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Circle How To Get Involved


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CIRCLE _ Visionary leaders\' Mastermind Group. Find out about early adopter benefits, join a strategic alliance or become a member of our expert panel

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Circle How To Get Involved

  1. 1. A THENARIUM   "No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind" – Napolean Hill
  2. 2. A THENARIUM… The Visionary Leaders’ Hub CIRCLELEADERSHIP is bloody hard work. Whatever sector you’re in you face a unique set of CHALLENGES:•  you’re expected to know all the answers, all the time, all alone•  you have to keep your profits high, your team efficient and your business ahead of a rapid change curve•  you have to make tough decisions every day - but have few people you can turn to for advice or support•  you’re expected to inspire, energise and support others - but there’s no-one doing that for you•  you need to stay innovative and visionary - but you’re swamped in BAUCIRCLE is Athenarium’s trademark SOLUTION to these challenges, and gives members:•  a perfect forum for problem-solving and idea generation•  the expertise, support and coaching they need to excel•  quality relationships with peers and people of influence•  inspiration, fresh thinking and new ideas•  the opportunity to create or re-connect to a compelling business visionRESULTS are simple:•  significantly better business results•  quality networks of successful peers and experts•  unshakeable self-confidence and greatly reduced stress•  sky high motivation and inspiration•  a paradigm shift in what’s achievable•  a lot more fun “Pay any price to stay in the presence of extraordinary people,” Mike Murdoch
  3. 3. C IRCLE… The Leadership MastermindPEER CONFIDANTS: MASTERMIND DAYS:•  12 successful business leaders from •  bi-monthly mastermind days fuse different fields form each group strategy, troubleshooting, creative•  invitation only membership ensures thinking, accountability and high calibre participants coaching•  groups never contain competitors •  designed to meet the bespoke•  build quality, intimate relationships needs of the group with inspirational peers •  facilitated by experts in leadership•  peer support, collaboration and and business development exchange is key throughout •  held in luxurious central London venues GROUP FORUM: •  access to private members forum throughout EXPERT PANEL: •  access to specialists from •  connect, share and engage various sectors with others. •  available for informal advice •  Q & A and ask the experts •  specialists from areas •  Share wins, celebrate including finance, tax, HR, successes. brand, PR, marketing etc.   INSPIRE LUNCHES: 1 TO 1 COACHING: •  quarterly inspire and connect lunches •  bi-monthly 1 to 1 coaching sessions •  inspirational expert presentations •  to explore your unique challenges and •  socialise with Athenarium & panel ambitions members. •  designed to elevate leadership performance and presence
  4. 4. C IRCLE… How to get involvedPILOT PROGRAMME EARLY ADOPTER•  1st official CIRCLE group launches October 5th•  pilot group launches July 27th•  pilot group members can expect all the benefits of CIRCLE but are asked to give detailed feedback on the programme and to help Athenarium improve product before launch•  membership of the pilot is at £495 per month (regular fee is £975) and will remain on that reduced fee for the whole of their time as CIRCLE members WE ARE LOOKING FOR 10 PILOT PROGRAMME EARLY ADOPTERS.TRUSTED DEVELOPMENT PARTNER•  CIRCLE depends on the highest caliber of participants... members need to be owners/leaders of privately owned businesses, but more importantly must be ballsy, ambitious and bold.•  CIRCLE is therefore invitation/referral only, and depends upon quality referrals from trusted development partners•  development partners receive 15% of lifetime revenue generated through a referral•  based on similar business offerings, CIRCLE members will stay with a group for between 3 and 5 years so potential earning from a single successful referral are between £5265 and £8715 WE ARE LOOKING FOR 7 TRUSTED PARTNERS.EXPERT PANELIST•  circle members have access to informal advice from a panel of industry experts•  expert panelists agree to offer a minimum of 12 hours informal advice to CIRCLE members over the course of a year, they also agree to attend at least one inspire lunch per year•  expert panelists gain exposure to a wide range of business owners and potential clients, and build quality relationships with a group of well networked individuals.•  expert panelists come from diverse backgrounds including: Marketing, PR, Branding, IT, Finance, Venture Capital, Media, HR, Digital & Franchising. WE ARE LOOKING FOR 10 EXPERT PANELISTS.