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How to Target & Land your Ultimate 1st Tech Job


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What you must and must not do to make sure you secure your dream tech job.

RTTS, the premier software & services company that focuses solely on test automation, has been hiring computer science and information systems graduates for 23 years.

Learn what we look for from the other side of the hiring desk.

Learn best practices for:

- writing resumes
- writing cover letters
- preparing for the interview
- what to say and not say in the interview
- why candidates fail
- understanding the background check
- moving forward with an offer
- how to be successful in your new job

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How to Target & Land your Ultimate 1st Tech Job

  1. 1. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 how to target and land your Ultimate 1st Job in Technology What you must and must not do to make sure you secure your dream job
  2. 2. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 About the presenter… Bill Hayduk, Founder and CEO, RTTS ➢ Founder/CEO of software & services firm RTTS, the premier pure-play QA & Testing organization since 1996. ➢ Business leader of QuerySurge, the smart data testing solution (and software division of RTTS). ➢ Client base is the Fortune 500 and mid-tier firms. We've had successful engagements at over 700 corporations. Job History • 24 years in technology related positions • 4 years in senior IT/management consulting • 11 years in financial services Education Master of Science, Computer Information Systems Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business 1999 Bachelor of Arts, Economics Villanova University 1983
  3. 3. About RTTS…
  4. 4. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 So…how do you land your ultimate 1st job in Tech? What you must and must not do to make sure you secure your dream job
  5. 5. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Statistics on the Tech Job Market • 12 percent - the annual growth in tech jobs from 2018 to 2028 says the US Bureau of Statistics • 11.8 million - net new tech employment in the U.S. • 261,000 - number of new jobs added in tech in the past year • 1.5 million - number of software and web developers – the largest and fasting growing category of tech jobs • 2x - the median tech occupation wage is nearly double the median national wage • 525,000 - number of tech business establishments in the U.S.; tech startups/new business units launched in 2018 totaled 40,500
  6. 6. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 What our customers need… Candidates who… …are smart …are friendly/personable …are able to think on their feet …understand technology …work hard …work well in a group setting …pay attention to detail …speak clearly …have relevant job experience (particularly with clients, i.e. bank teller, fast food, etc.)
  7. 7. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." —Confucius, philosopher "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." —Michael Jordan, basketball player "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." —Thomas A. Edison, inventor “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self- confidence is preparation.” —Arthur Ashe, tennis star Interesting Job Quotes…
  8. 8. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 What Jobs are in Tech? Perform research to find out which positions are open in the market place. Find out what skills are needed or those positions. • Visit sites job sites (i.e. Indeed, Monster) • online magazines • research analysts (Gartner, Forrester, etc.)
  9. 9. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 RTTS Recruiting Metrics On-line Recruiting (Indeed, Smart Recruiter, Glass Door, etc.) 274:1 lukewarm On-Campus Career Fairs 96:1 warm On-Campus Recruiting (face-to-face interviews) 70:1 hot Referrals 8:1 scalding RTTS Recruiting Campaign Resumes: Hire ratio
  10. 10. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Finding the Job Opening • Contact friends/alumni in the industry – referrals are the best way to get a job! • Career services at school • Indeed, Smart Recruiters, LinkedIn, Glass Door, Monster, etc. • Google the term “entry-level Technology positions”, other terms
  11. 11. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 What Companies Should You Target? “If, for your first job out of college, you cannot work for a company who is the best in their industry, such as Goldman Sachs or GE, I recommend working for a good, small firm and learn everything that you can.” - Jack Welch, ex-CEO of General Electric (was voted CEO of the Year 5 years in a row)
  12. 12. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Target a Position • Understand what field you are passionate about! • Research all of the hot Tech positions and select a few that fit your passion • Learn everything you can about those positions • Tailor your resume and gain skills to match those positions. ***Understand that all companies are essentially tech companies now. You do not have to work for Google, Microsoft, or Facebook to work in Tech.
