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What Do You See?


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This week Casten continues our series on the Book of Ezra and gives us a great message from Ezra 2:68-3:6

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What Do You See?

  1. 1. What do you see? Ezra 2:68 – 3:6
  2. 2. 2 • See beyond sight (faith) • Believe what Jesus has said 1. What do you see?
  3. 3. 3 2. A place for everyone • God’s prophecy for everyone • Temple rebuilding = hearts restored to Him
  4. 4. 4 3. Father wants your heart worship • Alter sanctifies the temple, not vice versa • Your heart worship most valuable
  5. 5. 5 So what ….??  What do you see in o yourself? Develop a Beloved Charter. o neighbour? Beloved Charter for them too!  Give your heart to Jesus o Develop a rhythm for connecting with Jesus
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7 68 All the people arrived at the place in Jerusalem where the LORD’s temple would be rebuilt. Then some of the leaders of the families brought offerings they chose to give. They would be used for rebuilding the house of God. It would stand in the same place it had been before. 69 The people gave money for the work. It was based on how much they had. They gave 1,100 pounds of gold. They also gave three tons of silver. And they gave 100 sets of clothes for the priests. All of that was added to the temple treasure.70 The priests and Levites made their homes in their own towns. So did the musicians, the men who guarded the gates, and the temple servants. The rest of the Israelites also made their homes in their own towns. Ezra 2:68 – 70 (NIRV)
  8. 8. 8 1 The Israelites had made their homes in their towns. In the seventh month all of them gathered together in Jerusalem. 2 Then Joshua began to build the altar for burnt offerings to honor the God of Israel. Joshua was the son of Jozadak. The other priests helped Joshua. So did Zerubbabel and his men. They built the altar according to what is written in the Law of Moses. Moses was a man of God. Zerubbabel was the son of Shealtiel. 3 The people who built the altar were afraid of the nations around them. But they built it anyway. They set it up where it had stood before. They sacrificed burnt offerings on it to the LORD. They offered the morning and evening sacrifices on it. Ezra 3:1 – 6 (NIRV)
  9. 9. 9 4 Then they celebrated the Feast of Booths. They did it according to what is written in the Law. They sacrificed the number of burnt offerings required for each day. 5 After they celebrated the Feast of Booths, they sacrificed the regular burnt offerings. They offered the New Moon sacrifices. They also offered the sacrifices for all the appointed sacred feasts of the LORD. And they sacrificed the offerings the people chose to give him. 6 On the first day of the seventh month they began to offer burnt offerings to the LORD. They did it even though the foundation of the LORD’s temple hadn’t been laid yet. Ezra 3:1 – 6 (NIRV)