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UTPT 2018 Sci-Biz-Tech Quiz Finals


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The Finals of the Science-Business-Technology quiz (Sci-Biz-Tech) conducted at Under The Peepal Tree, the annual quiz fest of RV QuizCorp, on 24th March 2018.

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UTPT 2018 Sci-Biz-Tech Quiz Finals

  1. 1. Ψ-Biz-Tech FINALS
  2. 2. Rules • 6 rounds • QM is gawd • Enjoy the quiz!
  3. 3. Rules • Written • 5 items to identify, +5 for each • +5 for overall connect • Can get upto 30 points
  4. 4. Name the “products” and what war?
  5. 5. ANSWER UPI Payment Apps • PayTM • PhonePe • BHIM • WhatsApp Business • Tez
  6. 6. Rules • A paragraph with variables • 6 variables to identify, +3 for each • No negatives
  7. 7. What The Damn Hell #1 Though technologically innovative at the time, A ironically fell short with the sales of its personal digital assistant, the B. B was named after a person who shares credit with C for the development of a certain field of mathematics. C was born in the city of D, obtained by replacing two letters in his name and rearranging. E sponsors D's football club and can apparently help in the growth of a certain body part F. What is this body part mainly used for?
  8. 8. ANSWER A – Apple B – Newton C – Leibnitz D – Leipzig E – Red Bull F – Wings To fly!
  9. 9. Rules • 10 questions • +10/-5 on pounce • +10/-0 on bounce • Bounce moves clockwise
  10. 10. Q1 The beginnings of X for Y can be traced to the German introduction of chemical warfare during World War I. Among the different chemical agents used, mustard gas was particularly devastating. Although mustard gas was banned through the Geneva Protocol in 1925, researchers in an altogether different field began experimenting with a variation of mustard gas, nitrogen mustard, and noted that it had the ability to drastically reduce the production of WBCs in the body. This discovery, that nitrogen mustard could be used to drastically reduce cell count lead to the development of X for Y. Hence, what was developed from nitrogen mustard?
  11. 11. ANSWER Chemotherapy
  12. 12. Q2 When X was sworn in the as the President of the United States, in the wake of one of the most controversial incidents in American History, people recollect him saying “I am a Y, not a Z.” X made the comparison to Z due to the difference in their way of governance and nature; Z was often considered to be soft spoken, eloquent and diplomatic, whereas X was considered to be sturdy, rigid and dependable, exactly what the country needed given recent events in the timeline leading to his swearing. X also made the statement as a reference to the brands Y and Z, who incidentally share the same characteristics as mentioned above. ID X, Y & Z.
  13. 13. ANSWER X – Gerald Ford Y – Ford Z – Lincoln
  14. 14. Q3 The following are theories behind a recent glitch in a popular consumer product which scared a lot of users, owing to the untimely nature of the glitch. • “X’s not laughing, she’s crying-FOR GOD’S SAKE, COMFORT HER ALREADY!” • “What, X can’t watch a bunch of YouTube videos of cats falling off chairs” • X’s been talking to your electronic scales, Chubbo. • ____ asked if she could sit with X at lunch. • X’s reading through all of your emails and just got to a particularly brutal thread of breakup messages. Give the popular product that experienced this glitch.
  15. 15. ANSWER Amazon Alexa
  16. 16. Q4 X can be found as splodges all over our towns, in parks, cities, streets, parks etc. Cleaning these reportedly cost the city of London nearly £150 million each year to clean off of the streets. Y is a company based out of London which aims to recycle X through special collecting receptacle. These bins are lined with appropriate antiseptics and cleansing agents before they are recycled using suitable methods to finally turn them into characteristic products, from guitar picks to boots, to coffee mugs. Such a process is known as a closed recycling process. So, what is X that Y recycles?
  17. 17. Q4
  18. 18. ANSWER GumTec (Y) recycles gum (X)
  19. 19. Q5 Daniel Perlman — wine-lover, inventor and Brandeis University biophysicist, studied slow-motion videos of wine being poured. He observed first that ________ was most extreme when a bottle was full or close to it. There are already products on the market designed to prevent wine ________, but they require inserting a device into the bottle neck. Perlman didn’t want consumers to have to take an additional step after they made their purchase. "I wanted to change the wine bottle itself," he says. "I didn't want there to be the additional cost or inconvenience of buying an accessory." What purpose does this groove serve?