  13. 13. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 The Interview Process…
  14. 14. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Develop Soft Skills "Companies now want tech people who interact well with the rest of the organization - talking to customers, understanding where tech projects fit into the overall corporate strategy, and so on. The days when IT staffers and managers could just be technical wizards with bad people skills are over.” - Fortune magazine WORK ON YOUR SOFT SKILLS!!! leadership communication problem solving teamwork interpersonal A great way to hone these are in group projects, school clubs, part-time jobs working with customers, etc. Also, read about project, process, and people management
  15. 15. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Building a Great Resume • No grammatical errors • Have a clear opening paragraph that states your objective • Target the resume for a specific job • Understand the job’s requirements • Write a customized cover letter for each job that shows your understanding of the company’s business and latest challenges. • REMEMBER – you are up against many other resumes. Make sure yours is perfect! Name Objective (what type of career are you looking for?) Technical Skills (as they relate to the specific position) Related Job Experience (preferably technical and/or customer interaction) Activities that highlight job requirements (sports for teamwork, debate for presentation skills, etc.) Education (highlight degree and coursework that is relevant to the position)
  16. 16. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Build Your LinkedIn Brand Create a LinkedIn profile • Use your resume to build it • Add a professional looking headshot • Connect to your teachers, other students, any co-workers • Connect to mutual connections of the people above • Follow companies that you are interested in and other leaders in the tech industry • Add any slide decks or articles that you think would enhance your brand • Read and like posts and articles • Join Tech groups that interest you • Build your network! • 1,700 connections • 1,800 followers • 16 articles written • 1,000s of posts • 2 slide decks • I am a member of 50+ groups • I follow dozens of companies and influencers • I am always engaged and I always learn something new This did not happen in a short period of time and needs to be worked& cultivated continuously. My LinkedIn Account
  17. 17. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Why Write a Cover Letter A cover letter should be written for each job application. It will set you apart form those that do not write cover letters & provide you with the vehicle to sell yourself. In the cover letter: • Match the company’s requirements with your skills • State why you are a great fit • Mention something happening at the company that you read in an article or on their web site • Show your interest in the job and the company • Set yourself apart from other candidates • Motivate the reader to interview you!!!
  18. 18. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Interview Preparation • Research the firm (history, current news, products/services/key employees), the industry, the interviewer (LinkedIn, if possible). • Know your personal answers to typical interview questions. • Know what is going on in corporate technology (this means brokerage, pharmaceutical, banks, insurance, retail, etc. – NOT Apple phones, gaming, etc.) • Brush up your coding skills • Practice your presentation!
  19. 19. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Show your Tech Knowledge of… • corporate IT in general • the vertical space that you are targeting (i.e. financial, pharma, retail, software, fintech, etc.) • regulations that are driving technology PERFORM RESEARCH! Interview Preparation (continued)
  20. 20. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Interview Preparation (continued) Make sure you have answers to – that you practiced saying – before you get interviewed Sample Questions • Tell me about yourself • What do you know about our company? • How well do you take direction? • What are your outstanding qualities? • What interests you most about this job? • Why should we hire you? • What are your IT strengths and weaknesses? • Tell me about a challenge you've faced and how you dealt with it. • How would your boss, co-workers or friends describe you? • Give an example of where you have applied your technical knowledge in a practical way. Also, anticipate some curveball questions
  21. 21. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Remember – this is a competition!!! You are up against many others • RTTS receives hundreds of resumes for 1 job (typically 200 – 400) • We reject those without cover letters, as we require them • We are very impressed with people who research and know about: – Our company – Our industry and – Current technologies • But you still need to ne able to write code for our job! Interview Preparation (continued)
  22. 22. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 The Telephone Interview • Sound positive - Do not ramble on, but do not be too abrupt. • Sell yourself – match your strengths to the job requirements. • Be Outgoing - Understand that the person cannot see you, so speak clearly and be a little more outgoing than in- person. • Add Value - Make sure it is clear to the interviewer how you would add value to their firm.
