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Mcdonalds mini project(Recruitment Process & T&D )

Assignment related to Human resource management

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Mcdonalds mini project(Recruitment Process & T&D )

  1. 1. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HRM101 Miss.Shivani Dhand Mini Project Prepared by: Malikzada Raashid Rashid Roll No:-A01 BBA (Hons) 2012 Lovely School of Business and Applied Arts Lovely Professional University, Punjab India February 20th, 2013 Registration ID:-11200024
  2. 2. Name of Organisation: - McDonalds Corporation. Address of organisation: - BMC Chowk main G.T. Road Jalandhar, Punjab. Date of opening: - July 21, 2011. McDonald‟s, the world‟s most recognized food brand has reached another milestone in Punjab by launching its second restaurant in Jalandhar. It is a standalone restaurant located at one of best known retail and commercial destination in the city…„The Axis‟, sited in the heart of Jalandhar City on the most prime crossing known as BMC Chowk on the main G.T. Road. Image 1:- The picture of McDonalds which is situated in the BMC chowk of jalandhar city. Image 2:- This is the picture of the kid whom I met outside the McDonalds Bmc Chowk Jalandhar. This new outlet at Jalandhar will serve McDonald‟s regular scrumptious menu with outstanding service in a vibrant and lively ambience, for which McDonald‟s is known globally. For the McLovers to enjoy; the newly opened restaurant also offers an elaborate worldwide known breakfast menu of Mcmuffins, hot cakes. Customers at the restaurant can also enjoy the wide range of burgers, fries, wraps, an assortment of sundaes, soft serve and refreshing beverages such as ice tea & cold coffee, at prices starting from Rs 10 (exclusive of taxes).
  3. 3. The Key Jobs Which I choose for my Mini Project:1. 2. 3. 4. Management Trainee Restaurant Manager Crew Members Billing Operator Key Job Management Trainee Location BMC,Chowk Jalandhar Type of Company Fast Food Type of Position Full Time MANAGEMENT TRAINEE: - A management Trainee is a fast track opportunity to become the 2nd Assistant Manager in a McDonald‟s restaurant. It entails managing people; managing a shift; and managing all critical aspects of restaurant operations to deliver on…McDonald‟s promise; on business goals of the restaurant/shift…with full accountability for restaurant operations. This position requires comprehensive customer and internal stakeholder engagement. Eligibility Criterion for ‘Management Trainee:Candidates who possess the following qualification are eligible for the job in a McDonalds BMC chowk jalandhar,Punjab. 1. 2. MBA graduate from well known universities like lovely professional universities etc. 3. Candidates should have completed minimum of 18 years of age at the time of application. Physically challenged and those who belong to reserved categories can enjoy upper age relaxation as per the norms issued by the Government of punjab. Work Conditions Work in the office. Monday-Saturday 9am-7 pm is required. Expect to be in the office between 40-55 hours per week depending on workflow. The office is located at BMC Chowk Jalandhar. Salary and compensation 40K + 10K bonus + benefits Key Job Restaurant Manager Location BMC,Chowk Jalandhar Type of Company Fast Food Type of Position Full Time
  4. 4. Restaurant Manager:- Restaurant managers ensure that restaurants operate efficiently and profitably while maintaining their reputation. They must coordinate a variety of activities, whatever the size or type of the outlet. Managers are responsible for the business performance of their restaurant, as well as maintaining high standards of food, service, and health and safety. Business activities in McDonalds Jalandhar by Restaurant Manager: Taking responsibility for the business performance of the restaurant.  Analysing and planning restaurant sales levels and profitability.  Organising marketing activities, such as promotional events and discount schemes.  Preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, food control and sales‟  Creating and executing plans for department sales, profit and staff development.  Setting budgets and/or agreeing them with senior management.  Planning and coordinating menus. Eligibility Criteria for ‘Restaurant Manager: Should have minimum 3 years of experience  Should obtain master degree in hotel management  Good communication skills  Applicant who knows any foreign language like French will be prefer Key Job Crew Members Location BMC, Chowk Jalandhar Type of Company Fast Food Type of Position Part Time CREW MEMBERS:In BMC McDonalds the need of crew members is very high because of the continuous boom in the fast food items. They can be part of clean-up, food prep, fry cook or fryer cook, sandwich or order maker, front line or drive thru cashier. The responsibilities that go with this job include the following duties: 1. Greeting customers while offering super customer service attention, taking, assembling and presenting food orders, requesting and receiving payment, operating the cash register (Constant movement, frequent bending and stooping) 2. Assisting new crew members in learning their new job skills Cooking and preparing food for sale- (Standing and constant moving)
  5. 5. 3. Checking equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order, letting the management team know if there might be a problem 4.Backing up other crew members in their jobs, assist in any area to ensure that the food is being prepared, packaged and delivered to customer in a timely manner. Eligibility Criteria for Crew Members: Minimum eligibility for the crew members is 1o+2.  Good communication skills  Power to motivate the employees Key Job Billing Operator Location BMC, Chowk Jalandhar Type of Company Fast Food Type of Position Full Time Billing Operator:Billing operator is responsible for doing the business transactions in a McDonalds like he can receive the amount from customers by making the bills through online system with the assistance of a digital computer. Eligibility Criteria for Billing Operator: Must hold the degree in Msc IT or Have the Degree in CSE.  Good Knowledge about the Tally 9 and Busy software‟s.  Work Experience must be 2 years. Work Conditions You will work in the office. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm is required. Expect to be in the office between 40-55 hours per week depending on workflow. The office is located at BMC chowk, Jalandhar. Salary and compensation 10K + 2K bonus + benefits. Skills and Competencies  Must have excellent leadership and people management skills  Strong communication skills and able to interact with people.  Must be computer literate and be able to display analytical  Must be able to adapt and operate effectively within new and challenging environments.
