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  • Seo basics

    1. 1. Search Engine Optimization Presented by Robert W. Bly
    2. 2. SEO Benefits• Increases traffic.• Improves search engine rankings.• Encourages people to click on the listing.• Helps prospects find your company.• Compels people to take action once they get to your site. SEO 2
    3. 3. Are You Losing These Leads?Importance of search in the B-to-B buying cycle:66.7% -- research 9-12 months in advance57.1% -- research 7-9 months in advance64% -- research 4-6 months in advance60.3% -- research 2-3 months in advance69.9% choose organic listings first (81% B-to-C)*source: Enquiro/MarketingSherpa SEO 3
    4. 4. “Natural” vs. Paid SearchNatural or organic search – The listings asearch engine gives you for a specific searchterm. Natural search is “free,” meaning you don’t(usually) have to pay to get listed.Paid search – “Sponsored Links” in Yahoo, paidads on the right side of Google pages. SEO 4
    5. 5. Organic or “free” Rankings vs Sponsored or Pay Per Click SEO 5
    6. 6. Common Website Blunders • No keywords in headlines • Home page is a jpeg (graphic) or form • Frames • PHP • Little or no meta content • No content on home page • Dynamic content • No site map • No keywords in source code • No internal links • Poor content SEO 6
    7. 7. Poor Content SEO 7
    8. 8. Determine your Objectives Increase newsletter sign-ups by 50% in six months. Increase white paper downloads by 20% in the next quarter. Increase calls for appointments or tours by 10%. Increase online sales by [XX] dollars.X “We want more traffic.”X “We want to be #1 in Google.”X “We want a complete redesign. Ours sucks.” SEO 8
    9. 9. Set a BaselineTake a snapshot of where you are now. Youneed a baseline in order to measureimprovement. Look at:• Current search engine rankings• Traffic• Downloads and conversion rates• Inbound links SEO 9
    10. 10. Determine Keywords/ Search PhrasesWhat you think your search terms shouldbe may not be what people are using to find yoursite.• Trellian’s Keyword Discovery Tool: www.• Wordtracker:• Google keyword search tools• Web analytics• Optimize for multiple keywords SEO 10
    11. 11. TrafficResults SEO 11
    12. 12. Optimized for Multi-Word Key Phrases22% of the searchesinclude 4 or more words.In January ‘09 searchesaveraging 5 or morewords increased 10%compared with ’08 HitwiseThe Pareto principle80% of the effects comefrom 20% of the causes.We know Long tail searchoften produces higherconversion rates (80%?) SEO 12
    13. 13. Optimized for Local Search Local Search SEO 13
    14. 14. Local Search Results SEO 14
    15. 15. Check the Text on Your PagesThe words used on your pagesare very important to achievetop search engine rankings.Do you have a page optimizedfor each specific search term ortheme? SEO 15
    16. 16. SEO Copywriting Tactics:•Keyphrase choice and usage•Title construction•Content tone and feel•Benefit statements•Call to action SEO 16
    17. 17. More SEO Tactics•Think “longer copy” whenever possible. Don’t beafraid of text (but don’t put it all on one page.)•Include your keyphrases throughout the entire page.•Don’t forget to hyperlink the keyphrases wheneverpossible. SEO 17
    18. 18. Writing Optimized Web Pages• Each page of your site should be optimized for 2 - 3 keyword phrases.• Use keywords in headline and meta title.• Make a list of each page and the keywords you’ll use for that page.• Hyperlink keywords to content-rich internal pages. SEO 18
    19. 19. Writing Optimized Web Pages• Focus on two to three keywords per page.• Put keywords in heads and sub-heads.• Use descriptive keyword phrases of two to four words, not one word phrases i.e.: “Boston cosmetic dentists” vs. “dentists.”• Be specific, not generic in page copy. Instead of “modern technologies,” use “modern cosmetic dentistry technologies;” instead of “options” use “cosmetic dentistry options.” SEO 19
    20. 20. Writing Optimized Web Pages• Have a page for each service or product you offer and optimize the page for those specific keywords.• Cross link with other pages on your site.• Use keywords as hyperlinks: “dental veneers” “Zoom teeth whitening.”• Incorporate key words in meta tags SEO 20
