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#525 Mitigating Legal Risks: Social Media and the Doctor's Dilemma


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Physicians need to know how to promote themselves while also maintaining their professionalism. This presentation discusses social media and specific ways it relates to physicians.

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#525 Mitigating Legal Risks: Social Media and the Doctor's Dilemma

  1. 1. Mitigating Legal Risks: Social Media and the Doctor’s Dilemma #a ao COME & SEE
  2. 2. Legal DisclaimerThis presentation is for information purposes only and is NOT legaladvice.You should NOT rely on the information for any legal purpose. Youshould consult your attorney with any questions.Maryland Medical Enterprises, LLC disclaims all liability with respect toany actions taken based on the content of this presentation. www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  3. 3. Agenda Ethical and Legal Considerations Reputation Reputation Thank Thank Confidentiality Confidentiality Boundaries Boundaries Management Management You You Professionalis Professionalis Blogging Blogging Questions Questions mm www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  4. 4. Social Media Presence Why have one? Social Media Presence & Physician Review Sites (serve as a background check) www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  5. 5. Social Media Presence Why have one? How do most patient’s schedule an appointment?1.80% go on line2.Search for a specialist3.Looks at doctor’s who make the first page ofGoogle search results4.Look at only those doctor’s who have a web site. www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  6. 6. facebook growth analysis 1.01 Billion total account 800 Million active accounts 2.7 Billion likes per day$ 3.71 Billion$ 3.71 Billion revenue (2011) revenue (2011) 600 Million people a month use mobile application Facebook. www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  7. 7. National Labor Relations National Labor Relations State Laws State Laws Act Act Federal Laws Federal Laws Federal Trade Federal Trade EEOC EEOC Commission Commission www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  8. 8. Social Media & Blogging
  9. 9. Disclaimer Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC.
  10. 10. Social Media Reputation Management “
  11. 11. Office ManagementStay ahead of negative comments Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC.
  12. 12. Reputation Management Listen Listen Claim Your Claim Your Create a Create a Space Space Channel Channel Monitor Monitor ! Respond Respond Thoughtfully Thoughtfully Engage Engage www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  13. 13. Know the 5 W’s  Who is having a conversation?What are they talking about?Where are they having theconversation? When are they having the conversation?MME LLC
  14. 14. Rules of Engagement*Always listen*Don’t be reactive….know the difference between taking anaction and reacting*Put yourself in the speaker’s place- what is that they arereally seeking*Never diagnose*Always be respectful*What you say will be held against you www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  15. 15. Reputation Management Takes time and Commitment Three Steps to Get Started Three Steps to Get Started Google Your Google Your Sign up for Google Sign up for Google Look at First Page Look at First Page Name/Practice Name/Practice Alerts Alerts of Results of Results Physician Name(s) • Claim any profiles Dr. X listed Practice Name Practice ABC • Healthgrades, Practice Name and Staff Add key phrases Ratemdscom, Attach Keywords-rude, wait, etc… www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  16. 16. tips For addressing negative reviews Send Send Timing Timing Letter Letter Check Check medical Contact Contact medical records Website Website records Request Request Consult Consult Court Court attorney attorney Order Order Request Request Litigate( Litigate( Subpoena Subpoena ?) ?) www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  17. 17. Social Media & ity tial d en fi Con
  18. 18. confidentiality Responsible for ensuring confidential communication Oral Written Electronic www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  19. 19. what is social mediaEmail: Private, not confidentialWhat if email is send from work computer?Encryption?Who started the conversation? www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  20. 20. Facebook: If public profile, no reasonableexpectation of privacy.Twitter: Public by default. Can send aprivate message, but not confidential. www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  21. 21. Confidentiality: Response to or about patient*Violate HIPAA*Breach Confidentiality*Could result in disciplinary action orlitigation www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  22. 22. &Social Media Professionalism
  23. 23. Professionalism• Doctor’s are held to a higher standard• What you do on your personal time effects your personal and professional reputation www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  24. 24. Health Care Blogger Code of Ethics1. Clear representation of perspective2. Confidentiality3. Commercial Disclosure4. Reliability of Information5. Courtesy www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC
  25. 25. Social Media Boundaries “
  26. 26. FacebookTo Friend or Not? Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC.
  28. 28. Handouts and Evaluations• Use the Mobile Meeting Guide to access handouts and evaluations for courses, sessions and the Joint Meeting. – Scan the QR Code (right) or go to – Use the search filters to locate a course. – Select the “View Handout” icon to view or save to your device. – Select the “Evaluation” icon and complete the evaluation online.• Use the Mobile Meeting Guide to access handouts and evaluations for courses, sessions and the Joint Meeting. – Scan the QR Code (right) or go to. – Use the search filters to locate a course. – Select the “View Handout” icon to view or save to your device. – Select the “Evaluation” icon and complete the evaluation online.
  29. 29. THANK YOU!
  30. 30. Contact Information 7726 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817 +1(301) www.medicalmarketingenterprises.comMME LLC