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Media Task Deconstruction 1 - Twenty One Pilots - Holding on to You


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Media Task Deconstruction 1 - Twenty One Pilots - Holding on to You

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Media Task Deconstruction 1 - Twenty One Pilots - Holding on to You

  1. 1. Twenty One Pilots - Holding on to You
  2. 2. Long Shot – This is used to draw attention to the dancers position and the mist. Medium shot – Shows the surroundings of the singer as well as himself Close Up – shows facial expression and the dancers hands around his neck High angle shot – Highlights the weakness in the character/singer Two Shot – highlights the two members in the band working together Depth of Field – The focus is on the singer which highlights the importance of him Canted Angle – Shows the mental state of the singer Close Up – shows the dancers pulling on the rope Blurred Effect – This is used for stylistic purposes Camera Shots/Angles
  3. 3. Camera Movement • Slow zooms at the beginning establish the scene and the performers in it. • The camera in certain points is disorientated this is for artistic purposes. In addition to this it shows the mental state of the singer. • A dutch tilit is used to depict madness of the singer.
  4. 4. Settings & Props Overall, the video is studio based and doesn’t feature any other location. The set design is plain with a black background and floor. This implies that the artist doesn’t want to distract you with unimportant background objects and colours. Moreover, the black also implies that the song has a dark undertone. Furthermore, the only objects shown in the video are a drum kit, piano, plastic sheets (at the beginning and end) and a rope in the middle of the video.
  5. 5. Costume, Hair & Makeup • Smart/Suits – implies professionalism • Skulls (makeup) – suggests death or used for artistic purposes • Tutu – for the ballerina • Smart/casual • Black – connotes elegance/formality • White – connotes purity
  6. 6. Lighting & Colour Low key lighting is used to further imply the darkness of the song. It emphases‘ the words of the song by making the shots look moody, dramatic and mysterious. The entire video is monochrome which simplifies the video and makes the viewer focus more on the song lyrics and the
  7. 7. Editing & Editing Techniques • Faced paced editing highlights the fast pace of the song. • Clean cuts so it looks better when using multiple depth of field shots one after the other.
  8. 8. Sound • The music is primarily diegetic. This is due to the instruments occasionally being in the shot. In the majority of the video, the singer is prominent.
  9. 9. Representation & Genre • Genre: Alternative • expressed mainly in a distorted guitar sound, rebellious lyrics and generally a calm, defiant attitude. • Representation: • Tyler expresses himself through movements with mainly his hands and the rest of his body. • Josh is represented as a good drummer
  10. 10. Narrative • Primarily a performance narrative. • The video contains elements of dance, singing, Tyler playing the piano and Josh playing drums.