Second trailer analysis


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Second trailer analysis

  1. 1. Second trailer Analysis Mean Girls
  2. 2. Conventions• The conventions of the movie Mean girls is a typical teen movie convention as it is set in a high school which is conventional for teens as it’s more related to their every day lives. They also have all the labels on students for example the jocks, the popular, the geeks, the average kids, the band geeks, the loners and the asians etc. Throughout this movie there is constant labels on each of the characters in high school. They also use alcohol and parties etc throughout the film which is also a convention of the teenage lifestyle. The costumes worn throughout the movie are also conventions of teen movies as they wear casual clothes that teenagers would wear and also the popular girls have quite revealing clothes where as the geeks are all covered up and where different clothes to other people. Mean girls is more aimed at a female teen audience but some males do still take interest in to as it is about parties and teenage life.
  3. 3. CameraworkThroughout the trailer, they use a number of different camera work techniques torepresent that the trailer is a teen comedy movie. An example of this would be theyuse a wide show on three of the characters that are labelled the ‘popular kids’when they are walking through the school halls. They do this because it shows thedominance of the three girls and how they are more important than the peoplearound them as the camera shot makes you focus on them three and everyonearound them having all eyes on them to show how important they are and thenpeople moving out the way, making it clear for them to walk through.
  4. 4. CameraworkDuring the trailer they use a high angle shot to show the popular girl sitting on the boysshoulders as they carry her around. This shows the dominance of the girl how importantshe is and how the boys are all like her and would carry her around. This matches theconventions of a teen movie as it fits the character of always having the popular girl thateveryone does anything for.
  5. 5. CameraworkThey use a two person’s shot in the trailer when the two girls Regina and Kady andwalking past each other. This shot shows both characters together and the relationshipbetween them, which is enemies by the way they are staring at each other they can tellthey do not like each other. This matches a convention of a teen movie as normally inteen movies you have the popular girl and the average girl that never get on together sothe theme of the movie is based on their arguments just like mean girls.
  6. 6. CameraworkThey use another high angle shot through out the trailer, when all the girls are doing aschool activity and one of the popular girls does it and then ends up failing. This followsthe teen conventions of a teen comedy as the high angle shot lets the audience focus onthe two girls on the floor to create that comedy and make the audience laugh aseveryone is just standing around them. It also shows the high school setting of all thestudents standing around them,
  7. 7. EditingIn the trailer they use an editing technique when the two characters are on thephone having a conversation, they do a close up on both their faces and then cropthe two pictures together so you can see both characters during the conversation.They do this to show the relationship between the two girls on the phone and toshow there reaction to each other through out the phone call to make the audienceunderstand their conversation better and make it easier for them to see it.
  8. 8. EditingThey also use a shot reverse shot in the trailer to show the conversationbetween the two characters when they are sitting in the lunch hall talking.This shows the difference between the two characters for example Regina isdressed smartly and has all her hair down and showing she is the popular girlwhere as Kady is dressed quite casual with her hair tied back which shows sheis just an average girl. Throughout the shot reverse shot you see how Regina isspeaking to Kady and her reactions to her and you see she is dominating her.
  9. 9. EditingThey use a number of eye line match shots in the trailer for example when the two girls Kadyand Regina are arguing there is an eye line match on a photo of them to show therelationship of their friendship. This is just before the girl tears it up, so it gets the audience tohave a look at them closely together, this also matches the convention of teen comedy as it’sa popular thing through out teen movies, girls failing out. There is another eye line matchused when Kady is walking through a party dressed in the wrong sort of halloween out fit allthe girls are staring at her. This eye line match gets the audience to feel what Kady is feelingas she is walking through with everyone staring. It also meets the convention of the teencomedy as she has come dressed in something different to everyone else, the looks the otherpeople give her creates comedy.
  10. 10. SoundDuring the trailer they use non – digetic sound of upbeat music when they areshowing the different kinds of characters. They do this because it makes the filmlook a lot more happier and upbeat and a lot going on through out of it and makesit look a lot more fun. It also shows the characters youthfulness with the music.The music gets quieter when dialogue is used in the trailer so the audience canhere what the character is saying.
  11. 11. SoundThey use a voice over in the trailer so when they cut in images of her life, she canspeak over them to explain more to the audience so they understand the scenebetter and what is going on.
  12. 12. SoundThey use dialogue throughout the trailer, which matches the convention being a teen movieas one of the characters is speaking about the different groups in the high school forexample she starts listing who people are by calling them ‘the jocks etc’. So this is a typicalstereo type for a teen movie. An they also explain the girls around school by calling themevil, and knowing everything about everyone which is a typical thing for a popular girl at highschool. They also talk about boys are how good looking they are which is another conventionof a teen movie.
  13. 13. Mise en sceneThey use different kinds of props in the trailer, for example they use cups of alcohol atthe parties to show that the teenagers are drinking and doing what normal teenagersdo so this also matches the conventions of a teen movie. They also use props of foodwhich are bars to make you gain weight, but Kady uses them and says they make youloose weight which is a bitchy thing that a girl would do in high school.
  14. 14. Mise en sceneThe costumes of each of the characters are very different as shown in the images andshow the difference between each character. For example you see the popular girldressed revealing ready for a party where as the other charactrers are dressed quitecasual. This shows more about each character and relates to the teenage conventionsof stereotypical teenagers.