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Influencer Toolbox Template
Social Media Toolkit
**CAMPAIGN** Influencer Program
Program Overview
The #Hashtag Influencer ... | @gShiftLabs | |
The #Hashtag conversation starts online on *...
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Infuencer MarketingToolkit by gShift


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Download a template you can use to get started on influencer marketing for your business

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Infuencer MarketingToolkit by gShift

  1. 1. Influencer Toolbox Template Social Media Toolkit **CAMPAIGN** Influencer Program Program Overview The #Hashtag Influencer is designed to… **add in a 3-5 sentences on why you are running this campaign for your brand** Event Logistics **if your campaign has an event (live event, contest, twitter party, etc) lay out those details here** • Day: June 1, 2015 • Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM • Location: 123 Address • Hashtag: #locationhashtag About The Product/Service Being Promoted **3-5 sentences about the product or service that is being promoted during this campaign** Website – YOUR WEBSITE Twitter - @YOURTWITTER Hashtag - #Hashtag Facebook – YOUR FACEBOOK URL **Any other relevant URLs that you want them to connect with (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc). Social Influencer Program Requirements Influencers need to be in attendance from… **only necessary if there is an event associated with the campaign** We ask that you engage your audience and encourage them to attend the **event** Blog **Requirement for blog post** (ie. 350-500 word post on your blog. The blog post should then be socialized/pro- moted using your regular channels.) **List out any additional support for the blog post here** • Unique URL specific for that influencer, likely linking back to BRAND website (for tracking purposes). • Thought starters – A quick list of some possible topic ideas that the influencer can use as the basis for their blog. • 2-3 key points about the product/service you want them to include in the post.
  2. 2. | @gShiftLabs | | The #Hashtag conversation starts online on **Campaign Start Date**. See notes below outlining the delivery of messaging and sample messages. Facebook 1. LIKE **BRAND** FACEBOOK URL HERE 2. **Requirements for Facebook (ie. 1 Facebook post per day on your profile wall)** Twitter 1. Follow **BRAND** TWITTER URL HERE 2. Follow #Hashtag Influencers on Twitter 3. **Requirements for Twitter** (ie. 2 tweets per day using @BRAND handle and the hashtag #Hashtag Instagram 1. Follow **BRAND** INSTAGRAM URL HERE 2. **Requirements for Instagram** (ie. Take 3 photos of the event/product/service images and upload to your audience using the @BRAND handle and the hashtag #Hashtag) Sample Messages **Craft 3-5 sample messages that your influencers can easily share on various social sites. Keep the samples under 140 characters for Twitter. Be sure to mention that they are more than welcome to devel- op their own messaging. These are merely ideas.** “Have you encountered this problem? Here is the solution! @YOURTWITTER #Hashtag.” #Hashtag Social Influencers **List out any other influencers that are working with the campaign so that they can work collaboratively** Influencer Name Twitter - @INFLUENCERTWITTERHANDLE Facebook – INFLUENCER FACEBOOK URL Blog – INFLUENCER BLOG URL Appendices 1. Images 2. Additional PDF flyers, etc.