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If I would be my boss


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If I would be my boss

  1. 1. IF I WERE MY BOSSPresented by :-Ramawatar Tawaniya
  2. 2. WHAT I FIRST REQUIRE AS THE BOSS ISMANAGEMENT SKILLS- Planning. Organizing. Directing. Leadership. Motivating. Controlling, energetic, skillful. Decision making.
  3. 3. I WOULD LIKE TO BE MY BOSS…WHY?? Why the hell I should work under any one. I Set my Own Hours. For completion of my dreams. I am in Charge of my Income. I will be Responsible for my Success. No body can blame me whatever I do. Use your innovative ideas and implementwith the team..
  4. 4. IF I WERETHE BOSS- I will come up with a new and unique plan. Determine policies. I will fire the employees who are lazy andnot serious about their duties. Encourage employees to take the initiativepart. I will be aware of my duties andresponsibility. Ask for help and advice whenever needed. Optimum utilization of resources.
  5. 5. OWN BOSS = BUSINESSMAN=OWNER More responsibility as an employee. Always focus on the objective of business. Most of people want to work for their own. Make sure your business plan is perfect. Determine your business type. Try to Maintain discipline in theorganization. Treat employee as sense of equity.
  6. 6. EMPLOYEE V/S BOSS :- If I am not able to do work then I am lazy. If I do something without being told I amtrying to be smart. If I am late ..boss will shout at me. If I take a long time in working then I amslow. If I do boss never remembers. Salary problem. If work is not finished … till night I have towork..
  7. 7. WHAT I WILL DO – IF I AM A BOSS.. If I were my boss, i would annually conduct a partyto cheer and reward hardworking employees :) I will not fire i would only punish tomake them better and get them changed. Saturday no uniform and half day.   I will create the working environment with facilitiesso that my employees are motivated to work . Always be positive. Ill guide them from time to time. I would like to hear to all of my staffs complains.
  8. 8. THANK YOU