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Production diary

  1. 1. Production Diary
  2. 2. PlanningOn Friday the 23rd of November  in class we discussed how we were going to go  about shooting the first part of our music video. We decided to shoot this on  Wednesday the 28th in the College Studio for two hours, however we booked it  from 12:45- 17:00 just incase the extra time was needed. In this meeting we noted  down what equipment would be required: two cameras , two tripods, one  microphone and one microphone stand. We also made note of the members of  the cast that were needed which were myself, Jaymish, Jessica, Chibuzo, Connor  and Karishma, and the delegation of tasks between us. Jaymish was the sound  engineer, Jessica and Chibuzo handled the cameras and my role was to direct the  cast. This delegation was done  so we all equally contributed towards the  creation of the music video.Furthermore, one copy of the treatment and storyboard were made for myself (the  director) to inform the rest of the cast on what to do. Another copy of those were  made along with the lyrics of the song we would be basing our music video on. I  gave these to Connor later on in the day, so he would understand exactly what he  would need to do in the music video, and so he could memorise the lyrics.
  3. 3. ShootingOn Wednesday the 28th of November, we had many difficulties as firstly, the main  model was not available at the time that we had booked the studio for. However,  initially he was available for this time. Moreover, as he did not turn up, two of our  group members went around the college and asked a few white males if they  would like to participate in our music video, as we had plenty of time to do so  (12:45- 17:00). Most of the white males that the two group members asked  claimed that they were not available or interested. Eventually, they found two  white males that were interested. The first white male did not turn up to the  College Studio after his lesson had ended, and the second white male did turn up.Eventually, we did the shoot of the first part of our music video using that male.  Jessica and Chibuzo had to ask for some stand ins on this day, to see if there were  any available. They both filmed from two different angles so there would be two  different takes of the whole scene, and when editing we would all decide which  one was better. They had with them the call sheets too, which was similar to the  storyboard in a way as it demonstrated the shots that they needed to film.  Jaymish made sure that the speakers were working, and loud enough so that  Michael (the white male main model) would be able to mime to accurately. I did  the directing so had to ensure everyone knew what they were doing and had to  tell Michael especially what he needed to do for everything by referring to the  storyboard and treatment. Each shot was filmed four times to insure that it was  free of faults.Chibuzo and Jessica had some difficulties with handling the tripod, as they could not  understand how to put it into a position they wanted it in. This is mainly because  they did not have much experience in using tripods, and as a result some of the  shots taken were slightly shaky.
  4. 4. PlanningOn Friday the 30th of November in class we discussed how we were going to go about  shooting the first part of our music video again. We decided to shoot this on  Wednesday the 5th of December in the College Studio for two hours (15:00- 17:00). The reason why we needed to shoot this bit again is because the main  male model said he was not interested in taking part in the music video anymore.  As we found it so difficult to find a white male model to replace him, we found a  person that we know of that looks reasonably white but Asian, and used him  instead, named Vijay. In this meeting we noted down what equipment would be  required: two cameras , two tripods, one microphone and one microphone stand.  We also made note of the members of the cast that were needed which were  myself, Jaymish, Jessica, Chibuzo, Vijay and Karishma (the main female model),  and the delegation of tasks between us. Jaymish was the sound engineer, Jessica  and Chibuzo handled the cameras and my role was to direct the cast.Jessica would bring along copies of the storyboard treatment and the call sheets.Chibuzo and Jessica still had some difficulties with using the tripod at this point.
  5. 5. ShootingOn Wednesday the 5th of December in the College Studio for two hours (15:00- 17:00). Once again all the following actions were carried out. Jessica and  Chibuzo both filmed from two different angles so there would be two different  takes of the whole scene, and when editing we would all decide which one was  better. They had with them the call sheets too, which was similar to the  storyboard in a way as it demonstrated the shots that they needed to film.  Jaymish made sure that the speakers were working, and loud enough so that Vijay  (the "white" male main model) would be able to mime to accurately. I did the  directing so had to ensure everyone knew what they were doing and had to tell  Vijay especially what he needed to do for everything by referring to the storyboard  and treatment. Each shot was filmed four times to insure that it was free of faults. 
  6. 6. Editing, And Then PlanningOn Friday the 7th of December, myself and Jaymish were editing the filming done so  far in the recording studio on a macbook, using the program named Final Cut Pro.  As we were doing the editing, we had a brainwave, which was to shoot the scene  again, but this time in the room we were in, as it seemed more appealing. This  room was also soundproof. Another reason why we felt it would be a good idea is  due to the fact that a lot of the shots came out shaky, and the background of  where we filmed did not suffice for our music video.We asked the other members of our group if they felt that it was a good idea, and  they agreed so we went along and booked the recording studio for two hours  (15:00- 17:00) for Tuesday the 11th of December.  In this meeting we noted down  what equpiment would be required: two cameras , two tripods, one microphone  and one microphone stand. We also made note of the members of the cast that  were needed which were myself, Jaymish, Jessica, Chibuzo, Vijay and Karishma,  and the delegation of tasks between us. Jaymish was the sound engineer, Jessica  and Chibuzo handled the cameras and my role was to direct the cast.Jessica would bring along copies of the storyboard, treatment and the call sheets.
