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Hit a Grand Slam with Legal Research


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Taught by the librarians at the RWU Law Library, this class offers an Introduction to Legal Research for first year law students.

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Hit a Grand Slam with Legal Research

  1. 1. Hit a Grand Slam with Legal Research
  2. 2. Presented and Created by the Librarians at RWU Law Library:• Nan Balliot• Emilie Benoit• Stephanie Edwards• Lucinda Harrison-Cox• Kathleen MacAndrew• Heather McHenry• Raquel M. Ortiz
  3. 3. Clicker Setup: Channel 8
  4. 4. What’s Your Favorite Baseball Team?1. Red Sox2. Yankees3. Neither – that rivalry is so last century.4. I’d rather be 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% shopping. es x s? g. So ... ke re in so d p ca n Re op Ya is ho lr y sh W5. Who cares? iva e rb tr he a th t ra – I’d er ith Ne :10
  5. 5. How Do You Start Your Research?1. Google2. An Online Database3. A Book Index4. Smart people – colleagues, professors, 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% reference librarians r e x e he de l ... as og Ot u ab In Go ag ok at le eD5. Other Bo ol –c lin A On le op An pe t ar Sm :10
  6. 6. Would You Rather?
  7. 7. Our Hypothetical• Frannie Fan was sitting at left field for a game of her beloved Scranton Red Bisons when she was hit by a foul ball hit by visiting DH Joseph Hyundai.• What cause of action, if any, does Frannie have against the baseball teams or the park owner?
  8. 8. Which of these questions involves research?1. What does Pa. R. Civ. Pro. R. 1035 say about motions for summary judgment?2. What is the case at 871 A.2d 304?3. Find the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court decision Pakett v. The Phillies, L.P.4. How many days does a defendant have to answer a complaint in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas?5. Does a baseball player on the visiting team owe a duty of care to a person attending the game? 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%6. All of the above7. None of the above e e 87 . he . ov ov lay . an sylv A. .. . . . o. o. d. ... ab ab Pr er sa 1 ia e an iv. oe th ft .C at lp sd of lo .R se al ay ne n Al eb ca Pa en yd No as Fin he Ho e P es ab st do th m ti es d t w ha ha Do W W :10
  9. 9. Find: A Tool at Your Disposal Find the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court decision Pakett v. The Phillies, L.P.
  10. 10. From Single to Homerun: One Known Source• Find discussion• Find similar sources• Find other authority Pakett v. The Phillies, L.P., 871 A.2d 304 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2005).
  11. 11. 871 A.2d 304
  12. 12. Westlaw: Keycite - Citing References Liability to spectator at baseball game who is hit by ball or injured as result of other hazard of game, 91 A.L.R.3d 24Cause of Action for Injury toSports Spectator,20 Causes of Action 2d § 361
  13. 13. 4 West’s Pennsylvania Practice § 16.7, Activities associated with inherent risksCJS Entertainment and Amusement;Sports § 134, Baseball and SoftballGamesDiscussed in:McMahon v. Pleasant Valley West Assn, 952 A.2d 731 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2008)Crespin v. Albuquerque Baseball Club, LLC, 216 P.3d 827 (N.M. App. 2009)
  14. 14. Lexis: Shepardize• It’s No Game: The Practice and Process of the Law in Baseball, and Vice Versa, 20 Seton Hall J. Sports & Ent. L. 249 (2010)• Flying Objects: Arena Liability for Fan Injuries in Hockey and Other Sports, 15 Sports Law. J. 115 (2008)• Defenses, 48 Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia §6
  15. 15. Issue Analysis Elements of Actionable Negligence, In General 57A Am Jur 2d Negligence § 71Actions Involving Baseball, 26-130Personal Injury--Actions, Defenses, Damages §130.11
  16. 16. Your Teammates: At Home and Away 401-254-4547
  17. 17. Primary vs. Secondary SourcesPrimary Sources Secondary Sources• Statements of the Law • Interpretation of the Law• Government Issued • Written by Experts and Others• Controlling or Binding • (May be) Persuasive Authority Authority
  18. 18. Examples of Primary & Secondary Sources Primary Sources Secondary Sources • Laws or statutes • Encyclopedias • Court opinions • American Law Reports • Rules and regulations (ALR) • Executive orders and • Treatises proclamations • Practice Materials • Law Reviews
  19. 19. Would You Rather?
  20. 20. Why Use Secondary Sources?• Money• Background – Controlling jurisdiction – Controlling authorities• Find citations• Find search keywords
  21. 21. Encyclopedias National coverage:  American Jurisprudence 2d [Am. Jur. 2d]  Corpus Juris Secundum [C.J.S.] State coverage:  New York Jurisprudence 2d  Witkin’s Summary of California Law
  22. 22. First Pitch: Index• Term? – Baseball
  23. 23. Term: BaseballTopic & Section:• Enter § 76
  24. 24. Topic & Section: Enter § 76• Table of Abbreviations• Enter = Entertainment and Sports Law
  25. 25. Entertainment and Sports Law § 76
  26. 26. Always Checkthe Pocket Part!• A pocket part may be labeled a “cumulative supplement.”• It will be located in the back of the volume partially in a “pocket.”• If a pocket part becomes too large it may be replaced by a free standing cumulative supplement.
