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  1. 1. By Rachel Hanson
  2. 2. Graduation is about three friends ‘Adam, George and Eddy’. They are an outcast to society and stereotypically they are ‘nerds’ that find high school life hard, especially for Eddy who is madly in love with a popular girl ‘Chloe’. As it’s coming to the end of their high school years they decide to attend the Graduation party despite being told that they are not welcome. They have lots of alcohol and turn up at the party in for a crazy night. Will Eddy make his move on Chloe? And will the other boys fit in?
  3. 3. George Eddy Adam
  4. 4. I believe that Universal Studios would be the best to pitch our idea as you have the perfect expertise being a multi millionaire company to pitch our idea in the right way and using lots of different advertisements to make it the biggest it could possibly be. You have also produced teen comedies that have been huge for example American Pie. Which has the same sort of conventions Graduation so would be good to work with. Help us make Graduation the best it can be!
  5. 5. Graduation is conventional in many ways as we did a lot of research in to teen comedies we now have the knowledge to make our teen comedy the most conventional it can be. Using the ‘three nerds’ is a stereotypical thing for a high school which is conventional to teen comedies as well as using the plot line of them wanting to go to a party and get laid is conventional to many other teen comedies today. We use props like alcohol in the party scenes which is conventional. There are many other conventions in our teen comedy, which relate a lot to other teen comedies for example American Pie.
  6. 6. Graduation would target a wide range of audience for example it would target the audience of the previous teen comedies for example American Pie, as we use the same sort of conventions in our films. It would also attract to young teenagers, especially boys as it is about parties and high school which young teenagers will relate too, and the boys trying to get laid which is a convention to young teenage boys.