  20. 20. ANSWER Prevents dripping of wine
  21. 21. Q6 Vulfpeck is an American funk group founded in 2011, influenced by rhythm sections of the past. In March 2014 the group released an album called Sleepify on Spotify, consisting of ten roughly 30-second tracks of silence. Take the song list and the album art as a hint, and figure out what Vulfpeck asked their fans to do with the album, and why?
  22. 22. Q6
  23. 23. ANSWER They asked fans to play it while they were sleeping There was a loophole in Spotify where artists got paid royalties based on number of ‘plays’ and each play was counted as listening to the track for atleast 30 seconds
  24. 24. Q7 Manu Prakash is an Indian born scientist, who currently serves as the Professor of Biology at Stanford University. Among several other accolades, he is also a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Grant. He is known for his frugal innovations that make medicine, computing and microscopy common to the people around the world. Most notably he is known for his two products, the shown in the pictures in the next slide. Put funda on the functioning of the two products and what purpose do they collectively serve to achieve.
  25. 25. Q7
  26. 26. Q7
  27. 27. ANSWER He built a handheld centrifuge and foldable microscope, to separate and analyse blood samples, for Malaria diagnosis in economically weaker areas.
  28. 28. Q8 Tony Fadell started working for Apple in February 2001 as a contractor designing the iPod and planning Apple's audio product strategy. During the time, he conceptualized the initial design for the iPod, and was then hired by Apple to assemble and run its iPod & Special Projects group in April 2001. However, On November 3, 2008, The Wall Street Journal broke the story of Fadell's departure from Apple. Fadell went on to found Nest Labs, a home automation producer of programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, smoke detectors, and other security systems. How was the event of Fadell's leave foreshadowed, by arguably one of the most famous public interactions of Apple?
  29. 29. ANSWER
  30. 30. Q9 In 2016, China was gripped with a problem which scammed both the company and its users, and was known as the “ghost-driver problem.” . Whenever passengers book their ride, they are shown a profile photo, a number plate and other bits of information about the driver. According to local reports, pick-up requests were met by Uber drivers using zombie and ghost-like profile shots. Put funda behind the scam, and how did the drivers benefit from this entire process?
  31. 31. ANSWER The drivers had profile pictures which looked like ghosts or zombies so that riders would cancel the ride, and the drivers would earn the cancellation fee.
  32. 32. Q10 In 1991 Starbucks introduced X, which was an opportunity for its “partners” (both full- time and part-time) to receive a part of the company’s financial success through shares of Starbucks. This offering allows Starbucks employees to be continually invested in the company, and at the same time actively work towards the betterment of the brand as it directly affects their financial prospects. Y is an English fairytale, whose first version was moralized in 1734. It basically features a poor English boy, living with his widowed mother, whose only source of income was a cow which eventually stops giving milk. The mother asks the son to take the cow to the market, where he in turn meets a dealer who trades the cow for something that eventually grows to plays a central role in the fable. X is a play on the latter part of the fable’s name, which is appropriate given the central ingredient of Starbucks’ business and the sustained growth that X brings to its partners.
  33. 33. ANSWER Bean Stock, inspired by the fable of Jack and The Bean Stalk
  34. 34. Rules • A paragraph with variables • 7 variables to identify, +3 for each • No negatives
  35. 35. What The Damn Hell #2 The conspicuously non-quacking fish A was supposedly named after a mail train and is associated with an Indian city. The neighborhood B can be found in this city and is named after two temples found in the area. It is however more famous for being the namesake of the company C. The tagline of its widely loved and best-selling product promises to make you a D. Ds are generally known for their high E. Remove the complex part of E, imagine it’s a Hindi word F and translate it to English. You now get a word which you're all probably thinking right now as you read through this f***-all question. From this word, arrive at the name of a popular Silicon Valley based accelerator G. Give the accelerator.
