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Disney presentation


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A presentation all about disney for my media studies

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Disney presentation

  1. 1.  The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by brother Walt and Roy Disney as an animation studio. Disneyland theme park officially open on July 17, 1955 From the humble beginnings as a cartoon studio into the 1920s to today’s global corporation Disney still excited and entertains.
  2. 2.  The Walt Disney Studios or StudioHot facts Entertainment, which includes the- Disney has company’s films, recording label, made 458 and theatrical divisions; Parks and films including resorts, featuring the company’s sequels! theme parks, cruise line, and- They have a other travel related assets; Disney Consumer Products, which Disney produce toys, clothing, and other cruise!!! merchandising based upon- They do Disney-owned properties. theatre productions • Disney has Disney shops like the spread around the world, famous Lion and Media networks, King!! including the company’s television and internet operations.
  3. 3. The Walt Disney Studios:The facilities and service include seven soundstages from11,000 to 32,000 square feet, costume, transportation,sign graphics and craft service support.The Prospect Studios: Hot factsThe Prospect Studios is a full service production facility with - Mickey Mousesix soundstages ranging from 4,400 to 21,00 square feet, himself hasone insert stage, and a rehearsal hall. more than 290 differentGolden Oak Ranch: outfits fromIts newly constructed, it is a residential street that has 13 house scuba set towith architectural styles. It can be used for motion pictures, tuxedotelevision, commercials, music videos and still photography. - Walt Disney World ResortKABC& Studio B: have anThis particular studio has a reputaion for being pristine, it estamitedhas a 8000 square foot stage opened in 2001. 1,500 Christmas trees at Christmas!!!
  4. 4. Hot facts The Media Network segment encompasses a vast array- Disney has od properties on the television, cable, radio and internet its own landscape. radio station The media networks Disney is know to use are: AHHH  ESPN- The first  Disney-ABC Television Group Disney  Disney Channel soundtrack  ABC Television Network was  ABC Family Pinocchio Give A Little  ABC Studios Whistle!  Disney ABC Domestic Television  Radio Disney
  5. 5.  By the 2008 Academy Awards, Walt Hot facts Disney’s company had been - Walt Disney nominated for more than 200 once won Oscars with more than 50 wins the most under the Disney logo. ‘Oscars in one year, Of those films, there are 51 with 4 nominations for animated feature - Walt Disney with 14 wins! resort is the largest Walt single-site employer in the US - Walt Disney World has a cast of 62,000
  6. 6. Target Market:Disney mainly targets a youngermore child based market, but aimsto be enjoyed by all ages.In some recent shows and films aswell as the easy to follow childstoryline, they have an echoing New Technologies:adult humour coming through. Disney is up to date with the new media and technologies such as the many Disney apps you can get such as the new ‘The Muppets TAPTAP’ , also the many video and computer game they have released. I think mainly they do this to keep up with the target market.
  7. 7. Hot facts- Disney  Disney’s online presence advertise other promotes the Disney theme parks and offers content Disney film on intended for children. This there own DVD gets then involved with the and video’s films and encourages then before and to watch the film. after the film  It also maintains an online as adverts presents for Disney’s retail sometimes operations.- Since 1971,  It also offers wireless phone the total miles and data services tailored to logged by Walt families. Disney World monorail trains would be equal to more than 30 round trips to the moon
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