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Magazine double page 2


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Magazine double page 2

  1. 1. Best way to just chill out and relax You got called a musical Wow! Soon then, any little hintsin the sun with my favourite girls! inspiration after you’re on who will be supporting you? performance at GlastonburyDid you do any clubbing while (Laughs) It’s a big secret! You can last week? I know! I was soyou were out there? Just a little find out in July. happy, such a happy momentbit! for me! We are excited! So whatBet it was hard clubbing with all ‘’I have worked very hard to be where I are your plans for thethe fans around you? (Laughs) It future Yasmin? Oh that’s awas ok! I do love my fans though, am today, and will admit I’m very hard question! Right now,there all so supportive! proud of what I have achieved’’ I’m just so happy with my album and how everythingThey sure love you! You’re new What was it like performing at is going... So I’m justsingle ‘Life goes on’ has just hit Glastonbury? One of the most keeping it like this for anumber one and you’re brand amazing experiences of my life! while, but there is still a lotnew album! How does that feel? The atmosphere was just breath more you will see ofSo amazing! It is the greatest taking. Yasmin!feeling knowing you have so muchsupport out there! So was your performance!There have been comments from When does you’re worldwide You can download Yasmin’s brandother artists saying ‘You don’t tour start? July! I’m so excited new single on ITunes! And her tourdeserve to be where you are for it! dates and tickets are now out ontoday’ how do you feel about sale just visitthat? I just find it so silly... I have www.ticketmaster.comworked very hard to be where Iam today, and will admit I’m veryproud of what I have achieved, ifother people have a problem, wellthen that’s their problem... Don’tbother me.Spoken like a true superstar! Ithas also been rumoured you’vebeen meeting up with TaylorLaunter? Oh I knew this would geta mention! I’m afraid that’s a nocomment rhythm!We all love a bit of gossipYasmin! There are pictures ofyou going out for meals? Wellthen... we are really close friendsand get on really well.Will there be wedding bells for2012? (Laughs) No!That’s a shame! Not even somehot holidays? I love a holiday! Wewill see, but like I said just goodfriends. (Smiles)