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British films

  2. 2. According to the House of Commons Culture, Cultural definitionMedia and Sport committee -2003 a ‘British • The British Council runs ‘’ whichfilm’ is : contains its directory of British films. The councilA film with reference to obvious cultural elements regards a British film as on where the film had asuch as: a setting in the UK or focus on British minimum of three of the following six criteria:people abroad; a predominantly British cast; a 1 . A British producerstoryline about some aspect of British life, or 2. A British production teambased on a work by, a British author. 3. A British Director• Recent examples of this are –Billy Elliott and 4. A predominantly British cast Bend it Like Beckham 5. A subject matter that informs the British experience 6. A British identity as defined by the bfi in the release review in sight and sound
  3. 3. Statutory definition - 1. THE MAKER TESTAccording to the House of commons Culture, • The MakerTest is where the film mustMedia and Sport Committee – 2oo3 be made by a company that is• There are two ways that a film may qualify registered and centrally managed and as ‘British’ – either under Schedule 1 to the controlled in the UK, in another state Films Act 1985, examples include the Bond and Harry Potter films, or by satisfying the of the European Union/European terms of an international co-production Economic Area or in a country with agreement to which the UK is a party. Under the European Community has signed the films Act, for a film to be certified as an Association Agreement. ‘British’ a number of tests must be met.
  4. 4. 2. THE PRODUCTION 3. THE LABOUR COST TEST COST TEST 1. 70% of the total cost must have been paid to citizens or ordinary residents of the Commonwealth, EU/EEA or a• 70% of the production costs country with which the European of the film must be spent on Community has signed an agreement film-making activity in the 2. 75% of the total labour cost – after deducting the necessary – must have been UK paid to citizens or ordinary residents of the Commonwealth, EU/EEA or a country with with a signed agreement
  5. 5. 4. PREVIOUSLY FILMED MATERIAL• No more than 10% of the playing time of the film should comprise a sequence of visual images from a previously certified film or from a film by a different maker.
  6. 6. The King’s Speech• ‘The Kings Speech’ is the story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.• It has done really well with 12 nominations for this year’s Oscars, and 14 nominations for the Baftas 2011 and 7 Golden Globe nominations with a win for best performance.
  7. 7. The King’s Speech• Production year: 2010• Runtime: 118 minutes• Directors: Tom Hooper• Writer: David Seidler• Release Date: 7 January 2011• Production Companies: Weinstein Company, UK Film Council, Momentum Pictures, Aegis Film Fund, Molinare Investment, Film Nation Entertainment , See-Saw Films, Bedlem Productions• Stars: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter
  8. 8. UK Box Office• Even distributor Momentum Pictures wildest expectations were exceeded with a £3.52m opening weekend, including modest previews of £227,000.• Grossing over £40,000 at Londons Chelsea cinema, and breaking house records at the capitals Curzon Renoir and Richmond!!• The top six sites were all in London, led by Odeon Leicester Square (£106,000), Vue Westfield (£51,000) and Vue Islington (£45,000). Top regional site was Odeon Guildford, with £28,000.
  9. 9. The King’s Speech Reviews• The film was a major achievement , with Colin Firth presenting us with a great profile in courage, a portrait of the recurrent figure, the stammerer as a hero.• This is a film of small, precise, perfectly judged moments: while the historical backdrop could easily have made for epic overstatement and hand-wringing melodrama, Seidler and Hooper’s decision to focus their attention on the characters and on their relationships and insecurities, makes ‘The King’s Speech’ feel intimate and wholly convincing.• For all its period trappings and occasionally heavy-handed Freudian psychodrama, ‘The King’s Speech’ always comes back to the unlikely friendship between two superbly sketched, immaculately played characters.
  10. 10. Criticisms on The King’s Speech• It perpetrates a gross falsification of history.• I found this movie to be formulaic in the worst way. Theres no deviating from your typical biopic machinations, and you can probably figure out whats going to happen after the first 20 minutes• It just felt like an over acted, staged, Oscar Hungry play, not a movie
  11. 11. Production• The $15m project shot on a tight schedule of 39 days in and around London at the end of 2009. One tough obstacle.• Canning says, was the “mind-bending” scheduling of the cast: Firth was doing awards promotions for A Single Man, while Helena Bonham Carter, playing his wife Elizabeth, could only shoot on weekends since she was making Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.
  12. 12. Production• Amy Merry, who worked on the production • The stands were filled with an inflatable design. "When we were shooting exteriors crowd. According to Amy Merry, these we threw dirty water over everything. We blow-up people – actually only blow-up filmed in Harley Street on a Sunday so we upper bodies – are much more convincing closed the road in the early hours and a than CGI gritting van came along at 5am and • Despite the royal settings, The Kings covered the ground with dirt. Then we Speech is a remarkably brown film. The pumped out so much smog that we set off palaces are intimidatingly, rather than the fire alarms in John Lewis." comfortably, luxurious. The production design plays into the sense of Firths character struggling to be a king, which, for him, means struggling to be himself.
  13. 13. Finance• The Weinstein Co has received • The UK Film Council awarded The most of the PR bonanza for King’s Speech £1,021,080 of Lottery funding. The UK Film Council stands backing Oscar-touted The to recoup 100% of its investment plus King’s Speech. But it’s really a significant net profits British film financing • London’s Prescience Film Finance company aptly stepped in to provide two-thirds of the named Prescience that first film’s £9 million ($14.5 million) budget recognized the film’s potential. using its £25 million Aegis Film Fund.
  14. 14. Extra Facts• Errors in geography: In the • The script had to be posted Wembley Stadium scene we through Geoffrey Rush’s letter - see the famous twin towers on box the far side of the field. But • The script had to be posted they were actually on the same through Geoffrey Rush’s letter - side as the royal box, and in box the 1920s there was just open • The script began as a stage terracing on that far side. performance
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