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Applications of DBMS in Film Industry


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the clear description about the dbms and its application in film industy

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Applications of DBMS in Film Industry

  1. 1. SSW Presentation 10-9-13 1 8 Applications Of Dbms In Film Industry
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO FILM INDUSTRY • The film industry comprises the technological and commercial institutions of film making. • The U.S. has one of the oldest film industries (and largest in terms of revenue). • Hollywood is the primary nexus of the U.S. film industry. • India is the largest producer of films in the world.
  3. 3. INDIAN FILM INDUSRTY • Indian film industry is multi-lingual. • The largest in the world in terms of ticket sales and no. of films produced. • 2nd largest in terms of revenue. Raja Harishchandra (1913)
  4. 4. LIST OF INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY • Bollywood • Kollywood • Tollywood • Mollywood • Sandalwood • Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Oriya, Assamese Cinemas
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION TO DBMS • What is data?? - Related information • What is database?? - Collection of pieces of data. • What is dbms?? - It is a set of programs that enable us to create and maintain database.
  6. 6. DATABASE • It is distributed in to 3 parts… 1.Files 2.Records 3.Fields
  10. 10. RELATIVE DATABASE MODEL • It as collection related data files. ADVANTAGES - It is advanced model. -leads to development of SQL. DISADVANTAGES - It needs common field which makes this model extremely flexible.
  11. 11. RDBM DIAGRAM
  12. 12. ADVANTAGES OF DBMS • allow concurrency • control security • maintain data integrity • provide for backup and recovery • control redundancy • allow data independence
  13. 13. INTRODUCTION TO IMDb • Internet Movie Database is an online database of information related to films, television programs and video games. • This includes actors, production crew personnel, and fictional characters featured in these three visual entertainment media.
  14. 14. INTRODUCTION TO IMDb(Contd.) • The database had been expanded to include additional categories of filmmakers and other demographic material, as well as trivia, biographies, and plot summaries. • It is one of the most popular online entertainment destinations, with over 100 million unique users each month and a solid and rapidly growing mobile presence.
  15. 15. HOW IT WORKS ?? • Runs on a network of mirrors across the world with donated bandwidth. • Mirror sites - provide multiple sources of the same information, and are of particular value as a way of providing reliable access to large downloads. Mirroring is a type of file synchronization
  16. 16. HOW IT WORKS ?? • IMDb is different from database projects like Wikipedia, Discogs, or OpenStreetMap in that contributors cannot add, delete, or modify the data or text on impulse, and the manipulation of data is controlled by IMDb technology. • A Python package called IMDbPY can also be used to process the compressed plain text files into a number of different SQL databases, enabling easier access to the entire dataset for searching or data mining.
  17. 17. APPLICATION OF DBMS IN THEATRES • DBMS is mainly used in online and offline ticket booking. • Distribution of snacks.
  19. 19. APPLICATION OF DBMS IN PRODUCTION UNITS • Tracking the past history. • Forecasting. • Salary details.
  20. 20. SSW PRESENTATION 10-9-13 23 4