  23. 23. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Face-to-Face Interview • Practice before the interview • Document 3 – 5 objectives prior to the interview • Document a few good questions to ask the interviewer • Appearance – Formal Business Attire – Suits – Comb your hair – No excessive jewelry – Do not wear piercings, visible tattoos, etc. • Be on time – means 15 minutes early • Handshake - firm • Eye Contact with EVERYONE IN THE ROOM • Concise answers • Exude confidence • Do not fidget • Do not falsify or exaggerate • Sell yourself – but not too hard • At end of interview, shakes everyone’s hand Yes ☺
  24. 24. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2019 Follow-up Interview(s) • Repeat everything from initial interview • Reference information gathered from previous interview(s) and additional research performed • Summarize the value that you would add to the firm • Provide sample work if necessary • Follow up with a ‘thank you’ email
  25. 25. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Why Candidates Fail • Grammar or spelling errors on resume • Not following application directions (no cover letter, etc.) • Poor or inappropriate dress, mannerisms, posture • Late to the interview • Bad answers • No passion • Poor communication skills • No knowledge of position, company, etc.
  26. 26. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Bad Answers to Interview Questions #1 Question: Why should we hire you? Answer: “I don’t know” Question: Tell us about an event that really challenged you? Answer: “That’s a silly question”. Question: Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10. Answer: “I’m a 12” Question: When would you be able to start? Answer: “In a couple of months, I need to rest”. Question: Would you accept the offer? Answer: “Only if I do not get a better one”. Question: What do you know about RTTS? Answer: “Not much. I had to travel to get here and did not have time to look at you web site. I was hoping you would tell me what you do”. These are real answers on RTTS interviews
  27. 27. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Bad Answers to Interview Questions #2 Why didn’t you wear a suit to the interview? Answer, “It was hot outside”. Why did you major in Computer Science? Answer, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do and my brother told me to try it”. What are your weaknesses? (We were amazed by the answers we got from this candidate) “I tend to be late sometimes.” “I lose focus when under pressure.“ “I have trouble meeting deadlines.” “I like to goof off from time to time.” This candidate still holds the all time record for weaknesses, listed at 4. What would your friends say about you? Answer: “My friends call me the happy moron”.
  28. 28. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 • References - Make sure they are someone of authority (not a friend) and make sure, in advance, that they will say positive things about you. Your potential employer will call them! • Education – Do not lie about you GPA or degree. Your potential employer will review your transcripts! • Criminal – Not much wiggle room here if this is not clean. If there is something negative, do research to find out your rights in your state. Your potential employer will find out, so determine whether to discuss it with the employer prior to them discovering it. • Social Media – Do not leave you social media open and post pictures and comments that are unflattering! Again, companies will research you. Reference & Background Checks Most companies check on references along with educational & criminal records, and social media (we do!)
  29. 29. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 The Offer • You usually are provided 3 business days to decide. • Make sure they are a credible company with: – A solid reputation – Acceptable benefits – A training program for entry-level employees – Career development plan • If this is the job you want, accept it. Don’t let it slip away!!
  30. 30. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Going forward…the new position Good companies promote those who work harder and are more dedicated than their peers. IT IS A COMPETITION!!! • Get to work before your expected arrival time and stay past your expected departure. Work hard! • Do not expect to be a senior exec in 1 year. • Learn as much as you can from those around you. Believe it or not, there is tons to be learned about the industry, the technology and the sociology of office politics. • Find a mentor to guide you. • Follow JFK’s inaugural speech “ask not what your company can do for you, ask what you can do for your company”. • Stay 2 years. You will learn much and still be young when you leave. • Build up credibility with your peers and bosses. You will need their recommendations when you move on to your next position. • Learn a specific technology and vertical market (i.e. brokerage, pharma) well. You will become irreplaceable! • You are now ready to target the big time!!!
