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Summary of questionnaire results


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Summary of questionnaire results

  1. 1. Summary of Questionnaire results.The majority of the people that took my questionnaire were females and were mainly between theages 15 – 18 year olds. A few people said they read magazines monthly and weekly but most of thepeople said ‘other’ which could have been any other time like every few months. The majority of thepeople that took my questionnaire said the amount they would pay for a magazine would be £2 - £3pounds. Out of the choices dance music, R&B, grime, heavy metal, classical and other, a few peoplesaid they liked grime, dance music and heavy metal but the majority of the people said R&B which isgoing to be the genre of my magazine which is what people seem more popular with. The thingspeople like in magazines are mainly articles, this will help me as it shows me what people wouldwant in the magazine I am going to be making and will make it a more enjoyable magazine if it haswhat people want inside it.When I asked people the colours they would like the magazine to be, I got lots of different responseslike blue, black, yellow and any colours that relate to the genre. The main colours that people did saythough was red and purple as they are bright colours and stand out from other colours and plainbackgrounds like white etc. The majority of the people that took my questionnaire said that theywould like concert tickets as a special offer in there magazine more over things like CD’s and prizesfrom music artists, this would help me advertise my magazine and include special offers that peopleare defiantly going to want and it would help the magazine sell more. Everyone that took myquestionnaire said they would like a celebrity endorsement on the front cover. On the question‘what would you expect to read in the music magazine?’ a few people said things like ‘the newestmusic and news on upcoming concerts and events’. But the main one that people like would like toread in a magazine was article on the artists. This shows that people would rather read things aboutcelebrities and people rather than the actual music itself.Overall my results of my questionnaire have helped me make sure when I make my magazine it willreach the target audience needs and except everything thing they would like in a magazine forexample; bright colours like red for the colours, articles on R&B music artists and alsoadvertisements like free concert tickets.