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Content Marketing: Getting Your Web Page Ranked


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This lecture, course 511, was originally presented at the 2013 Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) in New Orleans, LA.

Content marketing is the only way a website can achieve and maintain high rankings in search.

Content marketing is the only way a website can outrank another as search engines, such as Google, compare websites based upon the relevance of their content.

Hence, great websites have great content.

<a>Randall V. Wong, M.D.</a>
<a>Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC</a>

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Content Marketing: Getting Your Web Page Ranked

  1. 1. Content Marketing Getting Your Web Page Ranked Randall V. Wong, M.D. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC AAO: 2013 Course 511
  2. 2. Why are you here?  Rank your website  Grow your medical practice? (Marketing Tool)  Educate your patients? (Provide Value)  Use Social Media (do you have to?)
  3. 3. How to Rank Your Website?  Content Marketing:  What to write  How to write it  SEO  Social Media
  4. 4. Content Marketing:  Search engines use algorithms to compare webpages. Using the content of each site, sites are ranked according to relevance.  The only way to achieve and maintain high rankings for your web page.  The best web pages have the best content.  This means your web page should contain valuable (relevant) information to your constituents.
  5. 5. Content Marketing  No other method can rank your web pages  Google has no gimmicks  “Search” has become a legitimate “science”  Other methods: Email, click through ads, social media do not help rankings.
  6. 6. What is SEO?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  The process of translating the content of your web page to a format easily understood by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)  SEO only applies to websites with content.  SEO only applies to content marketing.  SEO is fundamental to anyone marketing a service or sales.
  7. 7. SEO  Translates computer code to meaningful keywords and messages  Takes the computer code of “”  “SEO, Optimization and Social Media for Doctors and Administrators”
  8. 8. Search Engine (Bots)  Google, Yahoo and Bing  Catalog and index every text file and .pdf file on the Internet  Algorithms are unique…and secret
  9. 9. “Search”  “Search” or “Google that” (looking for an answer)  SERP: Search Engine Results Page  Lists your “answers,” with the best located at the top  Your goal: “Top Ten” and “Above the Fold”
  10. 10. Anatomy of SERP
  11. 11. SERP: How Does Google Rank Pages?  Algorithm based on relevance and other factors    SEO Page Rank The highest ranking pages are the MOST relevant to the search terms
  12. 12. “Top 10” in “Organic Search”  Your goal is to rank your page in the “top 10” for search.  This is the only way you will gain visibility…and grow your business (association and/or medical practice)
  13. 13. The 3 R’s of Rankings  Relevant  Refreshed  Routinely  The content of a website is the most critical element to ranking a website  “Be the User”
  14. 14. Factors Increasing SEO  Content  Perceived authority  Title Tag  Outbound links  Inbound Links  Download speed  Analytics, Sitemap  Age of Domain
  15. 15. Web Design  Web Design   Graphics   Flash Images Web Design has no value to SERP
  16. 16. Website Design
  17. 17. Google:  Brings the most relevant pages to the top  Those pages at the top are the most up to date and relevant to the user (your next customer/patient/member)  Content marketing compares webpages based on content  Appear in the top ten
  18. 18. What to Write  Frequent explanations used in office  Rehearsed 1000s of times  Do NOT offer medical advice  Do NOT make a diagnosis (you really can’t anyway)
  19. 19. Why Write?  Content should provide value  Value breeds trust  Trust can engage and transform readers into patients
  20. 20. What to Write: Short and Simple  Patients are looking for a specific answer to a specific question  No more than 2-3 keywords per article  Avoid showing off how much you know  Avoid exhaustive reviews  NOTE: you are simply putting to paper the monologue given in the office everyday.
  21. 21. What to Write: News Releases  Paraphrase articles  Beware of “Duplicate Content”  Your opinion can add value
  22. 22. How to Write  Are you smarter than an 8th grader?  Your explanations must speak directly to the intelligence/sophistication of your normal patients.  This is not a peer-reviewed journal.  300 min  500 max
  23. 23. How to Write: Format  Keywords in Title  Sub-headers  Limit paragraph size/length  Bullets/Lists ideal  Readers have a particular pattern in which they read. Accommodate them!
  24. 24. How to Write: Me, Myself and I  Write in 1st Person  Engage  Speak directly to your reader. You are NOT speaking/writing in an auditorium.
  25. 25. The About Page  Who are you?  What are you? (This is not your CV!)  Transparency  1st person!!!!  Relate to patient as a person  Who you are, not what you are!
  26. 26. One Page = One Doctor  Maximize your SEO!
  27. 27. Optimize Your Article  Title (mimic the words used for search)  Keywords and Meta Tags??????  Summary  Excerpt  Hyperlinks/Anchor Text  Tags
  28. 28. SEO Writing Tools  Available for many formats  Saves time  Reduces anxiety  Improves writing  Makes writing easier
  29. 29. Course 585  Essential SEO Tools for Your Website  2 PM, 11/13/12  S 502 B
  30. 30. Social Media  Does not enhance your SEO or rankings  Attracts attention to our website  Must have a good website  If no website….don’t bother with social media
  31. 31. Social Media: Requirements  Active participation  Website at the hub   Transparency No need to duplicate your website information
  32. 32. Social Media: Just Like a Gym Membership  Inexpensive  Takes time to get results  “You “ must make the effort  Can’t purchase results
  33. 33. Thank You and To Your Success! Randall V. Wong, M.D. Amy Wong, Esq. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC 7726 Bradley Blvd. Bethesda MD 20817 240.230.7353
  34. 34. 511: Content Marketing: Getting Your Web Page Ranked Scan this code to submit an evaluation