  36. 36. ANSWER A – Bombay Duck B – Vile Parle C – Parle D – Genius E – IQ F – Kyun? G – Y Combinator
  37. 37. Rules • 6 pairs of logos • Each pair of logos share a connection • A similar connection exists for all the slides and this overall connect will fetch the score shown on the slide • Maximizers apply for each slide, +9 points in each
  38. 38. +30 / -30
  39. 39. +25 / -25
  40. 40. +20 / -20
  41. 41. +15 / -15
  42. 42. +10 / -10
  43. 43. +5 / -5
  44. 44. Theme: Companies whose founders share a common surnames Piramal Group Ajay Piramal VIP Industries Dilip Piramal
  45. 45. Answer Tencent Pony Ma Alibaba Jack Ma
  46. 46. Answer Sahara India Pariwar Subarata Roy NDTV Prannoy Roy
  47. 47. Answer Airtel Sunil Mittal ArcelorMittal Lakshmi Mittal
  48. 48. Answer OYO Rooms Ritesh Agarwal Ola Bhavish Aggarwal
  49. 49. Answer Snapdeal Rohit Bansal Flipkart Sachin/Binny Bansal
  50. 50. Answer Being Human Salman Khan Khan Academy Salman Khan
  51. 51. Rules • 6 questions • Description of how the Mythbusters tested the myth is given • Guess the myth • +10/-5 on pounce • +10/-0 on bounce • Bounce moves clockwise
  52. 52. Example Question A pig’s stomach was used to test this myth. They used proportional quantities of the two substances depicted in the myth. However, it did not yield the results as claimed by the myth. An attempted use of large quantities of the two substances did not result in anything substantial and as a result, the myth was considered busted.
  53. 53. Example Answer Do Coke and Mentos make your stomach explode?
  54. 54. Q1 For this, 6 circles of radius 4 ft and multiples were drawn. They used a bulletproof vest and a touch sensitive vest, which upon contact turned on an LED setup indicating there was contact made. Adam pulls the gun before Jamie can cover 30ft. However, Jamie was successful in covering 25ft before Adam could pull the trigger. Following this, Police Trainees increased their safe training distance from 25ft to 30ft.
  55. 55. Q1
  56. 56. ANSWER Should you never bring a knife to a gunfight?
  57. 57. Q2 To bust this myth, a _______ of the size a football field was chosen. Given the large size, petty issues such as wind and dirt began creeping in, complicating the job. However, they broke the iteration limit and went on to touch double digits, albeit with the help of devices such as a forklift and a roller press.
  58. 58. Q2
  59. 59. ANSWER Can a piece of paper be folded more than 7 times?
  60. 60. Q3 This was a Shrek myth. The ______ was sourced from a doctor, who took it from at least a hundred patients. The _____ was then heated to melt and to reform into the required shape. The melting process however, produced such foul odours that gas masks had to be used to complete the process. Nevertheless, the ________ never ignited. What was this myth?
  61. 61. ANSWER Can you make a candle out of earwax?
  62. 62. Q4 To debunk this myth, a number of methods were tried. Off a table, the myth always held true. But when Adam experimented with different methods of drop, and of release, as in by holding _____ vertically, by dropping off a conveyor belt, by reducing moment resultant by slinging _____ horizontally and by clamping using clips, the probability of the myth came down to 0.6. Further to eliminate the height factor, Adam took the complete setup to a terrace of a single storied building. Drag and wind finally stamped down the factor to the good ol’ 0.5.
  63. 63. Q4
  64. 64. ANSWER Does buttered toast always fall buttered side down?
  65. 65. Q5 This was a simple one. All the guys had to do was create a real life sized model of the plank shown, and hop on. However, people argue that the temperatures in that situation were sub-zero and the two had no lifejackets. Even then, with a little bit of work, chivalry could have been disposed with. In the end, the Mythbusters presented 8 possible ways in which the myth could have been prevented. It included one where the two could play chess and get away safe.
  66. 66. ANSWER Could Jack have survived with Rose in the end of Titanic?
