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All about rachel and jake


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All about rachel and jake

  1. 1. Jake and RachelLowe
  2. 2. We met sometime in December 2011.I always liked him and he always liked me we both didn’t wanna say to each other. We started dating on January 19,
  3. 3. Love for life
  4. 4. Our song and songs I found that is love songs  It will Rain- Bruno Mars Grenade- Burno Mars  You belong with me- Taylor swift  She is in love with the boy- Trisha Yearwood  All you life- Band Perry  best friend- Tim McGraw. more than my best friend but still   I wanna hold your hand- The beatles
  5. 5. About JakeHe was born April 18, 1997.He has had a rough life but made it through it all.He has a great personality and sense of humor.He is really cute.He is super smart and has great advice.He is a great listener.Has a few close friends.He loves his dog Humor.He has 1 sister named Taylor, 18. And 2
  6. 6. About Rachel She was born on April 20, 1995. She has also had a rough life but made it through She is very shy. She is pretty. She is smart when she wants to and can give good advise if she wants to. She is a good listener. She only has 2 close friends. She has 2 sisters Shelby, 21 and Adrian, 25. And 2 brothers Jeremy, 19 and Adam, 16. Her parents are Jeremy Aubrey and Jennifer Rose, Her family is her life especially her brothers sisters parents and grand parents.
  7. 7. Jake and Rachel pictures alone
  8. 8. Made by: Rachel Aubrey