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Network Assessment worksheet


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This document contains a Network Assessment worksheet that was used during a one-hour session as part of the "Networking for Young Leaders" event arranged by the Womentoring Cell of the National HRD Network of India (NHRD) held at Welingkars B-school, Mumbai on October 30, 2013. The information blocks to capture are given in two formats: a simple linear sequence and in a mind map like layout. The presentation used in the talk is available at

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Network Assessment worksheet

  1. 1. Network Assessment and Triggers Worksheet Why (WIIFM) List the key goals that motivate you to improve your networking skills and enrich your network WIIFO Identify what value you can add to the other person (knowledge, access, resources) Conversations about Self What are some unique and interesting aspects about yourself that you can bring out when meeting new people? Habits to Acquire Steps to take on a routine basis, as an improved networker Super-connectors to Know Do you already know or would like to get to know better some of the hubs in your nearby networks? Weak or Dormant Ties to Tap Who are some of the people you can call, who are outside your immediate sphere?
  2. 2. WIIFM (Why) WIIFO Conversations about Self Habits to Acquire Improve My Network Super-connectors to Know Weak or Dormant Ties to Tap