  67. 67. Q6 Jamie and Adams analysed this one, physically and mathematically, by comparing the static and kinetic friction of a ________ to that of a lubricant. Next, they made Adam walk blindfolded over a single _______ and then over multiple ________, neither resulting in a fall. However, when presented in large multiples, it made an activity as simple as walking really difficult. Since the myth did not involve larger numbers of ________, the myth was declared busted.
  68. 68. ANSWER Can banana peel cause one to slip?
  69. 69. Rules • A paragraph with variables • 7 variables to identify, +3 for each • No negatives
  70. 70. What The Damn Hell #3 The music streaming and automated music recommendation service A was named after a Greek mythological figure. The person's brother-in- law B was punished for distributing a product among people. This product can also be used as a verb and happened to C, which is ironic considering C's last name. Incidentally C's daughter inspired a TV character D. Speaking of famous daughters and fathers, E's father Lord Byron contributed to the publication of Shelley's 'F or the Modern B'. E, that impressive lady maintained a long working relationship with a person whose name rhymes with a certain vegetable. Name the vegetable.
  71. 71. ANSWER A – Pandora B – Prometheus C – Jobs (Steve Jobs) D – Lisa (In Simpsons) E – Ada F – Frankenstein Cabbage (Charles Babbage)
  72. 72. Rules • 10 questions • +10/-5 on pounce • +10/-0 on bounce • Bounce moves anti-clockwise
  73. 73. Q1 The brand name X, is a product of Y’s corporate history. The founder of Y had embossed the single worded slogan of Y on brown leatherette covered notepads that he used to distribute among his employees. Employees used to carry these notepads around with them, “practice” the motto of the company and used to jot down their ideas in these notepads. The name X for the company’s range of products was proposed by Denny Wainwright, who had one of these motto embossed notepads in his possession. What company brand had their roots in these notepads?
  74. 74. ANSWER X - ThinkPad series of laptops by IBM
  75. 75. Q2 In 1793, botanist and aristocrat Joseph Dombey set sail from Paris to Washington DC. He was journeying all the way across the Atlantic to meet Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson who, Dombey hoped, would help persuade Congress to _______. Then a storm rolled in, knocking Dombey's ship off course. The unlucky academic was washed into the Caribbean - and straight into the clutches of British pirates. The brigands took Dombey hostage and looted his equipment, which had a considerable amount of precious metal. The luckless scientist died in prison shortly after his capture; his belongings were auctioned off to the highest bidders. France sent a second emissary to promote _______. But by then, America’s new secretary of state, Edmund Randolph didn't care much. What was Dombey trying to bring to America?
  76. 76. ANSWER Dombey was attempting to bring the metric units to the USA.
  77. 77. Q3 Ornilux is a German based company that is creating glasses with a different quality; it comes with an additional pane of UV reflective glass such that the reflective patterns formed patterns designed to stand as an obstruction to _____. Why UV, you may ask. This is to provide a global solution to the heavy annual losses of _____ that takes place regularly due to the presence of plain glass. The best solution, the company says is to use UV reflective glass in a broad spectrum in a pattern because of the varying levels of UV frequency perceived by _____. The prototypes are still in testing phase. Despite not having a high success rate, the path ahead is clear, believe the developers. FITB and put funda.
  78. 78. ANSWER To prevent birds from crashing into the windows of the high rises.
  79. 79. Q4 Frederick Douglass was an American born into slavery. He spent his childhood in slavery and later escaped from it to start one of America’s most powerful anti slavery movements. During his struggle, he started a daily paper to preach the abolishment of slavery. He recollects in his autobiography, slaves struggled to find the ______(blanks not indicative) going with one of science’s most common misconception to help them find their way. They used to identify the _______ (it had not been given its name then yet) and follow that direction for it meant freedom in those days. To further urge slaves into running for freedom, FD aptly titled his paper the _______. Very soon, the civil war between the freedom loving north and the southern confederate states would break out(remove if easy). ID the title of the paper.
