The importance of understanding medical terminology 2012


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The importance of understanding medical terminology 2012

  1. 1. The Importance of Understanding MedicalTerminology
  2. 2. T he Impor tance of Under standingMedical TechnologyMedical terminology is a language used for thousands of years.Many of the terms created in early times by scientists like Aristotleare still in use today.What is a terminology? It is a set of terms, expressions, designations,or symbols used to represent concepts that are specific to a particularscience, discipline, or specialized subject area.Medical terminology is the language of medicine. The road tosuccess in virtually any healthcare career begins with a solidunderstanding of medical terminology. It is used by healthcareprofessionals to communicate with each other and with their patients.Anyone who works in a healthcare setting benefits by the ability to readand interpret the medical terms used in reports and health records.
  3. 3. T he Impor tance of Under standingMedical Technology It is similar to studying a foreign language. There are rules which must be applied and memorization plays a significant part in its mastery. Pronunciation and spelling must also be learned.
  4. 4. T he Impor tance of Under standingMedical TechnologyLearning medical terminology serves several importantfunctions for medical professionals.Creates Standardized Communication Medical terminology creates a standard way for health careprofessionals to communicate. Standard terms are important toensure a complete understanding of patient issues.Helps to Decipher Complex Information Many medical terms are actually word parts made up ofword roots, suffixes and prefixes. If a clinician memorizes standardword parts, then it is possible to decipher the meaning of most anymedical term.
  5. 5. T he Impor tance of Under standingMedical TechnologyAllows an Understanding of Diagnosis and Procedures Knowledge of medical terminology allows the health careprofessional to understand why the patient is in the hospital and howthey are being treated.Helps in Treating Patients Part of treating patients is reading documentation anddiscussing issues with other clinicians. Understanding medicalterminology allows the clinician to process the information listed inreports and given by other clinicians, which ultimately helps in creating atreatment plan for the patient.
  6. 6. T he Impor tance of Under standingMedical Technology Allows for Fast and Easy Documentation Much of medical terminology is made up of abbreviations. Clinicians treat many patients within one day, which means a great deal of documentation. Methods such as abbreviations allow for a fast way to document in the patient’s record.Adapted from: Why Is Knowing Medical Terminology Important? Wilson, Jacqueline (eHow Health 2012)