  7. 7. ShootingOn Tuesday the 11th of December, in the Recording Studio for two hours (15:00- 17:00). Once again all the following actions were carried out. Jessica and Chibuzo both filmed from two different angles so there would be two different takes of the whole scene, and when editing we would all decide which one was better. They had with them the call sheets too, which was similar to the storyboard in a way as it demonstrated the shots that they needed to film. Jaymish made sure that the speakers were working, and loud enough so that Vijay (the "white" male main model) would be able to mime to accurately. I did the directing so had to ensure everyone knew what they were doing and had to tell Vijay especially what he needed to do for everything by referring to the storyboard and treatment. Each shot was filmed four times to insure that it was free of faults.This time round, Chibuzo and Jessica grasped onto understanding how to use the tripod, which would lead to the filming not being shaky like it was previously.
  8. 8. EditingOn Wednesday the 12th and Friday the 14th of December, we edited the filming we had done in the recording studio, using a Macbook with the program named Final Cut Pro. We done this by logging every shot on logging sheets, explaining what the shot involved and if we were going to keep it or not, and if not stating why. This helped us to rule out which shots we would be using to include in the music video. We then had to move about the shots to make sure they come onto the screen at the right time and flow with the music. This process was quite time consuming as we had to render everything as we went along, but in the end it was worth it.
  9. 9. PlanningOn Wednesday the 19th of December, we discussed whether to shoot the second part of the music video before the Christmas holidays. We were initially going to go along with doing this, but not enough female extras were free to take part, therefore we had to cancel.After this date, we had our christmas holidays, and college started on the 7 th of January. This month led to us falling behind schedule as we needed to revise for AS retakes, so some of the group members were not available to shoot etc.For these few weeks until the 23rd of January we focused on updating our blogs.
  10. 10. PlanningOn the 23rd of January, we had planned out what we were going to film on the 29th of January in the studio and the nightclub scene for our video. We also decided to take some of our CD cover photographs in the studio with the white background. Due to Vijay being free from 3pm, we decided to book the studio earlier at 15:00- 16:45 where Beech (The theatre) was free.We went to the teacher that was in charge of booking the theatre room and the studio and we booked it. We also booked the equipment for then too.For the nightclub scene we needed at leAst 9 girls to be available to film.We had previously asked girls from an A2 drama class but no one wanted to be in it. Therefore Jessica was in charge of recruiting the girls that we needed. She started to ask girls around the college if they were available on Tuesday the 29th of January and what time they were free. They all said that they would be free after 4.45. In total she had asked 9 girls where 4 of them backed out but she managed to get some more. Jaymish got hold of 2 girls for the video, and I asked a few girls, but they either could not make it or were not interested
  11. 11. ShootingOn the 29th of January 2012, we had prepared before hand to film both the remaining studio parts we needed to film and also the nightclub scene. We reached the media studio at 3 where we filmed the remaining parts and then we took in turns to take picture for our individual CD covers and adverts.After that we made our way down to Beech where we started to set up but another drama group said that they had booked the room as well. Since they needed it for the exam we had to move to the main hall as there was a stage there so we could get a high angle for the nightclub scene. We then started setting up there and most the girls had come to meet us there, however two of the girls didn’t turn up.Due to Vijay living far from the college he had to leave in half an hour so we were pushed for time and decided to just film the parts in which Vijay is in. However some of the girls were not listening and they kept laughing so it was quite frustrating to work with but we managed to film 6 different shots we needed but we still needed more.Therefore we had more of the night club scenes to film.
  12. 12. Editing And PlanningOn the 30th of January, we had to edit the parts that we had filmed the day before. Jessica was logging the takes that we did while myself, Chibuzo and Jaymish were judging whether we could use them.After rendering the film that we needed, Jessica was in charge of telling Jaymish which clips we were going to use while he put them on the video, and myself, Jessica and Chibuzo looked through the treatment and found where each clip went.After we had edited the video, we wanted to be more organised so that when we filmed next it wouldn’t take so much time as it did the day before. So Jessica started looking through the treatment and ticking the shots we already took and highlighting and annotating the shots that we still needed to do. She also wrote down n a sheet of paper all the scenes that we need to do under each location. I wrote down the extra things we would need like props etc.We also asked the girls again if they were free on the 31st of January 2013 to shoot the nightclub scene again and they said yes. We then asked the teacher in charge of the hall again and she said that it was only free for an hour at lunch time. This would be very little time to film a lot so we needed to be organised and get the equipment set up quickly and make sure the girls are not messing around. We also booked the equipment for then too.
