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Are Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Really Available?


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Are Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Really Available?

  1. 1. Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Are Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Really Available? By Rabia Accosi Rabia Accosi | 1
  2. 2. Jobs for Stay at Home Moms My beautiful wife just had our first baby a few years ago, all the sleepless nights are over and our child will turn two in just a few days. My wife however, is less than thrilled, because she is a stay at home mom she is rather to put it nicely bored. She used to be a chemical engineer building plants around the globe but since our child she decided it would be best for our child to have a mom around all day instead of a nanny. This lead to my wife searching Google for, jobs for stay at home moms. My wife is a highly motivated worker, while I did not make as much as my wife when she was a chemical engineer, we get by on my salary. However, this has included a lot of the usual sacrifices I work almost 14 hours a day and am usually tired and agitated by the time I get back home. Seeing this I believe is what made my wife try to find a solution to raising our son at home and having some sort of steady income while doing it. My wife is very proficient at finding information; she has had to research many subjects in the past when she was a chemical engineer so using Google to find information on jobs for stay at home moms shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was. She told me she was going to find this information starting on Monday, by the time we took our weekly dinner out together on Saturday, she told me she was still clueless and all this information was up in the air. By Friday she finally found a good website to base some jobs for stay at home moms around and the next Monday she was already going. She found that she could easily be an online tutor for college level students. She just watched our son play and had the laptop sitting on the kitchen table. When the program requested her services, she would go to the laptop, put on her headset, turn on the webcam and usually in 10 minutes she was done explaining the subject at hand, and she was paid a consulting fee! She then decided to try out being a transcriptionist since she could then dictate when she did the work as opposed to just waiting for a client to ask a question, she later found out she could do the transcriptions when she was bored and still do the online tutoring at the same time, in Rabia Accosi | 2
  3. 3. Jobs for Stay at Home Moms essence she was working two jobs and not even breaking a sweat while raising our son in our home. My wife is a great researcher, but even with her 10 years of researching background behind her she still was bewildered in her search for jobs for stay at home moms. I really do not want to see any mom struggling to find this nugget of information like my wife did and I asked her if I could share this information to other moms searching, and she said sure, she’d be glad that I’m helping other moms, if you like the information is at Rabia Accosi Rabia Accosi | 3
  4. 4. Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Recommended Computer Jobs at Home Resources:  The Work at Home Blueprint  Start Up a Home Based Secretarial Business  Teach Your Teens How To Build a Business Rabia Accosi | 4