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[Infographic] 3 Ways Starbucks is Crushing It in Local Search (and you can too)


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Download my (@BiteSizedMedia's) infographic on the Top 3 Ways Starbucks is Crushing it ln Local Search (and you can too).

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[Infographic] 3 Ways Starbucks is Crushing It in Local Search (and you can too)

  1. 1. What does it take to rank locally for your business in Google search? Starbucks is a great example of a company that's crushing it at local search marketing. See our top 3 observations & tips below! Every Starbucks location has a landing page. If you're a business with multiple locations, its important to have locally optimized landing pages that include the city, street and state in the meta tags and copy. You can't do a Google search for a local Starbucks nowadays without a Google My Business listing showing up. If you're not on already, you need to get on Google My Business now! It's free and easy marketing! Make sure to verify & optimize each Google My Business listing. LOCAL LANDING PAGES GOOGLE MY BUSINESS 3 WAYS STARBUCKS IS CRUSHING IT IN LOCAL SEARCH If you search for a local Starbucks, you're sure to find a paid Google ad with a location ad extension. They make it easy for searchers to get the location information they're looking for when they need it. Create local landing pages and get listed online. Starbucks isn't a local search marketing powerhouse for no reason, they put in the work. Get your locations listed as landing pages on your website and create and optimize Google My Business pages. Tie your paid ads to your locations, and you'll start to see success from your local search marketing efforts. Source: AD EXTENSIONS In order to show your locations in ads, make sure to implement location ad extensions in your ad settings. Make sure to also include the street, city and state in the URL of each local landing page.