  31. 31. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Summary (What to Do to Land your Dream Job) • Target the position you are passionate about • Write a great resume and custom cover letter • Network with alumni/friends/students • Prepare for the interview – research! • Practice questions, answers, soft skills • Dress for success • Provide strong references • Follow-up with the interviewer • Get your dream job! And – when you start the new job, work harder, smarter and build a relationship pipeline for the future!
  32. 32. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 Careers at RTTS
  33. 33. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 RTTS is constantly looking for bright minds to fill our growing ranks of professionals. We offer a variety of positions to choose from in a number of functional areas to form a team that delivers superior quality service to our clients. We are currently interviewing for the following position on the next slide where you can learn more about the job description and qualifications. Careers at RTTS
  34. 34. What You’ll Be Doing Using your strong programming and analytical skills, you’ll be responsible for coding custom solutions using cutting edge automated functional and performance software solutions to support complex software applications and architectures. Other responsibilities include: • Work alongside development teams to verify application functionality, usability, scalability and data validity. • Assist application owners with regression testing, script testing, user acceptance testing and test architecture support. • Develop and maintain reusable code libraries to help build streamlined and efficient development/testing processes. • Evaluate and analyze automation metrics, providing feedback to developers, system architects and subject matter experts. • Assignments vary in length depending on our clients’ needs, providing you with the opportunity to learn new technologies. • Gain valuable exposure to many areas of business while working with client teams and experienced RTTS mentors. Entry-Level Software Test Engineer What You Need Must possess an undergraduate or graduate degree with a concentration in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field. Other qualifications include: • Proficiency in a mainstream programming language such as Java, C++, C#, C, PHP, .NET, or other. • Desire to learn and utilize emerging technologies while working in a stimulating team environment. • Professional appearance and the ability to communicate clearly Learn more about the position here>>
  35. 35. Our internal training program includes: • An intensive initial training program, averaging 300+ hours, to build on your formal education and prepare you for an exciting career in software testing. • You will receive day-to-day coaching and mentoring from senior employees. • Tuition reimbursement is offered to employees for continuing education that is related to our business. RTTS encourages employees to pursue educational opportunities to broaden your professional development through degree-related or certification programs. • Certification and training in RTTS-endorsed products from our alliance partners and leading software companies, like IBM, Microsoft, Cloudera, Oracle, Teradata, and others. • Webcast training sessions will broaden your knowledge in key and emerging subject areas. • Attendance at professional conferences and seminars. Initial Training & Education RTTS provides all of its employees with the education necessary to meet our high standards of excellence. We recognize that a successful career in technology requires a continual expansion of skills and knowledge, which is why we are committed to providing our employees with the expertise they need to excel.
  36. 36. We want to build strong, lasting relationships with RTTS' employees. In addition to competitive salaries and a dynamic work environment, we offer a host of other benefits. RTTS provides a competitive benefits package to its employees and their families, including: Company Benefits Learn more about the Benefits here>> • Paid Vacation / Sick / Holiday / Personal / Bereavement days • Employee Medical plan (Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield) • Dental plan • 401k savings plan • RTTS Sharing Plan (warrants in the event of RTTS’ acquisition) • Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts • Short and Long Term Disability • Group Life Insurance • Commuter Benefits • Tuition Reimbursement • Continuing Education Reimbursement • many other Bonus Plan programs
  37. 37. RTTS Sharing Plan Best Of Both Worlds Many IT professionals dream of working for a start-up with the opportunity to “hit the lottery” through an acquisition or IPO. But they usually opt for the safer route – working for an established firm that has proven its longevity. At RTTS, it’s the best of both worlds: • A company that celebrates its longevity in business (since 1996) and • an incubated startup in QuerySurge Your Own “Piece Of The Pie” Should RTTS get acquired (we have had quite a few offers and it has been increasing rapidly), 15% of the sale price of the company will flow to RTTS employees. Criteria: • 2 years of tenure at RTTS • Re-evaluation twice each year The Valuation Of RTTS As A Firm A firm’s value totally depends on: • revenue and/or EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes & amortization) • ongoing revenue stream and • the amount of intellectual property you have. But it really boils down to how much someone wants you. Services firms typically trade for between 1x to 2x revenue. Small firms usually trade at a higher multiplier than larger firms. Software firms, on the other hand, trade at 5x revenue and up, with no upper ceiling. RTTS is a combination of both – software & services. The Future We speak with Mergers &Acquisitions firms frequently. QA & testing companies are very hot and software companies in the Data/Analytics space are very hot. Why not join us and prosper?
