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Para para para...


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Para para para...

  1. 1. Money makes us go around
  2. 10. Greg Norman's Little ol' Boat
  3. 11. The Shark, recently took delivery of his new Toy named ‘Aussie Rules’, Which he helped design. At 69.5 meters (228 feet) in length, it’s the worlds largest Aluminum and composite Private Yacht
  4. 12. He had it built for only $70 million dollars. The company meant to build it f or him "at cost" in return for the excellent advertising of  having him as an owner, but they actually lost money on it.
  5. 13. To get the people out to those choice dive spots, or maybe just for having a bit of a splash, the following additional "small" boats are  kept onboard: 42-foot Custom Built “Game Fisher” Can be launched and retrieved from the deck. Perfect for a 4-person overnight stay. 30-Foot SeeVee for a quick afternoon fishing trip. 22-Foot Novurania Equator with a meager 800 horsepower so you can get to the best diving sites ahead of everyone else. It has beach landing capability as well. Two 18-Foot Hewes Bonerfishers. 13-Foot Narwhal Rescue Boat in case someone falls off one of those other boats . Four Yamaha Waverunners (Sea Doo’s).
  6. 14. Just a shot of some of the Boats Toys
  7. 15. Totally Unreal
  8. 16. Care for a swim?
  9. 17. Master Bedroom
  10. 18. More of the Master
  11. 19. Master Bath
  12. 20. Dining Room
  13. 21. Cinema
  14. 22. Main Salon
  15. 23. ..::A340 – Vip Of The Sultan Of Brunei::.. By Bertl 2004
  17. 37. “ Pelorus” (Main vessel)
  18. 38. DockingStations
  19. 40. Chopper to get from Main Vessel to tender (or shore)
  20. 41. “ Le Grand Bleu” (tender to main vessel)
  21. 43. 68ft Predator 70ft Yacht Helipad
  22. 46. 2 x 200 HP
  23. 48. Small Toys Garage
  24. 51. Bar
  25. 52. <ul><li>Enough dreaming! </li></ul><ul><li>GO BACK TO YOUR SHITY JOB </li></ul>