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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Constructivist Learning Theory Goal: improve listening, decision-making Constructivist learning theory : The learner is in and creative problem-solving skills. Being control of how they learn and is based on their able to apply the skills learned with ease in previous experiences. The learner constructs their own a management context. view and means of approaching new material. Podcasts & Vodcasts: 3 Podcasts, 3 Vodcasts, 1 each, per topic. Describes the relevance of the skills to Interaction: Debates and discussing the workplace as well helps the learner construct their own suggestions of ways to ideas. The use of a discussion board at improve these areas. the conclusion of the podcast. Reflection: To internalise and apply the content learned Constructivist to the learner’s workplace, reflection through blogging is Learning used; based on the podcasts and discussions. It allows Theory the learner to set goals for themselves. Assessment: The constructivist learning theory does not include formal assessments. But, it is necessary. Self- assessment and application is achieved through skills Outcome: The learner would have improved their demonstration projects. This provides feedback to the learner listening, decision-making and creative problem-solving and employer. skills which will be explicitly seen and applied to the learner’s management practices in the workplace.