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Production plan

  1. 1. Production PlanThe equipment I will be using during the photography process of my magazine will be a camera. Thisis so I can take the pictures for my front cover, contents page and my double page spread. To keepthe camera in good condition I will need to make sure I don’t get it wet causing it to stop working,and I look after it by making sure I know where it is, and not dropping it anywhere. The date I will betaking my photos on will be the 10th of January. It will take around a couple of hours. The locationsof the pictures I will be taking are in a plain room against a plain white wall to make sure that theperson in the photo stands out and nothing distracts them so they are the main focus. I will also takesome pictures outside like in a garden to create a verisimilitude atmosphere. The person in mypictures will be my sister who is aged 20; I have used this person because it fits the character I amusing in my double page spreads which is a young female artist that is new to the music industry.The costume she will be wearing will be an expensive dressed up outfit that shows she is got a lot ofmoney being a famous musician and making her look all dressed up will make her look like she issomething special and stand out from normal every day people. The colour of the clothing will be adark dull colour like black to represent she is a rock singer, as they are normally dressed quite dark.Also wearing clothing like dresses and so on will show the feminism side of her. The person in mypictures will also be wearing a lot of heavy make up to also represent the rock look. The props usedin my images will be a microphone, the effect this will have is that it will represent what the personin my photo is famous for which is singing. I will also use props like an IPod to represent that it is amusic magazine and it can also be an advertisement on the magazine to draw people in, like ‘win afree iPod touch!’ Other props I might use could be things like certain clothing like jewellery to addmore of an effect on the person in my pictures. The lighting in my photos will be a low key lighting inthe inside pictures to create a party atmosphere with the dark lighting and to show that the personin my pictures is a rock singer, which are normally quite dark. And then for the outdoor ones a highkey lighting to represent the fact it’s day time.