  6. 6. Analysis of Recruitment and Selection Process in McDonalds Jalandhar In the McDonalds the recruitment process consists of the following steps;      Planning Strategic development Searching Screening Evaluation and control Planning In the Mcd Jalandhar there ist step in the planning. Planning also gave an clear idea about number of candidate and the type of candidate applying for the job. An important part of the planning is to attract more people than the organisation needed so that they can choose the right candidate and also attracting the type of candidate similar to the advertisement. Strategic Development After deciding how many people are required and what qualification required the McDonalds jalandhar concentrate in the strategic development. Different companies have different view about strategic development. The first thing is to decide in strategic development is to decide whether to recruit someone with past experience or whether to recruit someone with fresh knowledge and invest towards the future training of that employee. After deciding the eligibility of the employee the organisations look different medium to advertise the job and which labour market they want to target. Searching The searching process begins after the planning and strategic development. If the first two processes run well then in searching process the McDonald organisation should receive many application because at this stage the medium is activated as the HR manager gives green signal about vacancy inside the organization. All the application must be screened and after careful screening the candidates who passed should called for interview and the candidates did not pass should sent letter explaining the reason of failure. Screening The reason for screening inside the recruitment process is that selection process starts only after candidates are short listed for the next stage. The Sources which the McDonalds BMC Chowk Jalandhar uses: Two types of sources are there which the McDonalds use; 1. Internal Sources 2. External Sources. INTERNAL When the McDonalds do recruitment process inside the organization it refers to the internal sources. Some of the internal sources of McDonalds are:  Through promotions and transfers  Through employees referrals
  7. 7.  Formal employees:- Former employees sometimes return to the organisation for better career growth and also sometime after in another job they can compare which is better this way they can differentiate which employee is better. EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT External recruitment makes is possible interview a wide a range of candidate and chose from that selection. Sometimes employer need to pump some fresh blood inside their organization to get some new business ideas and also to put some energy inside the organization. But sometimes company end up with huge cost for hiring external employees but they are not as qualified as their curriculum vita says. It can be through; 1. ADVERTISEMENT:- The most popular method of job recruitment in the McDonalds is advertisement through different medium. Employers describe the job responsibilities and requirement of the job followed by how to apply and by which date they have to apply. The most popular medium of advertisement are the newspaper, company website and different jobsite which post job from different company. 2. Professional and trade association Professional association for trade and technical bodied are very active in the field of recruitment and selection. They provide employer with people according to their need and those professionals are trained with international standard. Like for accountant and technical jobs are always preferred by the professional bodies. Now days there are some websites like linked in which network among different professional people. 3. Through official website of McDonalds 4. Another popular method among the employee or ob seeker for different store and food shops are known as walk in store. Company advertise in front of the stores or there is a particular place where companies hired.
