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Research presentation


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Research presentation

  2. 2. MAIN TASK Following my research of similar trailers I have learnt that most trailers introduce all the main characters throughout the trailer. They normally leave the trailers on a clif f hanger to keep the audience gripped so they want to watch the film to find out what happens. Throughout the trailer they tend to only show parts of the movie so they don’t give away to much of the story line to ruin it for people if they want to go watch the film. Most trailers have a music throughout the trailer to represent to it’s genre for example if it was a teen comedy it would be upbeat music to show that the characters are lively and make the film look upbeat and youthful.
  3. 3. TEEN COMEDY TRAILERS Conventions of teen comedy trailers: In teen comedy trailers the setting is normally a high school or a par ty setting at a house. The ages of the character s in the trailers are teenagers ages 16 -1 8 as they are normally set in a high school. Characters in teen comedies. All trailers include previews of the movie which include stereotypical names like the jocks, the popular and the geeks.
  4. 4. ANCILLARY TASK In my ancillary task all the magazine front covers have a celebrity endorsement on the front, which tend to be related to a film so the magazine represents that it is about movies. They all show the main characters on the front of the magazine to show the characters in the movie. All magazines have the brand name In front of the image to show he magazine is more important. All magazines have cover story’s on them to give a sneak preview of what you are expected to read inside and draw in the audience.
  5. 5. ANCILLARY TASK – TEEN COMEDY’S In my ancillary task all of the posters I analysed have a slogan at the bottom of the poster to draw in the audience. They all show the main characters on the front of the poster to show the characters in the movie. All posters have the logo big and bold standing out over the image The logo tends to go in front of the image to show the name is more important. All the posters have credits on the image so the audience k know who was in the movie.
  6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE My target audience are young teenagers ages 16-18 as my genre is teen comedy’s and is mainly set in a high school or party area which represents teenagers and is things they would understand. In a teen comedy, the target audience would be expected to see in their trailer things that represent to them for example parties and drinking alcohol and sex. Also things like the setting in a high school as the audience would be the ages where they are at a high school.