  13. 13. ShootingOn Thursday 31st January, myself and Jessica went to the media department to collect the equipment that we had booked the previous day. We then went to the college hall and began setting up the equipment on the stage. After doing so, Jaymish received a message from Vijay saying his journey to college has been interrupted by unexpected circumstances, meaning that we could not film Vijay on this day. However, we could still film the parts of the video where footage is needed of the girls. As I did not have much experience with cameras, Jessica had to show me how to do certain things, until Chibuzo and Jaymish arrived who could help out too. Unlike the last time we did this shoot, this time round the female models were not messing around, so we were able to film a substantial amount of footage to edit. However we still had some difficulties in making them dance properly, and I had to instruct them to dance until they did so. As the girls had lessons to attend after the filming, we let them go around ten minutes early so they could get to their lessons in time. Then, myself, Jessica, Jaymish and Chibuzo went to the editing suite, where Jaymish had to leave shortly so he only had time to stay to transfer the footage on the hard drive. This left Jessica writing down information, myself playing the footage, and Chibuzo looking through the treatment to check if the footage would match the specific lyrics.
  14. 14. EditingOn the 1st of February we spent our lunchtime (12:45-13:45) on a MacBook, looking at the footage that we had recorded the previous day. We noted down on the logging sheets which parts of the footage we would be using and wouldn’t be using and why etc. After this we were ready to do the editing but we couldn’t do much as we ran out of time, so we decided to continue the editing on the upcoming Tuesday, as we were all available on that day. Jessica also booked the recording studio for 12:45-13:45, and the other studio for 15:00-17:00 for that same day so we could get some other footage needed filmed.
  15. 15. PlanningWe planned on the 1st of February to shoot all the banksy tunnel parts on the upcoming Sunday 3rd of February (13:00-15:00), as we were all available including the main model, Vijay. Then we booked the equipment, which was two cameras, two reflector lights and two tripods and took it home for the weekend.
  16. 16. ShootingOn Sunday the 3rd of February we went to Banksy Tunnel to film this part of our music video. However, we did not film until 15:00, as Vijay had some travel problems. Eventually we did film, and managed to get some good footage, although pedestrians did annoy us when they had to walk past when we were filming. To try and avoid this I had to control when the people should walk past when Jessica and Chibuzo were filming. Therefore, once again they were controlling the cameras. We also successfully managed to take potential images for our CD covers and ad’s.On Monday the 4th of February, the equipment was due to be returned so Jessica returned them.
  17. 17. Shooting And EditingOn Tuesday the 5th of February we all went into college for 12:30 to set up the equipment in the college studio. Then, we filmed the parts that were remaining for this part of the music video. However, all the filming could not be done as Vijay had a lesson to go to at 13:45. On the other hand what didn’t go so well was the editing, as we were cut off for time to do so, so we decided to edit the next day. The reason why we could not edit on Tuesday was because our teacher insisted that instead of editing, we should go and watch a talk by a famous film producer for an hour, which finished at 15:00. This was crucial editing time taken away from us. We still had time left to film the remaining green screen footage needed.
  18. 18. EditingOn the 6th of February, Jessica, Chibuzo and Jaymish further edited the music video. Icould not attend on this day as I had an orthodontics appointment. They did manageto get a substantial amount of editing done however.
  19. 19. EditingOn the 8th of February, myself, Jessica, Chibuzo and Jaymish came into college at 12:45to edit. However, because the deadline to edit had passed, our teacher told us that wehad to continue our editing out of lesson time, and had to attend lesson from then onto design the cd cover and advert, and to complete the evaluation. As a result, noediting was done on this day.
  20. 20. EditingOn the 12th of February, Jaymish and Chibuzo finished off the editing to our musicvideo. Myself and Jessica came in later. Myself and Jessica talked to the mediatechnician about how to upload the music video, and he taught us how to do so. Wehad placed it onto a USB stick and took it to the library to upload it. However, it didnot work so we had to go back to the media department and do it over again. It tookthirty minutes for the music to upload onto youtube. Whilst it was uploading, weshowed a few people that would meet the criteria of being our target audience thevideo, in order to gain feedback. This also allowed us to develop on the audiencefeedback, which was part of the evaluation.After placing it onto youtube on my channel, we all started to advertise the videothrough social networking websites such as facebook and twitter. Also, I broadcasteda message including the link, on blackberry messenger and whatsapp. I addition, Ilinked our music video to Conor Maynard’s official video in order to receive morefeedback.
  21. 21. EditingOn the 13th of February, myself, Jessica and Jaymish did the final touching of editing toour music video, as we received feedback from our target audience the day before,and decided to try and fix some of these issues. These issues consisted of lip-syncproblems, the lighting not being right in some places etc.