have been presented to me in my home state. The company's fast-paced approach to training fits well with the fast-paced job market and they focus on more than just technical training. With the addition of interview and communication skills the training produces well- rounded consultants in a short amount of time. The 6-week training course is intensive and educational. Accommodations during training were top-notch and we were even compensated for our time during training. Overall: a 5-Star company!” - Robert R. “The experience I have had so far in MAC is nothing short of remarkable. I am so excited and glad that I decided to stay with MAC, as I had a few other offers I could have gone with. Right from the first day, I have been working and training hard with a very warm and welcoming family that truly have my best interest at heart. The content of the training is very current, practical, and truly exhaustive. Emphasis is placed not just on the technical skills, but also on the soft skills which are invaluable in winning an interview. My interview and discussion sessions with qualified personnel is already paying off as I feel very comfortable in my own skin as it were, and I can make concrete and sustainable plans towards improving myself.” - Jahath B.
  2. 2. SEE WHAT OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE TO SAY! “Since I arrived in Atlanta, I’ve felt that a change is happening inside of me- a change for good. I was looking over the projects the program has to offer and we are not just growing technically but professionally too. At the moment, the mock interview is one of the best things the program has because I feel that I will be so prepared when a real interview takes place. Our technical instructor is incredible; he always is giving tips for the interview, how to do, what to do, if some client ask for this, ask for that, and all the possible things related with the technical aspect of an interview. For me, he is doing well, and is always available for our technical needs. The living accommodations provided in training is very comfortable. The pay while training for me is a good option, too, because sustaining a living without it would be hard. I would have liked the payment during training would be a little higher but I do not have problem with it; anything helps. I'm still excited for the things to come, and for the future I have in this company.” – Leonel F. “The Career Advancement Training has been very exciting so far, I love the fact that everyone in the company; from management level all the way down are putting in their best into making us a better consultants. The mock interviews is a great way of getting us better prepared for the real interview out there in world, every single detail is addressed and of great importance, I came in and after a few days of interacting with people from different department of the organization, I'm beginning to see why their model works so perfectly. The company provides every equipment that is necessary for the advancement of the training (the laptops and tablets) and the training is intense with lots of home works. This is very good as it makes us do a lot of researches and practices on the technology. And everyone uses every opportunity to make us work on our soft skills. Having lunch together and the spirit of togetherness is just the perfect morale boost, no one is left behind, everyone is always trying to assist one another in the best way they can (from technical to non-technical). The accommodation is superb and equally wonderful, the rooms are very spacious and nicely furnished, and also the pay while on training is just amazing and unprecedented.” – Oladapo E
  3. 3. SEE WHAT OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE TO SAY! “The comprehensive, cross-functional approach in terms of support from various perspectives (interviews, soft skills, technical, career)…It’s fantastic. As a developer, I'm always worried about the next technical advantage to bring my ideas and that of my customer's to life. This is already a full time job measured only by results. Thanks to Mobile Apps Company, I get to do just that. – Claudio R. Knowing how to be confident, analyzing your customer, knowing your weaknesses in interviews, all of that are full time jobs (each one of them), and you are going to have experts for each one of those areas. Did I mention you'll have a fully optimized résumé? Just check out how much money that would cost you anywhere. MAC is where your true passion shines, where your love for development and true customer service will bleed through. I don't advise you do it for the money; there are many companies out there who want simple out of the box solutions and who have databases to manage that pay decently. A computer, and in my case a top notch tablet (all hail Android for that) to get all your work done, I would gladly use my computer, but I feel using the company's because I truly feel taken care of. Food, there is food everywhere, it may not be all healthy food, but trust me, you wont go hungry and you won’t get withdrawal from lack caffeine. Plus, did I say everyone is very nice? Some people are so nice you will start being nicer yourself.