Smart phones by Marc Berman


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A look at the what a smart phone is and the advantages and disadvantages.

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Smart phones by Marc Berman

  1. 1. Smartphone’sDo they affect productivity?<br />By Marc Berman 23438738<br />
  2. 2. “Research has found that smart phones are affecting productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement, and have an effect in education”. <br />I agree with the statement, however I don’t feel that the affects are all positive. I will now identify what a smart phone is and when look at the advantages. <br />What is a Smartphone?<br />“A Smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds in features that you might find on a personal digital assistant or a computer”<br />From:<br />
  3. 3. Key Features:<br />There are 5 main key features on a smart phone, namely the Specialized Operating System, the software installed, Web access, a QWERTY keyboard, and the messaging styles. <br />A smart phones OS is the basis for the smart phone, it allows the phone to run, what’s known as, productivity applications. A few examples of a Smartphone OS are Blackberry OS, IOS (Apple iPhone’s operating system), Android and so on.<br />Most normal phones have basic software installed on them, like a calendar, while a Smartphone has software that allows documents to be edited on one’s phone. It also allows for one to download applications onto their phone, as well as use a GPS. <br />
  4. 4. Key Features:<br />A key Feature of a Smartphone is its ability to access the internet quickly and efficiently. However not all Smartphone’s can access the internet quickly but they can still access it nonetheless. <br /> The final key feature of a smartphone is its messages. All though phones previously all had SMS capabilities, a smartphone is able to sync with your email accounts. They can even support multiple email accounts in some situations. They also allow access to instant messaging services.<br />
  5. 5. Advantages:<br /><ul><li>The first great advantage of a smartphone is its ability to connect to one’s email accounts and sync with it as to allow you to receive email on the go.
  6. 6. There are special applications that allow a user to create and edit documents right on their phone.
  7. 7. They have high speed internet to allow one to access websites and information right from their phone.
  8. 8. Its ability to support all sorts of IM’s and social networks is very helpful. It allows one to stay connected and up to date to what’s happening around them.
  9. 9. One can also what TV on a smartphone if the headset is enabled properly.</li></li></ul><li>Disadvantages<br /><ul><li>The access to social networks and IM’s from one’s phone is helpful, however it has profound effects on productivity.
  10. 10. In most corporations, access to social networks and most IM’s have been blocked as it reduces productivity, but with these new smartphones available people have just been reconnected.
  11. 11. People have found that they spend so much time on their phones that they lose touch with reality and there friends in face to face situations.
  12. 12. A smartphone normally has a hefty price tag, especially for people in 3rd world countries.
  13. 13. A child’s education can also be compromised by such a device. Instead of concentrating in class they rather play on their phones and go on Facebook and other networks.</li></li></ul><li>Smartphones, Good or Bad?<br /><ul><li>I personally have mixed feelings about smartphones.
  14. 14. On the one hand they are incredibly useful and dynamic device. However on the other they compromise social interactions, and productivity.
  15. 15. I think that we have to be very objective when purchasing such a device. There are many questions that need to be asked before one should purchase such a device.
  16. 16. The social effects can totally ruin a persons life. People get so involved in their phones, that they eventually stop interacting on a personal level.
  17. 17. A huge problem with smartphones is the influence it has on a students education. From personal experience I have seen fellow students sitting on their phones during class and at no point do they pay attention and they flunk the class in the end.
  18. 18. But on the positive side they can make one’s life easy, efficient and organised. They can help plan your day and give your reminders to keep track of time.
  19. 19. So to conclude, a smartphone is a very handy device but the owner and user of such a phone needs to be careful as to not allow the phone to become their life.</li></li></ul><li>Bibliography<br /><ul><li></li>