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Oracle apps wms training


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Oracle Apps WMS online Training

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Oracle apps wms training

  1. 1. R12 Oracle Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Functional Training Course Duration: 20-25 hours Course Topics: Introduction to Oracle (R12) Brief on WMS Functional  Oracle Warehouse Management Overview  Warehouse management Setup Overview  Describing Cost Groups  Inbound Operations  Receiving through PO, ASN and RMAs  Receiving Internal Orders, Intrasit Shipments  Explaining Advanced Task Framework (ATF)  Performing Putaway Operations  Designing Putaway Rules  Crossdocking  Warehouse Operations  Warehouse Transactions in Inventory with LPNs  LPN Transactions in Warehouse  WMS Enquiry Windows  Describing Distributed Warehouse Management  Describing Mobile Personalization  Task planning and Management Email-
  2. 2.  Task Type Rules  Kanban Replenishment  Cycle counting  Physical counting  Explaining Labor Management  Outbound Operations  Describing Outbound Logistics  Overview of WMS Material Picking Process  Pick Allocation through Pick Rules  Pick Methodologies  Explaining Picking Tasks  Discussing Advanced Pick Load  Describing Advanced Replenishment  Explaining Catch Weight  Explaining Consolidation, Cartonization, and Packing  Explaining Shipping  Picking and Dropping the material into Staging areas  Warehouse outbound Packing Operations  Label Printing  Designing Label Formats  Developing Label Types Email-
  3. 3.  Assigning Labels to Business flows and Printers  Questions & Answers Oracle Apps WMS online Training Email-