  80. 80. ANSWER The North Star
  81. 81. Q5 The Stroop effect is a phenomenon that occurs when you must say the color of a word but not the name of the word. For example, blue might be printed in red and you must say the color rather than the word. This occurs as the brain associates both a semantic meaning with the word and a literal meaning for its color, typically resulting in a delayed response to naming the color. Stroop Tasks were used in American Intelligence for a specific purpose, during a well known period of frigid tumult. What was it used for?
  82. 82. ANSWER Stroop effect is used to identify Russian spies by the American Intelligence.
  83. 83. Q6 The X & Y Game is a satirical take on the condolences offered by masses of people towards tragic events. It has been around for quite a while, and in recent times has gained significant momentum. The game has just two buttons, which are slight modifications of the words X and Y, which allows you to perform one of two acts while an epidemic of horrendous events unfold across a specific geographic area, which coincidentally has seen quite a lot of controversy regarding specific laws which are at the heart of such events. X and Y are the two parts of the phrase . The irony of the game is that, regardless of which button you press the series of events continue to unwrap, pointless, much like the effect that X&Y has on the outcomes of such events Give me X & Y, which is also the name of the game being spoken about.
  84. 84. ANSWER Thoughts and Prayers: The Game
  85. 85. Q7 The company, X, launched one of its most ambitious products, Y Whitepol, which is commonly known as Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP). Y Whitepol is technical grade white oil made from highly refined paraffinic base stocks and further purified through a rigorous process. The Indian market for LLP is estimated to be approximately 2 Lakh tonnes per annum. The product was unveiled by K.L. Murthy, executive director (Lubricants) of Y based in Mumbai, who enumerated the importance of this product and talked about the trust that the Y brand stands for across India. X is the largest lubricant brand in India, enjoying the coveted Super Brand status for more than 15 years. ID X and Y.
  86. 86. ANSWER Indian Oil Servo
  87. 87. Q8 The fact that X was a Nazi-sympathizer had been largely kept a secret for the latter half of the 20th century. X was nicknamed “Westminster”, a hint to X’s previous life as a mistress to the Duke of Westminster. During the 1940s, X was commissioned by the Wertheimer's, one of the most affluent Jewish families in the Nazi Germany, to come up with a specific cosmetic product. Once the product was released it turned out to be a huge success, and X immediately turned jealous of the success and the attention that the brothers were receiving for her work. Following the success of the product, X devised a plot to turn the Wertheimer’s in to the Gestapo. Once successful, X was awarded the wartime profits of the product, which turned out to be a significant amount at $25 million a year. This made X, the richest women in the world at that time-thanks to the Nazi’s. Give X, and the product that has been often described as her most recognizable to date.
  88. 88. ANSWER Coco Chanel and Chanel N°5
  89. 89. Q9 Modern electronic devices like smartphones and computers have components manufactured from metals such as tin, tantalum, gold and tungsten which are given the tag ‘X minerals’. Intel is in the process of developing a sustainable and responsible supply chain, and a large part of this effort is to ensure that even the customer is aware of their effort. Hence, Intel brands their chipsets and offerings with a “CF” badge, which is indicative of how the materials are sourced. Put funda on what CF means.
  90. 90. ANSWER CF is “Conflict Free”, which implies that the Intel sources the materials from areas that are free of wars and civil conflicts in places the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  91. 91. Q10 Oculus and Facebook recently announced that they have created a new unit of time called a ‘flick’ which subdivides a single second into precisely 705,600,000 parts. According to the GitHub documentation, this is the smallest unit of time, larger than a nano-second which also has a certain property, without which desynchronization could in audio/video, over a period of time. Why was the number 705,600,000 chosen?
  92. 92. ANSWER This unit of time is the smallest time unit which is LARGER than a nanosecond, and can in integer quantities exactly represent a single frame duration for 24hz, 25hz, 30hz, 48hz, 50hz, 60hz, 90hz, 100hz, 120hz, and also 1/1000 divisions of each. In order to accommodate media playback, we also support some common audio sample rates as well. This list is not exhaustive, but covers the majority of digital audio formats. They are 8kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz. A fractional reminder can be a problem in programming and visual effects, where rounding and/or floating point representations can lead to slight imprecision or desynchronization over time.