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  1. 1. Cyberbee – group 2 This assignment has three parts: research, presentation, test question creation. SPELLING and GRAMMAR count! This is not an Instant Message nor a text message. This is a school assignment which requires proper spelling and grammar, including capitalization. Don’t be afraid of that shift key! – worth 50 points Research – worth 100 points/ Visit this web site You will read the middle row of student questions & answers. There are four students in this row. What are the 4 questions and answers? List the questions and answers in your own words What is Fair Use? 1. Fair use allows you to use a limited amount of copyrighted material for your education. I found a great photograph from the Smithsonian web site. Can I use it my report? Yes, the Smithsonian has granted permission to students to use their photographs for 4. school reports. Does it matter how much of a song or video I use? Yes. Amount refers to use of a portion a work. For motion media, you can use 10% or up 7. to 3 minutes. For text material, you can use 10% or up to 1000 words. For music, lyrics and so forth you can use up to 10% but no more than 30 seconds of an individual work. Can’t I use images and text from a site if it doesn’t have the word copyright or the copyright symbol © on the page? Just because a page doesn’t have the word or the symbol ©, doesn’t mean it isn’t 10. copyrighted.
  2. 2. Presentation – worth 100 point s Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a slide show about your research topic. Requirements: Points Points possible Earned Requirement 3 9 slides including: 3 Title slide with your names, the date, your class and class period 3 Four content slides 3 Reference slide at the end to list the resources/references used 3 One slide for each of your multiple choice test questions Design template used throughout presentation – all slides look like they 15 belong in the same presentation. Design your own background or use a built in template. Animation in order to make your presentation interesting, but not distracting. 15 Use Custom Animation. 15 Sound in order to make your presentation interesting, but not distracting 15 Graphics to make your presentation interesting, but not distracting Content slide requirements: Present your topic in an interesting and informative manner. You are the 25 teacher! Make sure your students thoroughly understand your topic. Include pictures. Make sure to reference any web sites from which you get pictures. 100 Total earned
  3. 3. Test Questions – worth 50 points Write 3 test questions in a multiple choice format from your presentation. Test Questions about your content slides. 1. How percentage of a text document can you use in your presentation? a. 10% b. 20% c. 50% d. 100% 2. What does “Fair use” allow you to do”? a. Free Coffee! b. Use entire Text and media files c. Use limited amounts of copyrighted material for your education d. Both A & B 3. What does the Smithsonian Web site allow students to do? a. Upload Photographs b. Create Other web pages c. Access Myspace d. Use photographs for reports