    21. 21. Case Study• LusterForever – Brand new site (less than 7 months old).• Sells necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and earrings.• Midrange quality jewelry in $40 - $400 price range.• Target audience – fashion-minded women from 18-35 SEO 21
    22. 22. “Old” home page SEO 22
    23. 23. Keyphrase Choices SEO 23
    24. 24. Title Construction SEO 24
    25. 25. Title Construction• Titles should reflect main keyphrases on the page• Include branding, where appropriate• Think “clickability”• Keep length around 60 characters (with spaces) 25
    26. 26. Copy Structure, Tone and Feel• Think of the target audience? Does the copy sound like what she reads/watches on TV?• Is the copy grammatically correct?• Is there “enough” text?• Is it engaging?• Is it easy to read?• Are there keyphrases in headlines/subheadlines 26
    27. 27. Tone and Feel SEO 27
    28. 28. USP: Why would someone buy from you rather than the competition? 28
    29. 29. Content-Rich Copy SEO 29
    30. 30. Call to Action SEO 30
    31. 31. Results Good SERP Listing • #6 in Google for “leather bracelet”, #1 for “cool leather bracelet.” SEO 31
    32. 32. Results• Initial results after approximately 4.5 months.• Conversion rates have increased 354 percent since the beginning of the campaign.• Average order volume has increase 96.60 percent. SEO 32
    33. 33. Value of Content in SEO• Attracts spiders and qualified leads.• Encourages bookmarking / repeat visits.• Encourages in-bound links (improving SE rankings).• Gets on blogs and/or newsletters.• Improves conversion rates. SEO 33
    34. 34. Web Content that Google Likes:• Newsletters • Press releases• Reports • Tools (i.e., calculators)• Articles • How-to’s, tips, secrets• White papers • Case studies• Glossaries • Guides• FAQs • Forums• Blogs SEO 34
    35. 35. Tips for developing relevant content people want to read:• Analyze keyword phrases and write articles based on competitive phrases: – Opt-in email marketing best practices" – "Using email marketing to nurture leads" – "Six tips for building your email marketing list"• Use common customer problems (and your solutions) as ideas for reports, articles, and white papers.• Conduct competitive intelligence. SEO 35
    36. 36. Tips for boosting Website traffic• Develop an online tool.• Send out press releases about your online tools, new articles or newsletter, reports, etc.• Get quoted in online publications and news stories.• Post an article and newsletter archive.• Encourage resellers/distributors/affiliates/JV parteners to link to your site.• Get listed in directories.• Participate on forums and blogs. SEO 36
    37. 37. Case Study SEO 37
    38. 38. Optimize Page CopyOptimized for “Boston Cosmetic Dentistry” andCosmetic Dentists Boston” (718 and 4 searches,respectively).• “Boston Cosmetic Dentistry” – five instances• “Cosmetic dentist/s Boston” – two instances• “Cosmetic dentistry” – eight instances SEO 38
    39. 39. No Meta Content<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN" ""><html><head><title>Welcome to Helaine Smith</title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> SEO 39
    40. 40. SEO 40
    41. 41. Source Code View<html><head><title>Helaine Smith DMD, Boston Cosmetic Dentistry, CosmeticDentists Boston</title><meta name="description" content="When you want the best Boston cosmetic dentist andZoom tooth whitening, call Helaine Smith, DMD at 617-327-1350."><meta name="keywords" content="cosmetic dentists, dentists cosmetic, boston cosmeticdentistry, cosmetic dentistry boston, cosmetic dentists sites, best cosmetic dentists, bestboston cosmetic dentistry, massachusetts cosmetic dentists, boston cosmeticdentists massachusetts . . . > SEO 41
    42. 42. Check Your HeadingsHas the search term that you are optimizing for beenincluded in the <H> tags of your optimized pages?What H Tags looks like:<h1>Internet Marketing Speaker - Ed Taylor</h1> SEO 42
    43. 43. Non-Optimized vs. Optimized Meta Content as Seen by a Search EngineThe Atlantic at Marina - 2k – Cached - Similar pagesWorcester County Real Estate: New Homes for Sale in Southbridge MAHunters Ridge features luxury single family new homes priced from the mid$200s in the greater Worcester, Massachusetts area ... new homes in southcentral Massachusetts is situated on a pristine parcel of land 100 acres insize. Conveniently located in Worcester ... from Worcester, 45 ... Newsingle-family homes - 8k - Cached - More from this site(#8 in Yahoo for “worcester ma new homes; Jan.4, 2006) SEO 43
