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Old and new logos

  1. 1. When Sprint merged with Nextel a few years back they underwentmassive re-branding campaign. Nextel’s attention getting black andyellow color scheme was merged with The Sprint name. The newsymbol is based on sprints signature ‘pin drop’. The switch to a nicesans serif typeface also does wonders for making the logo lookmodern. This logo really shines when the symbol is set in motion.
  2. 2. While some may not like the logo – It seems like a step in the rightdirection. The old lions logo seemed flat and boring. The new re-worked illustration has more definition and defines the arms, legs,mane and face.
  3. 3. Paul Rand is probably rolling over in his grave over thisredesign. UPS decided to re-brand themselves a few years ago(2003 to be exact). The new design feels much more modernand and clean. That being said I could do without the 3deffects. The logo was designed by New York-basedFutureBrand.
  4. 4. While I was sad to see the brilliant Chicago torch logo go, the newversion of the logo is just as brilliant. The new logo features warmgradients that represent the sunset and cool gradients thatrepresent lake michigan. The star is a design element that isborrowed from the city flag and represents a compass pointing in alldirections radiating out to the world. Overall I think this is a greatredesign full of rich symbolism.
  5. 5. More of a realign than a redesign – this new delta logo issharp! The colors in the new logo are more subdued andthe choice of a all caps sans serif typeface makes the logofeel more modern. The new symbol also has a nicedimensional aspect to it without getting into cheesy 3deffects.
  6. 6. The BP logo redesign takes a boring, static shield with initialsand transforms it into a bright, colorful clean flower. This logois an attempt to move the company in a completely newdirection (or just reflect that in the image).
  7. 7. Best Buy takes a step away from their large, chunky yellow pricetag and ultra bold typeface for a more modern, less in your facelogo. The new design still features the signature yellow tag – but ina much more subtle way
  8. 8. The new Burger king logo takes a dynamic spin on a classiclogo. This new design takes some cues from foodpackaging that features white highlights. The logo retainspart of the color scheme and includes a new yellow andblue.
  9. 9. The original Starbucks logo sported a wood cut type illustration of asiren from Greek mythology. Today the current incarnation of thelogo is much more streamlined and and memorable.
  10. 10. The Wisconsin department of tourism decided to undergo a re-branding of their state in order to help attract visitors and display apositive image of the state. First off – the typeface is very strange. I’venever seen a W or an N quite like that. The text is also warped to showa faux-3d effect. The effect is not taken far enough so it just makes thetext look off. The man doing a cartwheel symbol is also cheesy. Thislogo could have been approached in an entirely different manner andbeen much more successful. I’m sure there were other more iconicaspects of the state of Wisconsin (cheese???) that could have beenincorporated into this logo.
  11. 11. Walmart updated their corporate logo last year, transforming itsidentity from a 70’s looking heavy typeface to a much friendliersans serif. I’ don’t mind the typeface update, but the orange starburst says nothing. Much like Kraft’s random-swooshy-flowerthing – this new symbol for Walmart says nothing. Its too genericand looks like stock art.
  12. 12. Another great classic sports logo has bit the dust. This new logodesign misses the mark – removing the maple leaf and the redmakes this logo less distinctive and boring.