  8. 8. SELECTION PROCESS IN THE McDonalds Organization BMC Jalandhar The McDonalds Corporation Jalandhar mostly did the selection process for the new hires in an organization. The following process is followed in McDonalds for selecting the candidate; 1. Preliminary Interview:-In McDonalds they firstly do the preliminary screening of application of forms which enables the manager to eliminate the candidates who don‟t full fill the required the qualification. 2. Selection Tests:- When they do the screening of a application forms the next step in McDonalds is that they take some selection tests which are;     Ability Test Intelligence Test Interest Test Personality Questionnaire 3. Employment Interview: - After the selection tests then the next step is Employment interview which involves a formal depth interview conducted by a employer to judge a candidates suitability for the job. 4.Refrence and Background Checks:- After the employment interview then the next step is reference and background checks so to verify the information and to obtain more information about a candidate, if need be. 5. Selection Decision:-the final selection is made from among those candidates who have successfully cleared the tests, interview and reference checks. The manager, selects the candidates is held partly responsible for subsequent performance of the employee. Medical examination is really necessary in McDonalds because it is the fast food restaurant where the crew members are providing the foods like burger, lava cake etc if they have a disease like chicken pox that can be easily spreaded so the medical examination is a main part of McDonalds Jalandhar. 6. Job Offer: - when the candidate passes all the stages of a selection process which are given by McDonalds the McDonalds organization provides the job offer to the applicant. 7.Contract of Employment:- Contract of employment is a written contract which contains the following checklists;  Job title  Duties and responsibilities  Date of joining  Allowances  Leave rules  Work rules
  9. 9. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT IN McDonalds BMC CHOWK JALANDHAR Introduction:- The process of increasing the knowledge and skills of the workforce to enable them to perform their jobs effectively Training is, therefore, a process whereby an individual acquires job-related skills and knowledge. Training costs can be significant in any business. However, many employers are prepared to incur these costs because they expect their business to benefit from employees' development and progress. Training takes place at various points and places in a business. Commonly, training is required to: Support new employees (“induction training”) Improve productivity Increase marketing effectiveness Support higher standards of customer service and production quality Introduction of new technology, systems or other change Address changes in legislation Support employee progression and promotion Effective training has the potential to provide a range of benefits for a business: Higher quality Better productivity Improved motivation - through greater empowerment More flexibility through better skills Less supervision required (cost saving in supervision) Better recruitment and employee retention Easier to implement change in the business DEVELOPMENT:Management development is all those activities and programme when recognized and controlled have substantial influence in changing the capacity of the individual to perform his assignment better and in going so all likely to increase his potential for future assignments. Thus, management development is a combination of various training programme, though some kind of training is necessary, it is the overall development of the competency of managerial personal in the light of the present requirement as well as the future requirement. Development an activity designed to improve the performance of existing managers and to provide for a planned growth of managers to meet future organizational requirements ismanagement development.
  11. 11. The Training Analysis At McDonalds BMC Chowk Jalandhar , all employees receive extensive training provided through using blended learning techniques (e-learning, on-the-job and formal classroom). The Company employs over 3500 Team Members, 450 Managers and 75 Shift Supervisors, located in 122 restaurants throughout worldld. All Team Members receive comprehensive training in the following areas: All Shift Supervisors/Managers participate in McDonalds Global Training curriculum. The training is designed and facilitated by accredited professionals (internal and external) to ensure all Shift Supervisors/Managers gain the skills, knowledge and experience to operate our successful restaurants. In addition, the McDonalds provides comprehensive training in the following areas: - Leadership Development - Coaching Skills - Culture - Interaction Management - Fire Safety - First Aid training - Food Safety - Human Resources, Workplace Health & Safety - Information Systems - Financial & Operations Accounting.
  12. 12. Words By Mr.Sitesh Singh:At McDonald‟s we believe in lifelong learning. We provide training and development at all levels to help you refine your skills, grow in your current position or transition to a new role in the company. Especially for crew members we provide them the training like how they handle the customer at McDonalds BMC Chowk Jalandhar. We provide them the training of how to speak fluently through English speaking course. At McDonalds, trainings are conducted in phases and each phase aims at developing a particular competency. The various training phases comprise of:         New Hire Training Induction Pre-Process Training Process Training On-Job Training Refresher Training Remedial Training Development Training New Hire Training is carried out in four different phases – Induction, PreProcess Training, Process Training and On-Job Training. Training is typically instructor led (in most of the business processes) and focuses on classroom sessions, group activities, role plays, demonstrations and hands-on practice. The image below highlights the salient features of each phase of training. On-Job Training (OJT) is normally included as part of the New Hire Training, post completion of Classroom / Buddy Training. In most businesses / accounts (back-office business) in McDonalds, an OJT program exists but not in a structured form. In most cases it does not factor in / include all the critical components to help make a new hire successful at the start of their Job. McDonalds has the most experienced Development Team in the restaurant sector specialising in acquiring leasehold and freehold sites for development. We can also take the hassle out of the leasing process for site owners by taking care of everything from planning/change of use applications to surveys and construction (subject to agreed contribution to fees).
  13. 13. Conclusion McDonalds lowers consumer search costs by marketing a familiar range of products in a wide range of accessible locations at steady prices. Brand awareness is created and sustained by nation-wide advertising on a scale unobtainable by smaller firms (Porter, 1980). Nation-wide buying power also ensures that margins are healthier than smaller competitors or that savings are passed on in the form of lower prices. In the process of establishing a global presence, McDonalds has also gained a reputation for convenient and reliable service that helps to retain customers and gain new business. A bureaucratic culture and structure which supports its business strategy that can be classified to gain Operational excellence where the aim is to create the process, minimize cost, maximize efficiency, and quality is evident in McDonalds. McDonalds is just another company and it does exactly the same thing, has exactly the same motivation, as companies all over the world- it aims to make money. There is no room for emotions because the agenda of profit is absolutely total.