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Volunteer Management Inventory


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Evaluate the types of volunteers you have, need, and want. This is a great guide to begin to take stock of your volunteers. Please feel free to check out our website,, for more information about the Rural Volunteerism Initiative and the Appalachian Coal Country Team.

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Volunteer Management Inventory

  1. 1. The OSM/VISTA Teams Appalachian Coal Country Team Western Hardrock Watershed Team
  2. 2. Do you want volunteers who are… Consistent? Skilled? Appreciated? Involved? Local? In the “Know”? Trained?
  3. 3. Volunteer Management Inventory Answer these questions: Why does your organization need volunteers? What skills/experiences does your organization need? What might motivate people to volunteer with your organization?
  4. 4. Identify Your Volunteers Create “a spreadsheet that highlights strengths and weaknesses and, more importantly, needs… If executed properly it’s definitely a healthy practice.” Friends of the Cheat This will help you to recruit volunteers that have your needed skillset.
  5. 5. What types of activities are your volunteers participating in already? Are your volunteers usually from the local area? Visiting? What are some of their personal characteristics? Consider age, family, occupation, skills, interests, etc.
  6. 6. What will this show? This will help you to discover your core base and help to expand your volunteer outreach.
  7. 7. Do you usually recruit individuals or groups? Do you use existing partnerships to recruit volunteers?
  8. 8. Recruitment Invite family and friends. Reach out to local businesses, government officials, congregations, and schools. Approach Media. Distribute flyers. Ask who can benefit from what your organization is trying to solve. Then go find them.
  9. 9. How do you orient and/or train volunteers? Is it focused on a specific task or event? Do you inform them about the organization overall?
  10. 10. Volunteer Orientation Orientation programs have many different variables. How many people are you training? What is the goal of the orientation? Do you have a time limit?
  11. 11. Make Sure to Include! • • • • • • A brief history of the organization. Organization’s Goals Volunteer’s Role Expectations (On both sides) Policies and Procedures Sincere Gratitude!
  12. 12. In what ways do you show appreciation for your volunteers?
  13. 13. Volunteer Appreciation Though this seems menial, volunteer appreciation can boost volunteer retention. Things to Try: Volunteer Appreciation Picnic Awards Thank You Notes For the Volunteer Recognition Planning worksheet, click here.
  14. 14. For more questions from the VMI, visit this page. To download the Toolkit, click here.