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Linux philosophy

A short presentation about the linux philosophy. I mainly wanted to show how I understand the eco-system and why things are the way they are

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Linux philosophy

  1. 1. Linux Philosophy Piping K.I.S.S since 1970
  2. 2. Unix != Linux • Unix predates Linux • Unix is not necessarily free (osx,redhat)
  3. 3. Free as in freedom not as in beer I love beer, But I like freedom more • Freedom can not be given or taken. It’s just is • Truly free OSS lets us stand on the shoulders of giants Which is the opposite of reinventing the wheel
  4. 4. Linus Torvalds
  5. 5. The Linux Kernel The Heart of linux - free on github • 6 million lines of C • Exposes an interface to hardware • Huge emphasis on performance
  6. 6. The Linux Kernel Probably the largest and most notorious OSS in the world • 5,041 contributors • 23,061 stars • Linux Kernel on GitHub
  7. 7. The Linux Kernel Probably the largest and most notorious OSS in the world • There’s a book on how to contribute and a known hierarchy
  8. 8. Git Written by the same guy who wrote linux, in 10 days! • DeFacto standard for version control • fits perfectly in linux philosophy • Do one thing and do it well • No central repository means
 everyone can make source code changes • Free as in beer and as in Freedom
  9. 9. Do one thing and do it well • mount, umount • mkdir,rmdir,cp,mv,ls • cat,more,less,head,tail • sort,wc,uniq • xargs,grep,awk,sed • man
  10. 10. work with text • universal • fast • easy to understand
  11. 11. Pipes Stream processing is in the core linux philosophy find ./suggest-flow/* -name '*.scala' | xargs -P 5 -L 1 grep 'import' | wc -l > "$(date '+%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S')_project_dependencies"