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Elements and principles


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Published in: Design, Education, Technology
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Elements and principles

  1. 1. + ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF ART The Foundation of Creative Expression
  2. 2. + Bloom’s Taxonomy ED RM FO IN TO AL RM FO
  3. 3. The Foundation of Creative Expression The Elements and Principles are the visual structure in which to fully express artistic ideasStandards and Benchmarks ART.II.VA.HS.2 Create artworks that use organizational principles and functions to solve specific visual arts problems. ART.II.VA.M.3 Integrate visual, spatial, and temporal concepts with content to communicate intended meaning in artworks. ART.I.VA.EL.3 Use visual characteristics and organizational principles of art to communicate ideas
  4. 4. + “The use of design principles applied to the visual elements is like visual grammar. When children learn art, it is like learning to read and write the language of vision. When they develop a style of expressing visual ideas, it helps them become visual poets.” Dr. Marvin Bartel Goshen College Art Education Prof. 30 years
  6. 6. + LEADS TO FULL EXPRESSION There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can re -Picasso
  7. 7. + The Foundation of Creative Communication  The Elements and Principles …give you a common language with which to judge the art, and to question the intent of the artist. - Davis, Parker Middle School Art Instructor, Reading, Massachusetts
  8. 8. + MAKING “FORMAL” -FUN!!
  10. 10. + Student-Led Critiques
  11. 11. + One on One
  12. 12. + Self -Reflection
  13. 13. + Elements and Principles applied in a formal but fun way.
  14. 14. + Elements and Principles with Meaning Making
  15. 15. + 3-D, Altered Books
  16. 16. + Informs artistically gifted
  17. 17. + Assists limited artistic skill
  18. 18. + FORMAL
  19. 19. + INFORMED