  38. 38. Professional Growth RTTS has clear growth areas as employees progress through their career here. • Functional Test Engineers – This is where most new employees begin their career – in functional testing. • Data Test Engineers – Using SQL skills and RTTS’ industry-leading data validation & testing solution, QuerySurge, you will test Data (Hadoop and NoSQL data stores), data warehouses, data migrations, and business intelligence reports for data anomalies. • Performance Testing Engineers – A technically demanding position that requires planning, designing and running performance tests to validate web applications’ ability to handle thousands of user transactions while monitoring the system load. • Software Developers – Work on the QuerySurge team, adding value to the premier data Testing solution in the data/analytics marketplace. • Senior Engineers - Employees are encouraged to qualify for our Senior Engineer status once milestones are hit and validations are passed. • Team Leads - Senior Engineers that demonstrate strong initiative & leadership ability are trained to manage a team of RTTS employees on client site. Team Leads receive project-based bonuses. • Class Instructors - Deliver training classes to our Fortune 500 clients. A bonus is provided to all instructors. RTTS encourages continuous personal and professional growth and has created a foundation for helping you succeed. Our merit-based approach to career advancement places the onus of growth upon each individual. Clearly defined milestones lead you through important roles and functions in the company. Because we know that our long-term success will depend upon yours, we make every effort to enhance your progress along a clearly-defined career path. You have access to courseware and software that are part of your ongoing education program. RTTS has access to all of our Alliance Partners’ software offerings, including: • IBM • Microsoft • Micro Focus • Oracle • Teradata • Cloudera • HortonWorks • MongoDB • SAP •many others
  39. 39. And we have fun... • Monthly get-togethers • Season Knicks tickets • Poker games • Video games • Holiday party • Company events • Fantasy football league
  40. 40. Company Overview RTTS is… FAST FACTS RTTS Founded: May 1996 Location: New York, NY (Headquarters) Focus: • Began as pure-play QA & testing company • Now, software & services firm focused on data testing QuerySurge launch: October 2012 QuerySurge Customers: • 120+ customers in 17 countries QuerySurge Partners: • 11 Technology partners • 14 global System Integrators • 22 Consulting partners The software division of RTTS is…
  41. 41. Advertising & Marketing Acxiom Corporation Aeroplan eMaritz, Inc. House Party, Inc. Nielsen Media NPD Group Survey Sampling International Synapse Group Traffix, Inc. Aerospace & Defense Boeing Honeywell Lockheed-Martin Northrop Grumman Sikorsky Aircraft Software AEGIS AMS-Rackley Application Security, Inc. ARGUS Software Arkipelago Inc. Blackberry (RIM) Blue Star Software CagEnt Corporation Callixa Corporation CBORD Group Compuware Corporation Dealogic PLC Digital Infuzion DP Solutions Edcor Data Services HP Hyperion Solutions IBM Imprivata Indicative Software JM Family Kintetsu Global IT Mobius Novell OMTool OPNET Paisley Consulting Pearson Education Popkin Software Prescient Systems ProAct Technologies Questerra Reynolds & Reynolds SAIC SAS Institute WorldNow Energy & Utilities American Electric Power (AEP) American Water Cobb EMC Con Edison Philadelphia Gas Works PSE&G Business Services Andesa Services Inc. Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund Audium Corporation ADP Axispoint, Inc Bogart Associates, Inc. Cartus CGI CheckFree Dunn Solutions Group Edcor Data Services FIT Systems Hewlett-Packard Company Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc. Integrated Systems, Inc Milliman Questerra Sapient Corporation Software Testing Solutions Spherion TekSystems Financial Services A.G. Edwards Alberta Pension Services Amerex Brokers LLC Ameriprise Boston Capital Cambridge Associates LLC Capital One CheckFree CIT Group Citigroup Chase CME Inc. Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) Ernst & Young Farm Credit Financial Partners Fidelity Investments First Nationwide Mortgage Fiserv Goldman Sachs Intercontinental Exchange JP Morgan Chase Lehman Brothers Merrill Lynch Moody's Investors Service Morgan Stanley Reuters SAC Capital Advisors Susquehanna International Group TD Ameritrade Texas Municipal Retirement Thomson Financial TIAA-CREF Toronto Stock Exchange UBS Banking Bank of America Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Citigroup Claim Trust Compass Bank Deutsche Bank Emigrant Savings Bank JPMorgan Chase National City Bank Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Wells Fargo Education & Higher Learning Cornell University Duke University Edison Learning, Inc. State University of Illinois SunGard Higher Education SUNY Stony Brook Temple University The Princeton Review UCLA Pharmaceuticals Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Beckman Coulter Bristol Meyer Squibb Merck McKesson Corporation Millennium Pharmaceuticals Pfizer PPD Schering-Plough Wellpoint Consumer Goods & Services 1800FLOWERS.COM Apple Vacations Bally Total Fitness Campbell Soup Carnival Cruises Christie's International Coach, Inc. Gap, Inc. PepsiCo Pleasant Holidays PriceChopper Publix Supermarkets QVC S.P. Richards Staples Western Union Media CBS Conde Nast Publications EMI / Capitol Records ESPN Factiva Houghton Mifflin Company Lifetime Entertainment Murray Media National Geographic NBC Nielsen Media NY Times The EMI Group Thomson West Time Trader Media Corporation Turner Broadcasting WorldNow. Insurance AIG Aegis Insurance Services AIR Worldwide Corporation American National Insurance Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund AXA Equitable Chubb CUNA Mutual Group Indemnity Company of Omaha Commerce Insurance Company Everest National Insurance Florida Family Insurance General Re Corporation Guardian Life John Hancock Liberty Mutual MetLife Prudential Tokyo Marine Management Transamerica Reinsurance Health Care Assurion Health BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee BlueCross BlueShield of Texas Boston Scientific Delta Dental of New Jersey Empire BlueCross BlueShield Health Care Service Corporation InterMountain Health Care Keystone Mercy Health Plan Lancaster General Massachusetts General Hospital Medco Medtronic, Inc. Montefiore Medical Center Orlando Regional Healthcare Triple-S Management Corporation …700+ ***This is a partial list of our 600+ customers.
  42. 42. ❑ Pure-play QA and testing company ❑ Seasoned experts in the fields of QA & Testing ❑ Highly skilled testers that are full-time (W-2) employees with Computer Science degrees, programming skills, & 300+ hour training ❑ Extensive knowledge base of code libraries, utilities, processes, tools, architecture, etc. ❑ Key strategic alliances with industry-leading vendors provide us with access & insight into products, services & trends ❑ Flexible Delivery On-Site or in the Cloud
  43. 43. ” “ RTTS QuerySurge Named to Prestigious Big Data Top 50 QuerySurge, the leading data testing & validation software for Big Data and Data Warehouses, was named to Database Trends and Applications’ Big Data 50 - Companies Driving Innovation annual list “RTTS is ranked #2 in the US and #6 in the world as "The 10 Most Popular Managed Testing Service Providers in 2019".
  44. 44. Market Mover - ALM space - analyst firm Voke Customers of RTTS “reap tremendous benefits from the collective professional services knowledge RTTS gleans.” Cool Vendor - analyst firm Gartner RTTS “is squarely focused on driving quality” Innovator Award - analyst firm Voke “RTTS' reputation for delivering valuable professional services...shows its commitment to shattering barriers...within an organization to deliver high quality software.”
  45. 45. copyright Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 2006 For more information on interviewing with RTTS, visit For information on RTTS job opportunities, visit