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Testing Business Intelligence Reports


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Validation and testing of data in Business Intelligence Reports is challenging. QuerySurge, the leading data validation and testing solution, has developed the new BI Tester add-on to provide a successful approach to solving the problem of testing the data embedded in these BI reports.

Learn how QuerySurge provides:
- Business validation of BI reports
- Full regression testing of underlying BI data
- Migration testing from one BI vendor to another
- Upgrade testing from one version to another
- Comparison of reports between two servers
- Passing of parameters to a report
- Querying of report metadata

Go to for more information or for a free trial.

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Testing Business Intelligence Reports

  1. 1. Bill Hayduk CEO Business Intelligence Webinar Matt Moss Product Manager Bevin Talty Marketing Coordinator Business Intelligence Report Testing: Using QuerySurge to automate the data testing of your BI reports QuerySurge™ Webinar team
  2. 2. Agenda QuerySurge™ a software division of •About QuerySurge •BI report testing challenges •QS BI Tester solution •Product demo
  3. 3. a software division of the automated Data Validation & Testing solution About QuerySurge QuerySurge™
  4. 4. is the leading testing solution for automated validation & testing of Big Data QuerySurge QuerySurge™ Use Cases a software division of What is QuerySurge?
  5. 5. • Market leader and visionary in automated data testing • Launched in 2012, has 100+ customers in 17 countries • Partner Ecosystem boasts 35 world-renowned Technology companies, global System Integrators, & regional consulting firms • Briefs leading analyst firms and appears in their reports as the recommended solution for data testing • Named Top 50 companies driving Big Data Innovation by Database Trends and Applications • In-depth training: Knowledge Base, videos, classroom training, & free Customer & Partner Training Portals • Sets the gold standard for PoC and post-sale support QuerySurge: Leading the Way a software division ofQuerySurge™
  6. 6. QuerySurge Analyst Briefings Recently briefed Gartner on: • How to automate Data Warehouse testing • How to automate Business Intelligence Report testing Assisted with information and on recommendations for 2 papers: “Tools that support testing of both the BI layer and the data layer provide the most expansive coverage, and are the most helpful in validating semantic rules.” - Gartner specifically named QuerySurge in report: 4 Actions to Optimize your BI Environment Other recent briefings include: (BI Testing) (Automated Testing)
  7. 7. QuerySurge™ Where QuerySurge fits into your data strategy a software division of
  8. 8. Business Intelligence & Analytics CxOs are using Business Intelligence & Analytics to make critical business decisions – with the assumption that the underlying data is fine. “The average organization loses $14.2 million annually through poor Data Quality.” - Gartner Data Architecture The Executive Office and Critical Data Typical data issue areas ETL Mainframe
  9. 9. QuerySurge supports the following data stores… • Amazon Redshift, Elastic Map Reduce, DynamoDB • Apache Hadoop/Hive, Spark • Cassandra • Cloudera • Couchbase • Exasol • Flat Files (delimited, fixed-width) • Hortonworks • IBM (Cognos, Db2, Netezza, Informix, Big Insights, Cloudant, MDM) • JSON files • Mainframe • MAPR • Micro Focus Vertica • Microsoft (SQL Server DWH, HDInsight, PDW, SSAS, Excel, Access, SharePoint) • MicroStrategy • MongoDB • Oracle (Oracle DB, MySQL, Exadata, NoSQL, Hadoop) • Pivotal GreenPlum • PostgreSQL • Salesforce • SAP (Business Objects, HANA, IQ, ASE, Altiscale Data Cloud) • Snowflake • Tableau • Teradata, Aster • Workday • XML …and any other data store QuerySurge Supports 50+ Data Stores Flat Files Excel
  10. 10. Web-based… Supported OS... Connects through… …to any JDBC compliant data source QuerySurge™ QuerySurge Controller QuerySurge Server DB Server (MySQL) App Server (Tomcat) QuerySurge Agents (Ships with 10 Agents) a software division of QuerySurge Environment Installs... …in the Cloud…on a VM…on a Bare Metal Server
  11. 11. QuerySurge Modules Design Library SchedulingRun Dashboard Deep-Dive Reporting Data Health Dashboard Query Wizards a software division ofQuerySurge™
  12. 12. ✓ Drive QuerySurge execution from your Test Management Solution ✓ See QuerySurge Pass/Fail results in your Test Management solution ✓ Click link to drill into detailed results in QuerySurge Integration with leading Test Management Solutions • Micro Focus ALM/QC (formerly HPE) • Microsoft DevOps (formerly TFS & VSTS) • IBM Rational Quality Manager a software division of QuerySurge Test Management Connectors QuerySurge™
  13. 13. Automated Testing Automated Reporting Automated Launch a software division of QuerySurge DevOps: Continuous Delivery & Integration QuerySurge™ Data Integration/ETL solutions QuerySurge™ and many others… email report and many others… QuerySurge™ Build/Configuration solutions email report Test Management solutions QuerySurge™ email report
  14. 14. BI Report Testing challenges QuerySurge™ a software division of
  15. 15. BI Report testing: the Challenge Most Common Use Cases 1) Compare visualization (and underlying numbers) on BI report to backend data store(s) 2) Compare one report to another report 3) Ensure reports have been updated correctly 4) Compare to trends & normal business operations i.e. normal sales by day
  16. 16. The Most Common Data Validation Method Most Common Validation Methods • “Stare & Compare” • Standard functional automation tools (i.e. Selenium) Challenge of Testing BI Reports • BI testing is mostly a manual process • Use of Flash and other technologies is problematic
  17. 17. 10/9/2018 17 QuerySurge BI Tester add-on Provides a successful approach to solving the problem of testing the data embedded in BI solutions QuerySurge™ a software division of
  18. 18. Comparison of report data Source Data Target BI Reports Reports, Data Health Dashboard, automated emails Results – pass/fail Source Data Data Stores • BI reports • Databases • Data Warehouses • Data Marts • Big Data Stores BI Tester add-on Target Data BI solutions • Tableau • IBM Cognos • SAP BusinessObjects • MicroStrategy • others QuerySurge BI Tester add-on connects: data stores BI reports or BI Reports BI Reports
  19. 19. ETL Developer: Codes data movement based on Mapping Requirements Data Warehouse ETL Data Tester: Tests data movement based on Mapping Requirements Data Mart ETL Source Data Big Data lake Testing Point #1 Testing Point #2 Testing Points #3 BI & Analytics User extracts data for reports Testing Point #4 Tester tests BI Reports End-to-End Data Testing: Developer & Tester
  20. 20. Example: Querying report data from Tableau Tableau reports QuerySurge extracts inflation info QuerySurge returns result set Compares to data in a data mart or in another report
  21. 21. Front Line Support: • Technical Resources available for POCs (7:30am – 9:00pm New York time) • Web conferencing sessions • QuerySurge Customer Portal (free) • QuerySurge Partner Portal (free) Additional Support: • Ticket support • Knowledge Base • Videos / Slide decks QuerySurge™ Support
  22. 22. BI Tester Resources to access the free Knowledge Base, click here>> to access the YouTube playlist, click here>> free Knowledge Base BI Tester Videos free Training Portals to access the free Customer Training Portal click here>> to access the free Partner Training Portal click here>> for more information, visit here>> BI Tester information to access the BI Tester page, click here>>