    44. 44. Include Optimized ‘Text Links’In SEO 44
    45. 45. SEO 45
    46. 46. Old “Services” CopyOur office is dedicated to providing a pleasant soothingenvironment. We want our guests to feel welcomed and to bepampered by all of us. Barbara, our office concierge, is alwaysavailable to assist you in any manner necessary to make sure youare comfortable.• Preventative Dental Hygiene• Bonded Aesthetic Restorage• Laminates• Tooth Whitening - Brite * Smile• Reconstructive Restorations• Comprehensive Oral Health Care and Maintenance SEO 46
    47. 47. New “Services” CopyFrom a luxurious, well-appointed waiting room (where we help you relax by serving fresh fruit andsparkling water) to the most up-to-date clinical procedures available, Dr. Smiths Boston cosmeticdentistry practice is geared toward one goal only: creating the perfect smile for you.• Pain-Free Cosmetic Sedation Dentistry• Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry• Teeth Caps: Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers• Professional Tooth Whitening: Zoom! Teeth Whitening Treatments• Tooth Colored Fillings and Periodontal Care• Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry• Why Choose an LVI Dentist? SEO 47
    48. 48. Keep Track of Results!• Analyze Web stats every month.• Keep track of which keywords people are using to find your site.• Know how people are finding your site: online articles? Searches? Direct mail campaigns?• Dr. Smith #1 on Google for her keywords.• Practice revenue quadrupled.• Cut Yellow Pages budget to zero. SEO 48
    49. 49. Additional SEO Copywriting Tips1. Develop <Title> tags using plurals and alternate keyword spellings. For example, e-mail marketing and email marketing, market research firm and market research firms.2. If you do a great deal of business locally, use your town, city, region, and state as keywords. Example: Boston cosmetic dentists, lawyers in Hingham, Mass, Billerica MA hotels, or New Hampshire day spas.3. Word order matters. Consult your keyword suggestion tool to determine if more people are searching for “Boston cosmetic dentist” versus “cosmetic dentists Boston.”4. Focus on two to three kewords per page and put keywords in your headline and sub-heads. Search engines consider words in the <H> (headline) tags to be important.5. Be specific when writing copy and incorporate your keywords wherever possible. Instead of using a generic phrase such as “biodegradable products,” use a more specific phrase such as “biodegradable toilet checmicals and deodorants.” Instead of “modern technologies,” use “modern cosmetic dentistry technologies.” SEO 49
    50. 50. More SEO Copywriting Tips6. Cross link to other pages in your site using your keywords as clickable links. For example, make network storage management services a clickable link to either a product page or an article you’ve written on this topic. The strategy behind this SEO copywriting tactic is it helps search engine spiders find content deeper within your site.7. Because search engines index many (or all) of the pages of your site, any page can apprear in the SERPs – which means prospects can enter your site via any page, not just the home page. Each page of your site, therefore, should include a global or main navigation menu (or bread crumb navigation), a phone number and/or e-mail address, and copy that helps your visitor quickly orient himself.8. Test. Once your site is optimized, keep track of results. If something isn’t working, tweak it. (Caveat: currently, it can take up to nine months (or longer!) to work your way to the top of Google for specific keywords. Be patient. Continue to expand your content and build inbound links. SEO 50
    51. 51. ResourcesSearch Engine Visibility by Shari ThurowSearch Engine Fast Start by Dan Engine Watch (Website) Engine News (fee-based e-newsletter) SEO 51
    52. 52. Thank you. Subscribe to“Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter” at