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Evaluation Q1


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Q1 of A2 Media Evaluation section.

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Evaluation Q1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop of challengeforms and conventions of real media products? Rachel Gunter
  2. 2. Screenshots that conform real media conventions
  3. 3. Close UpIt’s conventional in rock music videos to have a shot of the artist playing their instruments. We used itin our music video because we feel that the guitar would be a good icon for Jack as his music does useacoustic guitars either with or without other instruments on top. We used this at the beginning of thevideo because we found that this was conventional of a lot of rock videos in many of the sub genres.We started this shot as the song starts which we found in a lot of videos. Example: Learn My Lesson, Young Guns The third shot in this video is of the drummer. This happens at the same point that the drums start in the song, which is similar to what we did with Jack and his guitar.
  4. 4. Mid ShotWe used the mid shot because it shows Jack playing his guitar which is conventional ofrock music videos which can be used to help show that the sound is real, not computergenerated. As our video was mainly performance based, this was a very important shot forus and we used it throughout the video. By using this shot it helps to identify the artistwith a certain instrument. Example: Talk You Down, The Script There are several cuts back to mid shots of each member playing their instruments.
  5. 5. Wide Shot (Narrative)Although we focused on performance we did have some other shots to break it up andkeep the audience watching. Like in movies, its common for music videos to have a wideshot of extreme long shot of the location, whether it be for the narrative or where theartists are performing. This was close to the beginning of the video, and establishes thevideo’s location. Example: Crossfire, Brandon Flowers This wide shot establishes a location for the video and helps give the audience an idea of what’s going on.
  6. 6. Close Up 2Another convention of music videos is to have a close up of the artist. This shot can be seen inmusic videos from all genres. This gives artist recognition, which for new artists is especiallyimportant. We followed convention by having Jack lip-sync the song during this shot. This wasanother shot that we came back to throughout the video. Example: Misery, The Maine This video’s main focus is on the lead singer ands gives a face for the audience to remember. As in our video, he is lip syncing to the song, another convention of all music videos.
  7. 7. Mid Shot 2This was another mid shot we used as part of the narrative to the video. We decided to have hisguitar in the shot because we wanted the audience to start recognising it and associating it withJack. This was also why we had the guitar as the picture for inside the digipak. Even by just havingthe guitar in shot connotes rock or a sub genre of rock despitehim not playing. Example: Weight of the World, Young Guns As part of the narrative they have shots of them waiting at a train station with their instruments which connotes rock, because we can see the guitars.
  8. 8. Long ShotThe same premise was used for this shot. Although he isn’t playing, having the guitar in shotwould make the guitar an icon of him and connote genre, without the audience knowing toomuch about the artist. A shot like this isn’t a widely used convention, but can be seen used inmusic videos of this genre.
  9. 9. My music video and...• Genre• Rock - soft rock/indie• Narrative• Audience• Representation
  10. 10. Genre• The video is a soft rock or indie video.• This is shown through the performance and representation of the artist.
  11. 11. Soft Rock/indie elements• Jack’s guitar connotes his genre to the audience even if they haven’t heard the song• The simplicity of the video – there’s no SFX’s or laser lights that are so common in pop/RnB videos• Shots of Jack playing his guitar and close ups of him singing
  12. 12. Narrative• Focuses on performance which is more common in rock videos.• Interweaves some narrative elements, a convention of all music videos.
  13. 13. Audience• The primary audience is young people from about 16. There is a similar demographic for artists of this genre already, for example Ed Sheeran.
  14. 14. Representation: Ancillary Products• We stuck to the conventions of digipaks and adverts through the representation of Jack.• We included his guitar in the image to connote genre.• His isolation shows that he is a solo artist and also connotes that his music is simple, like the image – it doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of electronic sound. This is why we chose to do the image outside, because of the natural aspects of the location and the natural aspects of his music.