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05.08.17_ I can't afford your class


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The landscape for course content affordability issues at UC Berkeley & peer institutions;
What campus-wide efforts are being undertaken;
Initiatives, resources, and services instructors and students can rely on to help limit costs

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05.08.17_ I can't afford your class

  1. 1. “I can’t afford your class” AFFORDABLE COURSE CONTENT @UC BERKELEY Rachael Samberg, J.D., M.L.I.S. Scholarly Communication Officer
  2. 2. 1. Textbooks
  3. 3. “ I could have paid rent for the same price as one semester of textbooks. I can’t enroll in as many classes, because I can’t afford all my books. K.U. OA initiatives
  4. 4. Prices have risen 88% in past decade ▪  Often at least $200 ▪  $1200/year ▪  Other institutions ▫  63-66% have foregone purchase ▫  35% taken fewer classes ▫  14% dropped classes due to costs
  5. 5. Library has some e-textbooks
  6. 6. Open textbooks are online
  7. 7. What are open textbooks? Open Educational Resources (OERs) ▪  Published under a Creative Commons license ▪  Can be fully used, shared and adapted ▪  Can be peer-reviewed ▪  Can be printed like “traditional” textbook ▪  Guide to help you find them
  8. 8. Potential Pedagogical Benefits ▪  No detriment, often improvement in performance ▪  Students can participate in content creation ▪  Multimedia innovation
  9. 9. 2. Course Packs
  10. 10. Either in addition to textbooks or created in lieu of ▪  Created by 3rd party vendors ▪  Vendor secures © permissions ▪  Passes on cost of © permissions + copying
  11. 11. Packs can help with savings but some $$ unnecessary ▪  Could have been fair use to copy ▪  Could have been in public domain ▪  Could have already been licensed by library
  12. 12. Public would pay
  13. 13. Library has subscriptions
  14. 14. We can help with savings for print packs
  15. 15. We provide copyright guidance If Instructor’s answer to any ques0on is “yes”: If Instructor’s answer to all ques0ons is “no,” two op0ons: Material can be posted directly to bCourse site (though link always possible/ preferable) Post link to content, rather than content, itself If link can’t be found, or Instructor prefers pos0ng copies, request copyright holder’s permission OR Copyright Workflow for Pos7ng to bCourses Instructor Makes Decision About Content to Be Posted. 1.  Has permission or a license already been conferred? 2.  Is the material in the public domain? 3.  Is it fair use? 4.  Is use subject to another excep7on (e.g. Teach Act)? Ques0ons? hGp:// instructor-copyright-bcourses
  16. 16. http://guides.lib. affordable-resources Guide to the free
  17. 17. Result of status quo for students $$ $
  18. 18. Social justice issue ▪ Students do better if they can afford readings ▪ Students with immediate access perform better ▪ Food insecurity competes with content costs Business Finance Economy
  19. 19. Intersection with Accessibility •  Library-licensed e-versions often remediated •  Same with OERs
  20. 20. What are we doing? Informal working group Library, CTL, ETS, ASUC
  21. 21. Charter for pilot projects 1.  Course pack processing 2.  Grants for eBooks
  22. 22. 1. Course Pack Processing Library will process your syllabus. We will go through required readings to locate copies of open, free, or Library- licensed versions of assigned readings. Links or PDFs
  23. 23. 2. Grants for eBooks $500 to $5,000 to switch to electronic version of textbook or equivalent eBook(s). Higher grants awarded for designing your own open and electronic course materials. Programmatic support provided to help in the switch.
  24. 24. Grants to create or adopt eBooks or OERs
  25. 25. Sample savings at U. Mass Amherst •  $101,500 invested •  $1.6 million in textbook costs saved •  60 faculty in 100 classes
  26. 26. ▪ Education, input, & buy-in ▪ Surveys assessing scope @Berkeley ▪ Relationship with the bookstore Campus Needs
  27. 27. Thanks !! Questions? affordable-resources