  27. 27. Useful encyclopedia features: Table of Contents
  28. 28. Useful encyclopedia features: Table of Contents Correlation Table
  29. 29. Useful encyclopedia features: Table of Contents Correlation Table Volume Index
  30. 30. Online Availability:Lexis  Am. Jur. 2d  States: Cal., Fla., Ill., Mich., N.Y., Ohio, Pa., Tenn., Tex., Va. /W.Va. Westlaw  Am. Jur. 2d  C.J.S.  States: Cal., Fla., Ind., Md., Ohio, Pa., Tex.
  31. 31. American Law Reports
  32. 32. Citations to Other Sources
  33. 33. Annotation Index
  34. 34. Table of JurisdictionsRepresented
  35. 35. Pocket Part!
  36. 36. Online Availability
  37. 37. Treatises IndexAmerican Law of Torts (Speiser et al.) Table of Contents Table of Cases Table of Statutes Pocket Part Online AvailabilityFundamentals of Sports Law Harper, James, & Gray on Torts Essentials of Sports Law
  38. 38. Practice Materials
  39. 39. Massachusetts Practice
  40. 40. Law Reviews & Law Journals
  41. 41. Primary Sources: Statutes ConstitutionLegislature Judiciary Executive Regulations, Administrative Statutes Case Law Decisions, Executive Orders
  42. 42. Unannotated Code Text History
  43. 43. Annotated CodeText Secondary Source CitationsHistory
  44. 44. MoreSecondary Source Citations Annotations
  45. 45. Another Question• Must Franny file her claim within a certain amount of time after the accident?
  46. 46. Purdon’s Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated
  47. 47. General Index
  48. 48. Injuries to person caused by wrongful act, neglect, unlawful violence or negligence , 42 Pa.C.S.A. 5524Personal injuries, 42 Pa.C.S.A. 5524
  49. 49.  History (continued) Law review articles West Topics and Key Numbers CJS encyclopedia topics and sections
  50. 50.  State-specific encyclopedia Forms Treatises and Practice Aids
  51. 51.  Notes of Decisions
  52. 52.  Pocket Part!
  53. 53.  Amendments to the statute More annotations
  54. 54. Online Availability
  55. 55. Online Availability
  56. 56. Primary Sources ConstitutionLegislature Judiciary Executive Regulations, Administrative Statutes Case Law Decisions, Executive Orders
  57. 57. Case Law• What if we did not have one good case like this one?
  58. 58. Reporters
  59. 59. The DH: The DigestCase Headnote Digest
  60. 60. Which Digest?
  61. 61. Atlantic Digest, 2d Series
  62. 62. Descriptive Word Index
  63. 63. Pocket Part!
  64. 64. Headnotes & Citations
  65. 65. Pocket Part!
  66. 66. Table of Cases
  67. 67. Updating•• Lexis Advance• Classic Westlaw• Westlaw Next
  68. 68. Triple Play: The Internet
  69. 69.  Incomplete NO headnotes NO digest Limited full text searching NO Updating!
  70. 70. Digest: Online Availability
  71. 71. Cases: Online Availability
  72. 72. Print, Online or Both?
  73. 73. Would You Rather?
  74. 74. If you are asked to research an area of law unfamiliar to you, would you choose:1. Print Treatise2. Database 0% 0% se ise a at ab re t Da tT in Pr :10
  75. 75. Benefits of Print• Borrow/Lend• Unlimited Use/Time• Less Expensive• Authoritative & Preferred• Compare & Browse• Excellent Starting Point
  76. 76. If you want to update your research, which would you choose:1. Print Treatise2. Database 0% 0% se ise a at ab re t Da tT in Pr :10
  77. 77. Limitations of Print• Time Intensive (Maybe)• Currency• Not Document Ready• Starting Point Only
  78. 78. Benefits of Electronic Format• Flexible• Faster• Constantly Updated• Multiple Output Formats• 24/7 Access & Customer Support• Great for Some “Find” Questions
  79. 79. What is the Greatest Drawback of Online Research?1. Privacy2. Irrelevant results3. Too much Information 0% 0% 0% y ts n ac io ul iv at es Pr rm tr an fo In ev el h uc Irr m o To :10
  80. 80. Limitations of Electronic Format• Expensive• Current Coverage Mostly• Licensing Restrictions• Caveats for Internet Research• Irrelevant Results
  81. 81. When Do You
  82. 82. The night before the paper/memo/brief is due?1. Yes2. Sometimes3. No 0% 0% 0% s No es Ye im et m So :10
  83. 83. When you’ve looked at all of the sources you learned in class?1. Yes2. Sometimes3. No 0% 0% 0% s No es Ye im et m So :10
  84. 84. When you’ve found the absolute out-of-the park answer?1. Yes2. Sometimes3. No 0% 0% 0% s No es Ye im et m So :10
  85. 85. When you are consistently seeing the same sources repeat?1. Yes2. Sometimes3. No 0% 0% 0% s No es Ye im et m So :10
  86. 86. Stages for a Winning Game PlanResearchWriteCritiqueResearch some more (if necessary)EditAt each stage -- Update your sources!
  87. 87. Training Camp Equipment: Library Resources• WebCatalog• LibTours• Study Aids• Time Savers• CVN Law School• CALI Lessons• eLangdell eBooks
  88. 88. WebCatalog:
  89. 89. Contents
  90. 90. Search Modes
  91. 91. LibTours
  92. 92. Study Aids
  93. 93. Library » Digital Resources »
  94. 94. First Year Lessons - Torts• Assumption of RiskOther Lessons:• How to Prepare for the Study of Torts (PodCast)• Advice to a 1L From a Law Professor (PodCast)
  95. 95. Stolen Bases• Secondary Sources RULE!• Indexes & Tables of Contents• Always check pocket parts/supplements AND/OR update your research online.• Ask A Librarian!
  96. 96. Don’t forget to sign the attendance sheets! Please evaluate this session on our Class Webpage